Once Upon the Trail’s End

Once upon a Trail’s End, we found a cat. A black cat, to be exact. This cat must have sensed the inevitable buttery goodness of the delectable treats which were proudly displayed on our rapidly filling popcorn order form.

We were coming to the end of our sales- my five year old, Mason, had already sold $2,000 worth of popcorn over the first few weeks. Suffice it to say, he was easily distracted at this point.

Enter the black cat who began to follow us from door-to-door. We were told his name was Cheeto, and he was well-known throughout the street. At one point, he tried to dart through our feet into one house, but was quickly captured and released back outside. The cat’s tail twitched with annoyance at being foiled in his plan to find warmth. This cracked up Mason, who began to retell this story at every new house: “watch out for Cheeto! He’ll sneak in!”. Cheeto eventually tired, and so did Mason.

We will always remember our first season selling popcorn as the year we met Cheeto the cat… only one of many new friends that we met along the Trail’s End.


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