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Central Escarpment Council Elections

Candidate Statements

Andy Dunn

Hello, my name is Andy and I’m a Scouter.

(expect chorus of “Hi Scouter Andy” from those around the campfire circle)...

I began as a Wolf Cub in 1972 (there was no Beaver Scout programme at the time) and worked my way up to Sixer and earned my five stars (there was no sixth star then either) before moving on to Scouts.

I greatly enjoyed my time in Scouting as a youth but took a break during my high school years as I got involved in other things.

About a month into my first year of University, a friend I’d met, when he learned I’d been a Scout, asked if I’d help him with his Cub Pack which was having some leadership challenges.  He assured me it would only be an hour a week, so I readily agreed, and worked with Pack and Troop before helping set up one of the first Beaver Scout Colonies in the District.

Eventually I settled in Bolton, Ontario where I still live, and when my oldest son (he’s a Rover now, a Scouter with Pack and Colony and our past Group Youth Commissioner) started Beavers, I joined 1st Bolton as a Colony Scouter.  I’ve since worked with all our sections, was Akela for a few years, then Troop Scouter for eight years, and am presently Group Commissioner.

As a Scouter, since 1982, I’ve had a chance to join many great adventures and grow in my Scouting knowledge and commitment.  I’m also a licensed Amateur Radio operator, so I got involved with JOTA (Jamboree on the Air) and JOTI (Jamboree on the Internet) and about seven years ago the opportunity arose to take on the role of National JOTA-JOTI Coordinator for Scouts Canada. That has been a great way to get involved in International Scouting and to work with our International Programs team helping to provide great opportunities for our Scouting youth and volunteers around the world. 

International Scouting led to other great opportunities, like working as part of the leadership committee for the SCOPE exchange between southern Ontario Scouts and greater Philadelphia area Scouting members from Scouts BSA, and as part of the senior management team of the Scout Brigade of Fort George, where we teach living history to Canadian and US Scouts every September.

Then came the chance to be involved in Jamborees.  I took my Troop to CJ’13 in Alberta, and in 2017 had the opportunity to run a programme area at CJ’17 in Nova Scotia as part of the OOS Team.  The summer of 2019 was simply amazing, as part of the programme staff of the World Jamboree in West Virginia.

Those who know me personally know that I love to share the words of our Founder, Robert Baden-Powell of Gilwell, when he said “The most worth-while thing is to try to put happiness into the lives of others” because I think that sums up Scouting for me.  Whether you are a youth participant, a youth volunteer, or an adult volunteer, if you keep that one statement in mind throughout your life, you will come close to living the ideal of Scouting.

The last two years have presented a great challenge to Scouts Canada due to COVID-19 and we still do not know where this path will lead us.  For those of us who truly believe that Scouting is a model for how we should live our lives in harmony with the world, nations, nature and each other, this is the time we have to make the most important decisions to keep Scouting alive and vibrant and make it grow.

Virtual Scouting is now a thing, and a year and a half ago nobody would even respond to that phrase, let alone consider how we’d do it.  They’d rather “keep the OUT in Scout” – and so would I – but these are unusual times.

We face many challenges this year in how we do Scouting and how we keep Scouting from being swept aside by all that is happening in our “new normal” post-COVID world.  This is the time we need to make big tough decisions and move forward together.  This is the time we need to ensure Scouting recovers and is still there and vibrant tomorrow.   It’s a challenge, but one we can meet head-on!

Scouting is important, and relevant, and vital to your well-being, my well-being, and the well-being of countless generations to come.

I pledge to represent that spirit of Scouting as your voting representative for Central Escarpment Council.

David Frederick

A results-oriented Scouter, with 27 years in various roles for Scouts Canada and 15 years as a youth member, delivering high quality program, advisory services, strategy and leadership. An articulate communicator able to present and influence decisions while considering priorities of the youth. A strategic thinker and enabler of change. Acts with integrity to the mission, values and principles of Scouts Canada and a sense of urgency to plan and execute initiatives leveraging internal resources. A successful experienced people manager and mentor, promoting growth for the youth and the organization, strong alliances and interaction for achieving optimal results. Independent and effective team player with an attention to detail. 



  • Head of Delegation for the Canadian Contingent to the World Jamboree 2023.
    • Development and implementation of the project to take Canadian Scout Youth to the World Jamboree in Korea for 2023.


  • As a CVR, I represented the interest of the members of CEC to ensure that items prescribed by the Bylaws of Scouts Canada were presented for approval were reviewed and discussed within CEC.
    • This included; recommendations from the Nominating Committee regarding appointments to the Board of Governors, resolutions from the Board of Governors that modify the Bylaw, recommendation of the Audit Committee regarding the appointment of auditors for the following year, reports from management, the Vice-Chair Finance and Audit Committee


  • Member of the Procurement Team/Transportation Team-Washington Program.
    • Sourced and managed items for the World Jamboree Contingent kit.
    • Managed the Washington Program for over 750 Participants. Set up the day programs for the Pre Jamboree experience. Set up and managed the wide game in central Washington DC. Managed the 750 Participants trip to the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. Created unique experiences at the University of Maryland including the Strawberry Social and the Closing Dance.


  • Council Commissioner for CEC. Leading the Council team to provide direction for the 2nd largest council in Canada of 5000 youth and Scouters.
  • Increased growth within the council. Managed the growth of Volunteer Recognition and percentage growth of Popcorn Sales.
  • Managed CEC concerns and issues.
  • CJ17 Volunteer managing the Halifax Excursions for over 4000 Participants


  • Member of the Quartermaster team.
    • Sourced, ordered, managed and shipped items for the World Jamboree Contingent kit.
    • Managed Contingent Team concerns and issues and developed program to rectify issues in a timely manner.

2011-2015, 2021

  • Contact Scouter for 13th Burlington – Program Quality Award winner for 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014.
    • Starting with 5 youth, created a troop of 26 youth and 6 Scouters. Implemented Youth lead program in 2011 with focus on youth planned events. The past four years included summer trips to Algonquin Park, CJ13, Haliburton Scout Reserve, Darien Lake, and Rock Climbing at Rattlesnake Point. Retention rate of 90% with focus on all parts of the Scouting program


  • Member and Lead on numerous Area, and Council Training courses.


  • Camp Chief of CEC’s largest international annual event. Managed the administration including Finances, Registration, Recognition, Regalia, and Special events including parades and VIP’s.


  • Various projects for the Burlington Area Council. Support for new groups and Scouters providing program in Burlington.


  • Member of team to provide program and support for 18 youth attending the Canadian Jamboree 2007.


  • Member of 31st Pack team to provide program and support for 30 plus Cub youth in North Burlington.


  • Member of team in retail services at the Canadian Jamboree.


  • Various projects for the Oakville District


  • Contact Scouter for 1st Bronte 
    • Implemented Youth lead program. Retention rate of 90% with focus on all parts of the Scouting program.


Affiliation & awards

  • Governor Generals Sovereign Medal for Volunteers 2018
  • Long Service Award
  • Medal of Merit
  • Bar to the Medal of Merit
  • Silver Acorn Award
  • Bar to the Silver Acorn
  • Member, Stoney Creek House Guard, Historical interpreter 2012-2020
  • Member, Museums Burlington 2013 – 2018
  • Civic Volunteer Award, Province of Ontario


  • Commissioners Course 2010
  • Bushcraft 2008
  • Woodbadge Part 2 Pack 2007
  • Woodbadge Part 2 Troop 1997
  • St Johns First Aid CPR/C

Rasheed Hourani


  • Founder of MAC National Scouts Program
  • MAC 1st Mississauga Scouts Group Commissioner
  • Holding WB II in Canada and WB III overseas
  • Trained hundreds of scout official courses including training the scouters to manage their groups, sections, and services.
  • Founder of several scout groups in Middle East
  • Organized 10+ overseas scouting trips to USA, Azerbaijan, KSA, Turkey, and Bosnia

I am volunteering for Scouts Canada role to help emphasize its vision and mission to help our Canadian youth to grow in a healthy positive environment and prepare them for the leadership roles all over the country.

I will do my best to represent Central Escarpment Council at the AGM by sharing ideas to improve the membership, scouters’ readiness, campground, and types of programs and activities. I will try to stay in touch with all group commissioners to help them to overcome challenges and provide necessary support. I will also introduce more technology services to speed up processes and decision making as needed.

Rob Ramsden

My name is Rob Ramsden; I am currently a Scouter with 5th Meadowvale West in Mississauga. I have been involved in scouting since I was 9, and I have been a scouter since I turned 18. Scouting has been woven into so many aspects of my life that its impact is hard to quantify. That is a big part of why I am looking to fill the role of voting member for Central Escarpment; I have a great desire to be a part of the future of scouting in Canada.

I believe that the biggest obstacles faced by scouting in Canada are retention and recruitment. There are countless other things to build on, adjust, or create that I would not want to belittle, but if we do not have people in this movement, it will not matter. I would love to see widespread and comprehensive supports and initiatives created to boost membership and support groups in creating real growth through effective recruitment programs, and I would love to help shape the creation of these.

I am a very motivated individual, who has recently made my own group’s virtual programming available nationwide through the platform of Virtual Venturing ( The Virtual Venturing team have also offered this programming to the Scout Brigade of Fort George’s recent virtual camps. However, despite running this successful virtual programming, I want nothing more than to see Scouts Canada succeed and grow as we come out of these lockdowns and get back to scouting as it should be. I have always been dedicated to creating program and strive to contribute in the best ways I can.

I hope to be able to contribute to our 2021 AGM, bring the views of Central Escarpment Council membership to national attention, and work to help them succeed!

I encourage all to vote! I can be reached at

Membership history:

5th Meadowvale West Scout Group (Mississauga)

2001-2003 – Pack youth

2003-2008 – Scout Youth

  • Patrol Leader (2 years)
  • Youth Leadership role at the Scout Brigade of Fort George

2008-2010 – Venturer Youth

  • Vice President (1 year) / President (2 years)
  • Blue and Gold program award
  • Metal of the Maple (Youth Leadership recognition)
  • Youth representative at Group
  • Youth representative at Area Youth Council

2010-2011 – Troop Scouter

2013-2018 – Rover Mate

2013-Present – Venturer Advisor

2018-Present – Rover Advisor

3rd Widdifield Scout Group (North Bay)

2011-2013 – Troop Scouter

2013-2014 – Venturer Advisor

Scout Brigade of Fort George

2003-2005 – Youth Participant at winter and fall campaigns.

2005-2012 – Fall and Winter Campaign (subcamp program)

2013-2015 – Commissary team member Winter Camp

2015-2017 – Fall campaign Adult Leadership (subcamp commissary)

2016-Present – Winter campaign commissary team lead

2018-2019 – Fall campaign organizing committee - Site services team member

2020-Present – Fall campaign organizing committee – Security team lead

*Youth Representative at Fall Camp Organizing Committee from 2011-2018

WJ19 – World Scout Jamboree – 2019 West Virginia (Canadian Contingent)

2016-2018 – Logistics Team Coordinator

2018-2019 – Logistics Team Lead

WJ23 – World Scout Jamboree – 2023 South Korea (Canadian Contingent)

2020-Present – Logistics Team Lead

Virtual Venturing – Scouts Canada

2020-Present – Team Lead for Virtual Venturing Team (coordination and host)


Standard First Aid (St. Johns/Red Cross/Lifesaving Society)

Wilderness and Remote First Aid

Woodbadge I (Troop, Crew, Company), II (Troop) and III (Troop)

Below Zero and Project Wild outdoor program training


Medal of the Maple

15 Certificates of Commendation

5 Year Service Pin

Medal of Good Service

Long Service Medal/ 10 Year Service Pin

Bar to the Medal of Good Service