Scouts in an Emergency Scenario

On March 13th, 1st Portugal Cove Scout Troop had an evening hike with a purpose! Our youth were presented with an emergency scenario where after a lengthy hike, a bridge had washed out, and after communicating with the authorities who were helping others, were asked if they await until morning for assistance. Scouts were challenged with coming up a plan to keep the Troop safe and comfortable with the items on hand.

No big deal for these Scouts! Unfortunately, while looking for firewood, one of the Scouters fell through an ice covered pond (as part of the scenario), and the youth had to rescue and care for the Scouter, including moving him from the pond back to the campsite, and recognizing and addressing the signs of hypothermia. The Troop performed amazingly well, and the Scouter survived. This meeting illustrated several things, most importantly that the youth have more skills than they are aware of and know how to apply them!

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