Popcorn Fundraising Tip – Spatial Planning!

Spatial Planning is a fancy way of saying “put it on a map”!

We are planning to implement a mapping strategy in our Scouting group this year. By planning ahead the community will be covered and no areas twice!

Give each Scout two streets (to start with) to canvas for popcorn sales. Highlight these areas (make sure the parents know) on your “planning map”. Next week ask everyone if they did their area. Highlight the completed areas on a “master map” of the city/town. Some younger Beavers might not want to do more, but some keen Scouts may want to do more streets to meet their goals, so give them a few more, until the campaign is over or the whole area is done.

This tip accomplishes four things:
1. Covers a greater area than you would without a plan.
2. Ensures that no area gets done twice (that looks sloppy).
3. Gives each Scout a goal to finish my area before next week.
4. When combined with weekly rewards, it keeps Scouts motivated to sell each week throughout the campaign!

Supplies: two maps of the area/city/town, highlighters!

CouncilNorthern Lights Council

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  • Ben Johnson

    2nd Hanwell Scouting Group just outside of Fredericton, NB appreciates your tip! Best of luck with your sales campaign.