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Diversity Equity, Inclusion and Reconciliation Progression

In 2021, Scouts Canada’s Board of Governors made a commitment to integrate Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Reconciliation (DEIR) into all that we do in Scouting. The intent is to make all feel welcome and included in Scouting by addressing the ways in which we may alienate diverse needs and perspectives, and the root causes. We want to offer programming that fosters genuine friendships and respect between diverse Canadians.

Our journey begins with self-awareness as an organization, to identify where we truly stand: through listening, conducting a systemic inclusion audit, and investigating the historical root causes of any gaps we uncover. By sharing the process of our ongoing journey and demonstrating milestones, we not only increase Scouts Canada’s self-awareness by taking ownership of our actions and momentum, but we also build on the foundation that is helping us design our way forward to a desired future state.

As Scouts Canada continues to progress in our learning journey, we invite our community to reflect with us on our process and major effective actions thus far. 

Additional Resources

DEIR at a Glance

PHASE 1 (2022)


To better guide our implementation during Phase 1, a Systemic Inclusion Audit is foundational to creating a customized and authentic pathway forward, with some key measurables for our success. Champion Teams have been assembled to lead various actions, from tactics such as creating foundational Inclusion resources, to strategic efforts like leading Listening Sessions and collaborating with our Reconciliation Advisors. 

Systemic Inclusion Audit
Before we can understand who we are, as Scouts Canada, we first must listen and review our organization’s past and current state. This means delving into our history, root causes of present-day issues; revisiting our records, policies, traditions and imagery; and analyzing our findings to evaluate gaps and opportunities.

Champion Teams

  • Task Team: Root Causes
    This team will coordinate the research, experts, and records to delve into Scouts Canada’s history and help us identify the root causes of where we need to improve to be genuinely inclusive.
  • Task Team: Equity and Inclusion Toolkit
    Inclusion is a mindset. This team is creating resources to learn and develop that mindset, so that everyone man join this journey with us. This includes definitions and learning guides, such as the Curiosity Tool or Raven Reads Boxes—as some foundational tools to help encourage an inclusion mindset.
  • Task Team: Quick Wins
    Identifying accessible ‘low-hanging fruit’ opportunities to advance inclusive practices and mindset.
    Example: If a tactic requires no systemic maturity in inclusion, the tactic presents minimal or no logistical barriers, and there is a clear consensus on the benefits of this tactic, then it would be considered a ‘quick win’ that could be celebrated and promoted in the near future.
    Through these tactics we may continually motivate and encourage our larger transformational journey.

PHASE 2 (2023)


Our organization is prioritizing self-awareness (through self-assessment and identifying historical root causes) as a foundation to our DEIR journey. Not only does this work enable us to establish a common, fact-based measure on where we currently are regarding DEIR, but it will also allow us to look closely at how we got here.

Many individuals from diverse backgrounds have already approached Scouts Canada, sharing that many of our practices and procedures continue to be culturally inappropriate and exclusive to many communities and families from diverse walks of life. This feedback further informs our self-awareness process.

In addition, we know we have had a particular impact on First Nations, Métis, and Inuit communities. This investigative work will enable us to issue an authentic apology, take a position on the harms of our history overall and determine the best way forward.

PHASE 3 (2023, onward)


With and a deep understanding of where our organization is currently at, genuine ownership and public accountability to do better moving forward, Scouts Canada is excited to commit to lasting Inclusion. This means being ready to attune to the diverse needs and nuances of families who want to join our movement. It means entering into partnerships that prioritize trust, reciprocity and cultural safety.

Amidst ongoing listening and receiving feedback from our community, we will have a clear stance on certain behaviours and practices, and will be ready to measure our improvement over time. We will also have an established process for ongoing changes and improvements.


Throughout each Phase of our journey, Scouts Canada will celebrate quick wins and achievements to maintain motivation, share best practices and encourage momentum. We will measure impact to continually learn as we go, listening to our members and stakeholders each step of the way and creating learning and training opportunities for sustained engagement.