The Great Pasta Challenge

I was at church sometime in 2009 when the minister took out a couple of rice cakes during the children’s time.  He broke them into small and large pieces and proceeded to hand them around.  Some youth got a big piece, some got a small piece and some, nothing at all.  He explained how some people not just in far off lands, but here at home have lots to eat, some have little and many, nothing at all.

As a group Commissioner we had been asked to mark the 100 years of Scouting in some meaningful way.  So I challenged each section to my donation of 100 bags of pasta for the local foodbank.

Well not just each section but the local Guides and pathfinders, the church congregation, the youth group and some fellow Toronto Firefighters took up my challenge raising the initial total to 1,000 packages.  The local newspaper did a small article and within the month we raised over 3,000 packs, plus a few hundred cans/jars of sauce.

But it did not end there.  Scouting Life ran my challenge and a few groups across the country took the challenge and raised another 4,500 packages for their local foodbanks.

Today, things have not gotten any better.  Just yesterday I learned of a foodbank serving almost 200 for dinner one night.

Good turn week is coming up this April 29 to May 7th.  So, what better way to celebrate what we do as Scouts than revive The Great Pasta Challenge for the month of April.  We (the 7th Pickering ) are having banquet this March 4th and what better way than with a spaghetti dinner.  We are asking parents to help kick off Good Turn Week and our April drive by bring a package or two of pasta.

The 7th Pickering is issuing this formal challenge to all Scout Groups to join The Great Pasta Challenge this April and Good Turn Week. You can have your own Great Pasta Challenge or help support ours.  Best part, you work will help out your local foodbank.

For more information about how you can participate in the Great Past Challenge, contact Al from the 7th Pickering Scout Group at:

You can also find out more information about Good Turn Week online at:


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