Popcorn Fundraising Tip- Launch Night & Fun Goals!

Popcorn fundraising launch night doesn’t have to be just a boring sit down meeting! Invite parents to attend with the youth and go door to door selling. This group effort will get the youth (especially Beavers) more confident, comfortable and excited about hitting the pavement with their family.

Be prepared by:
1. Have maps of the local area with a manageable footprint to cover successfully in one meeting night.
2. Split large groups into smaller ones (go in Lodges or Lairs). Prepare a roster list for each group ahead of time. Make a plan – Ensure to always keep Scouter:youth ratio and 2 Scouter deep when preparing your groups and maps. Two small groups can complete one side of the street each.
4. Discuss safety prior to heading out as a group; buddy system, staying on the path, etc.
5. Have the youth leaders discuss how to make the sales fair in their small group.
6. What is the big adventure that they are fundraising for? Use this as part of their ‘selling talk’ when the group goes door to door. “I am raising money for our Beaver Colony to go sleep over at the Calgary zoo!”

To wrap up the Popcorn Season, don’t forget to have a big celebration that includes a FUN incentive. Pie-a-Scouter is a popular, inexpensive and successful way to motivate the youth…… because really, why wouldn’t they want to throw a pie at us?!

Looking forward to some awesome adventures this year funded by #scoutspopcorn !


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