Youth-led at 1st Lennoxville – Venturers leading Beavers

There are many ways to implement a youth-led program.

One of the greatest is when older Scouts lead the younger sections in an evening of fun and games!

Tonight our Beavers were in for a real treat. One of our Venturers offered to teach them the game of ‘parachute’!

There was much joy and excitement as the Beavers ran about, waving the parachute up and crawling under it.

It was an enriching experience for all participants tonight, and it provided a priceless opportunity for our younger members to learn from an older peer.

We are proud of our Venturers for serving as role models for our Beavers.

Yours in Scouting,
Didi Gorman, 1st Lennoxville Scouts


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