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Call For Nominations — Council Voting Members

Call for Nominations Council Voting Members for the 2019-20 Scouting Year

Scouts Canada is a corporation created by an Act of Parliament. Each Council has a say in the governance processes of the corporation through three voting members who are elected pursuant to Election of Voting Members PolicyAll Scouts Canada members born before December 31, 2005 are eligible to serve as Voting Members and to vote for their Council’s Voting Members.

The Voting Members represent Councils at the Scouts Canada Annual General Meeting and vote on a series of governance resolutions, including the election of the Board of Governors. They also represent their Councils at Special Meetings, if one is called during their term. Council Voting Members are elected for a one year term (June 21, 2019 to June 20, 2020). One of the three Voting Member positions is reserved for a youth member, but it should be noted that all three Voting Members from a Council may be youth members. By-law defines youth members as those who are under the age of 27 years on September 1, 2019.

The 2019 Annual General Meeting will be held on November 16, 2019 in Ottawa. Councils may ask their Voting Members to attend by webcast, video conference, or teleconference. Online voting facilities are made available for this purpose.

Candidate Eligibility

A Candidate must:

  • be an Ordinary Member and be registered and active within the Council that he or she proposes to represent;
  • be nominated in writing by 5 Ordinary Members who are registered with the same Council as the Candidate;
  • have attained the age of 14 years in the calendar year in which the election is conducted;
  • All ordinary members who are 14 years or older during the current Scouting year are eligible to vote for their Council voting members, even if they are 13 years old at the time of the election.


Filing a Nomination

Nominations are now closed.


Voting Process

Election of Voting Members Policy governs the voting process but because the accompanying procedure has not been presented to or approved by the Board of Governors, the process outlined in Policy 1014 will be followed for 2019-20. Information about the voting process and timelines are outlined below. The voting uses the single transferrable vote system. Voters rank candidates in order of preference. This process is explained in more detail here. All Ordinary Members born prior to December 31, 2005 may participate in electing their Council’s Voting Representatives. Voting will be online through; please ensure that your MyScouts account has been setup. Detailed instructions as to how to vote will be sent out closer to the date of the election period.

There are two main parts to this year’s process:

  1. Call for Nominations is open from April 18, 2019 until May 21, 2019.
  2. Voting opens on May 31, 2019 and closes on June 21, 2019.

The Chief Elections Officer will announce results within seven days after voting closes.


Have questions?

For more information, please contact your Deputy Elections Officer or Laura Jarvis, Chief Elections Officer at

Council Election Candidate Statements

The following Councils will be holding elections.

Please select your Council to read the Candidate Statements.

Cascadia Council →

Chinook Council →

Fraser Valley Council→

Pacific Coast Council →

Deputy Elections Officers (DEO)

Council DEO Email
Battlefields Council Vincent Bulman
Cascadia Council Andy Sambrielaz
Central Escarpment Council Patricia Quackenbush
Chinook Council David Forbes
Fraser Valley Council Tom Waldock
Greater Toronto Council Nathan Yiu
Manitoba Council Will Huggard
New Brunswick Council Andrew Holt
Newfoundland Council Chris Pike
Northern Lights Council Pascal Sequin
Northern Ontario Council Anna Wright
Nova Scotia Council Todd Beal
Pacific Coast Council Simon Evison
Prince Edward Island Council Shona Whyte
Quebec Council Penny Hebert
Saskatchewan Council Shirley Larson
Shining Waters Council Bob Martinell
Tri-Shores Council Steve Locke
Voyageur Council Gennesse Walker-Scace
White Pine Council Mike Hewitt

Council Elections

The following Councils will be holding elections.

Please select your Council to read the Candidate Statements.

Cascadia Council Candidates Chinook Council Candidates Fraser Valley Candidates Pacific Coast Candidates

Election Timeline

Annual General Meeting — November 16, 2019

Event Time Authority Dates Details
Nominations Open 210-212 days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting, range allowing for nomination day to commence on a weekday. For 2019 will be 213 days to accommodate Good Friday Policy 1014, para. 10 April 18 Email sent to all members, election webpage goes live on DEO Action: Promote on Council Social Media, webpages etc that Nominations open
Nominations will be forwarded to DEO’s from Elections email for DEOs to verify standing of candidates and nominators in MyScouts. Make sure candidates primary registration is with the Council they propose to represent. (Para. 8 Policy 1014) Reminder emails or posts to encourage participation. There will also be a reminder in the May 11 Scout Scene.
Nominations Close 30 to 33 days after nominations open (variance permitted to ensure closure on a business day) Policy 1014, para. 10 May 21  
Deputy Elections Officer to declare acclamations or need for election Within 3 days of close of nominations Policy 1014, para. 14 May 21–24 Candidates must be advised if there is a need for an election promptly.
Candidates to submit Candidates’ Statements to Deputy Elections Officer Within 7 days of close of nominations Policy 1014, paras. 15-16 May 28 Try to encourage that these be submitted with nominations.
Candidate Statements, Voting Instructions and Ballots Distributed; Voting Opens Within 10 days of close of nominations Policy 1014, paras. 15-16 May 31 Voting is done online with support from IT at the National Service Centre. Email sent from National to Councils who have an election.
Deputy Elections Officer counts votes received and declares winners 21 days after voting opens and after 5:00 PM local time Policy 1014, para. 16 June 21  
Old Voting Members’ Term Ends Before new election winners are declared By-Law No.2, Article IIa.(5) June 20  
New Voting Members’ Term Starts Commencing for a period of one (1) year on the date of their election By-law No. 2, Article IIa.(5) June 21  
Deputy Elections Officer reports Voting Members elected to Chief Elections Officer No later than 3 days after voting closes Policy 1014, para. 17 June 21–23  
Chief Elections Officer publishes election results No later than 7 days after voting closes Policy 1014, para. 17 June 21–28