Good Turn Week Project

Early in Nov of 2015 our scouters asked us if we wanted to enter the Good Turn Week challenge.

We brainstormed ideas. When doing something for the Niagara Region Children’s Safety Village idea came up, we agreed that this was a great idea. We all had at one point gone there with our schools and had great memories and we wanted to make sure others could experience the village the same way we had.

Our scouter made arrangements with the village to take on the building of the pedal cars. Thirty pedal cars were built. We were committed even if we were not a project selected for the good turn week project. We became one of thirty projects sponsored by Scouts Canada.

The Niagara Region Children’s Safety Village is a place dedicated to providing safety training and information to young children, and this includes road safety. The safety village had been using small battery powered vehicles but they were no longer working, so we spent a day constructing pedal cars for the safety village to use to help our community and prepared all their bicycles for another busy year. Thousands of youth and adults come to the village yearly.

All in all it was a very fulfilling experience being able to help out our community and do something that other people will be able to benefit from, not only now, but in the future as well
We found out later that a benefit of the change was the youth were having fun but they were also exercising.

This was a development of a long term working friendship between the Safety Village and our group.


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