Welcome to another year of great Scouting adventures. The safe, youth-led, adventurous programming offered will allow you to discover new things, forge lasting friendships and develop skills for the future.

Discover what this year has in store for you!

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New to Scouts

Welcome to Scouts Canada — Scouts truly is the start of something great. Our youth-led adventures provide young Canadians with an opportunity to experience new things while gaining skills required for future success.

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Whats new at Scouting Life?

Scouting life allows everyone to share their Scouting adventures, circulate advice and tips and provide feedback.

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Beaver Scouts

As Beavers, youth discover the world by exploring the pond through adventures like camping, hiking, playing games and having campfires. Along the way, great new friendships are forged.

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Cub Scouts

Welcome to the Jungle! As a pack, youth get to explore the very same jungle that Mowgli roamed in The Jungle Book. The Jungle is a fun place to seek out new challenges and adventures.

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Scouts blaze their own trails with the Canadian Trails map as they plan their adventures which can include mountain biking, camping, rock climbing, and working together to give back to their communities.

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Venturer Scouts

Venturer Scouts are encouraged to explore their potential as they undertake new and challenging activities with the support of other in the company.

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Rover Scouts

With the symbolic framework of “Paddle Your Own Canoe”, Rovers embark on a journey that allows them to set their own personal goals and work to accomplish them. Along the way, they develop into confident, capable individuals.

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Thank you for your dedication to Scouting. Your hard work is truly making a difference in the lives of youth accross the country. Whether you are a Colony or Company Scouter, we have the tools you need to create an exciting program that encourages youth-led adventures that allow Scouts to reach their full potential.

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