Keeping Calgary’s Carburn Park Shoreline Clean

Our group has been participating in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup for more than 10 years! Every fall, we jump at the chance to clean up our local Carburn Park shoreline. The youth love seeing what kinds of items they are collecting, counting it all up and getting the badges!

This year, with the City’s commitment to joining the Clean Shoreline Community initiative, we had assistance with supplies so the cost to our group was minimal. Even with a “raining” “snowy” evening, we had ½ of our youth and families within our group from Beavers to Rovers join in!

It was also a special year as we had a youth earning his Chief Scout Award by taking on the cleanup as his project. Plan, Do, Review – he made everyone aware of why cleanups are important including:
• Marine debris is one of the biggest issues facing our oceans today: degrading ecosystems, and endangering aquatic life through ingestion and entanglement.
• What a great way to connect the out in Scouting, service to our community, and the environment and outdoors! We have fun while connecting with nature by caring for our local shoreline.
• Our shoreline needs us. We help keep our water ecosystems healthy for the wildlife and people that depend on them.

We love working with the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup – and will continue to support their efforts for many years to come.

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