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Five Pillars of SupportScouting in Canada is growing! To fulfill our promise of "It Starts with Scouts" for a whole new generation of youth, we need more volunteers than ever before. Our volunteers are talented, and they need to feel supported and know that they can add value from day one. Our role as employees and support volunteers is to ensure that our Section Scouters have the knowledge, support, sense of commitment, and enthusiasm they need to thrive. Without making this happen for our volunteers, we risk not having the broad impact on the Canada of tomorrow that we know is possible.

Imagine a Scouts Canada where all volunteers clearly know and can internalize what a quality program looks like, where all volunteers are truly committed to the Mission of Scouting. This is a time and a place where volunteers are not alone and are supported by experienced Scouters. These same volunteers receive the feedback necessary to help them grow, and they strive to be the best mentors for our youth that they can possibly be.


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The Five Pillars of Support

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