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Reconciliation Journey

Scouts Canada's Commitment to Reconciliation

Our ​commitment to Equity, Inclusion, anti-racism, and Reconciliation involves a lot of important work evaluating our Scouting history and current practices to create an authentic way forward.

We are excited to ground this commitment in a core starting point — self awareness and self-evaluation of our Scouting Movement's past, present, so we can design an exciting future together. We are excited to have you join us in this process, and create a movement that truly welcomes all who want to join, inside and out.

As we build awareness and acknowledgement of our history, we are grateful to our Reconciliation Advisors. Scouting is a land-based program, so we value their specific insights and guidance for the Scouting community to start this process, and support an authentic journey towards both Reconciliation and Equity that is both local and personal.

Our Journey Ahead


Systemic Inclusion Audit: Evaluate gap, maturity, practices, root causes, analysis, records review. 

Our Champion Teams: 

  1. Historians, Archives, & Research Coordination Team
  2. Amplifiers Toolkit Team
  3. Quick Wins Team
  4. Audit Coordination Team


  • Reconciliation advisors
  • Global DEIR NSO team
  • Climate assessment (Listening sessions, phase I)
  • Youth advisors
  • Sharing existing best practices in Scouting
  • Developing and curating tools and resources: Reconciliation Journey Tool, pilot partner relationships, Raven Reads

Owning our History, Apology, Commitments, Equity and Inclusion Principles


  • Intersectional inclusion evaluation and metrics
  • Customized and prioritized equity and inclusion action plan
  • Centering an inclusion mindset: responsible allyship, humility and cultural safety
  • Listening sessions, phase 2
  • Specific relationship and healing journey with First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities

A New Relationship and Journey


  • Developing and implementing ongoing best practices/processes
  • Pilot partnerships
  • Listening & feedback

Prepare Your Learning Journey

As our organization reviews our policies, procedures, and programs, and partners with Indigenous advisors at a strategic level, we will all be involved in this journey. We invite you to join us in preparing to design a more inclusive, positive, and self-aware future that benefits us all. The best first step you can take is to become more aware of the Reconciliation movement and why it is important to all of us. 

Engage in Self-Discovery

Connect with Truth and Reconciliation calls to action and better understand your place in relation to Reconciliation. 

Online Learning

Expand your awareness through self-guided Indigenous Relations Learning for Scouters.

Journey Resources

A collection of resources to help increase the understanding of our relation to Indigenous communities—past, present and future.

What is "Indigenous"?

What is Reconciliation and what is not?

First Nation Child and Family Caring Society

Truth and Reconciliation Week: As an organization undergoing our own journey to understand our impact on Indigenous communities in Canada, we encourage Sections to participate in an activity that builds their understanding of Canada's broader Reconciliation journey and support them in their own learning.

Truth Reconciliation Week Activities

Upcoming Listening Sessions: 

Coming soon

Start Your Sections Reconciliation Journey

Youth are the future of Scouting and of Canada, and it’s important that we engage them in our reconciliation journey as well.  We will continue to develop new program resources to help our youth understand what reconciliation means in Canada, and how they can take an active role in making Scouts Canada more inclusive.  

We encourage Scouters to work with their Sections to recognize important Indigenous dates and anniversary, and incorporate activities into their programs appropriately. 


Important Dates to Raise Awareness 

  • June – National Indigenous History Month  
  • June 21 – Indigenous Peoples Day (Summer Solstice) 
  • August 10 – International Day of the World's Indigenous People 
  • September 27 – October 1 – Truth & Reconciliation Week 
  • September 30 – Truth & Reconciliation Day (Orange Shirt Day) 
  • October 11 - Thanksgiving  
  • November 1-7 (Ontario) - Treaties Recognition Week  
  • November 7 – Inuit Day  
  • November 11 – Remembrance Day  
  • November 16 – Louis Riel Day 

Section Resources

Activities for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts

Spirit Bear And Children Make History 

Activities for Scouts, Venturers and Rovers

Finding our Place in Reconciliation  

Activities to Further Your Reconciliation Journey

Through fun, engaging and meaningful activities for all ages, find ideas below to expand your learning and further your Reconciliation journey. 

View all the activities

Take Action

You are needed! Share your truth through our inclusion survey and tell us what you think, feel, and experience!

Want to support Scouts co-creation philosophy with our program partnerships? We are excited to be teaming up with Raven Reads to provide curated resources for each of your Sections. Canadians who order Raven reads will also get a taste of our co-created Scouts programming!

This is an opportunity to support Indigenous-led businesses and authors, and stand by our approach to respectful co-created programming. 

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