My Experience at a Soup Kitchen

On the 27 of December, I went to a soup kitchen to help out. The soup kitchen was run from a donated public house in a city centre (Dartmouth, NS) outfitted with an industrial kitchen: a dishwasher, sink, stove and cupboards. At the soup kitchen I helped fold donated plastic bags for clients had a way to take food and winter clothing items with them. I sorted gloves, hats and mittens. I folded face cloths and then I put bread/rolls in bags in small groups for clients to take with them. The rest of my time was spent drying dishes in the kitchen, as the clients were being served a hot lunch. The dishes were very warm and at first it hurt to hold plastic trays when they first came out of the industrial dishwasher.

A soup kitchen is a good way to realize what things we take for granted, that other less fortunate people don’t have.

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  • Joyce Hiltz

    What a wonderful character building experience for Lucas take on. As an old Scouter, I’m happy to see good programing continues with Scouts Canada. Thanks Lucas.