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In March of 2013, Scouts Canada’s Volunteers participated in a national survey to kick-start our Strategic Plan, a roadmap that will focus our activity at every level of the organization over the next three to five years.

The Strategic Plan presents a vision of how Scouts Canada can leverage our member’s knowledge and their passion for the Movement to take Scouts Canada to new heights. Supported by the Strategic Plan, we will work as One Scouts Canada to create quality programs, deliver tremendous Scouting adventures and put youth on a great path forward in life.

By working together as One Scouts Canada, more Canadian youth and their families will come to truly understand what we mean when we say “It starts with Scouts.”

The Five Priorities for Success

At Scouts Canada, our Mission is clear: to help develop well-rounded youth, better prepared for success in the world. We do this by enabling thousands of young Canadians to engage in safe, youth-led, adventurous programs in hundreds of communities across this great country.

As Volunteers and staff supporting these programs, our aim is to ensure Scouting remains vibrant and continues to expand its reach: providing more youth with an opportunity to learn and to experience things at Scouts that they cannot experience elsewhere.

In order for Scouting in Canada to be as impactful as possible, we have identified five key areas of focus and associated measures of success that continue to guide our work: Membership Growth, Safety Leadership, Program Quality, Volunteer Support and Group Capacity.

5 Key Priorities for Success