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As Scouts, the program leads us on our journey to become the best we can be. And with a focus on Youth-led planning and adventures, we are limited only by the boundaries of our imagination. It is a fun, hands-on learning experience where you can discover your potential in a safe, adventurous and inclusive way.

Kaelem Moniz, Scouting Youth

Scouting Testimonial by Kaelem Moniz, Scouting Youth

Scouting has taught my son so many skills and given him opportunities to try so many great adventures! I’d highly recommend the program to any parent who is looking for a value-packed, fun, challenging and diverse program where they can participate with their child.

Kathleen Lehman, Scouting Parent

Scouting Testimonial by Kathleen Lehman, Scouting Parent

My greatest Scouting memories are all coupled with first experiences. Sleeping in a tent for the first time, my first campfire, participating in two Canadian Jamborees; the first one allowing me to travel on a plane, alone, for the first time. All these experiences are things that I cherish and enjoy sharing because they are components of Scouting that have become amazing memories that will last a lifetime, but have also made me a confident and well-rounded person.

Kaitlyn Patterson, Rover Scout

Scouting Testimonial by Kaitlyn Patterson, Rover Scout

Community service is a key aspect of our programming. It not only helps the community, but teaches youth how to make contributions to society as youth and adults. Maintaining a bee farm, organizing food drives and crafting Christmas cards has made an impact on the very grateful residents that the youth help.

Susan Rad, Scouter, the 4th Cranbrook Group

Scouting Testimonial by Susan Rad, Scouter, the 4th Cranbrook Group

The most important skills I have learned through Scouts are the skills that have helped shape me as an individual. Scouts has taught me how to be a confident and patient person, how to talk to strangers and speak at public events. It challenged me to push myself to my limits. It gave me the courage to travel 1,400 km away from home to go to CJ’17 at the age of 10, and to fundraise all the money I needed for the journey. It also challenged me to hike 28 km in the Rideau Challenge as a first year Scout.

Quinn McPherson, Scout

Scouting Testimonial by Quinn McPherson, Scout