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Camps: Overview

Fun, adventure, challenge — at camp Scouting comes alive.

With over 100 years of experience, Scouts Canada offers safe and high quality outdoor adventure programs for children and youth. We are committed to providing the ultimate outdoor experience.

Scouts Canada has over 125 camps across the country, so you’re sure to find a camp that meets your needs. As you plan your next outing, consider using a Scouts Canada camp. Ours camps are a precious resource, ours to cherish, discover and support.

Many Scouts Canada camps offer a wide range of accommodation, from train cabooses and cabins with appliances to tent sites. You can also choose among camps that provide great services such as catering and equipment rentals and a broad range of program activities – from archery and mountain biking to kayaking and rappelling. Every camp is unique and some specialize in certain types of activities.

If you’re looking for an environmental adventure, try one of our Scouting Centres of Excellence for Nature and Environment (SCENES). These internationally recognized centres offer exceptional programs, such as bird counts, invasive species control, nesting habitat enhancement and practice environmental management. Canada boasts two SCENES centres – Mount Nemo Scout Camp and Blue Springs Scout Reserve – both of which are located near Toronto.  More SCENES centres are “in the works”.

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Consistent with the temporary suspension of in-person activities, all Scouts Canada camps and properties will remain closed throughout the summer to in-person participation. Keep adventuring with our NEW Virtual Summer Camp program, here.

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Scout Centres of Excellence for Nature and Environment

SCENES (Scout Centres of Excellence for Nature and Environment) provide an opportunity for Scouts to visit natural areas, engage in environmental education programs and experience first-hand environmental management in practice.

SCENES centres are operated and managed according to the highest environmental standards and are committed to protecting ecosystems and minimizing their environmental impact. They also provide hands-on educational activities for youth and training opportunities for leaders, enabling all to engage with nature and become empowered to make their own personal commitment to the environment.

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