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Cascadia Council Elections

Candidate Statements

Cassidy Benson

As election time comes around, I once again ask for your support as I run to be the youth voting member for Cascadia. My name is Cassidy Benson and I am a Rover from Central Okanagan Area. I am just finishing my ninth year in Scouting. Throughout my time in Scouting I have experienced many different aspects of the program. I have been a participant in the program as a Venturer Scout and as a Rover Scout. I have also seen the program from a volunteer’s perspective, having worked as a Cub Scouter, a Group Registrar, an Area Youth Commissioner, a Deputy Council Youth Commissioner, and most recently the Council Youth Commissioner. As a Council Youth Commissioner, I have worked with both the youth and the adults in my area, as well as people in other areas across Cascadia Council.

A lot of my work within Scouting focuses on support: supporting the youth and supporting our volunteers. I work hard to ensure that everyone has the tools, the knowledge, and the assistance they need to either take part in or deliver the program. I talk with Scouters and ensure that they feel comfortable and confident with their role in Scouting. As well, it is important to me that youth are able to have a say in their program and are consulted for that purpose. I strive to make sure that all the youth, participants or volunteers are set up for success in what they do. I believe that Scouting offers so many amazing opportunities for learning and experiences that one cannot find anywhere else. I want to make sure that people are happy with their role within Scouting.

Thanks to your support in the 2018-2019 Scouting year, I was able to represent Cascadia and I would truly appreciate the opportunity to proudly represent Cascadia Council once more as a voting member for the 2019-2020 Scouting year If you have any questions, please send me an email at, and when you vote, please consider voting for me.

Yours in Scouting,

Cassidy Benson

Len Mannen

To whom it may concern,

I would like to be considered and put my name forward as one of the three voting members of Cascadia Council. I believe I am in line with the Mission of Scouts Canada, to help develop well rounded youth better prepared for success in the world. I believe in the Vision of Scouts Canada, Canadian youth making a meaningful contribution to creating a better world. I follow the four Elements of the Canadian Path and using the 5 priorities of Scouts Canada I believe the strategic plan will move our organization forward into the future.

I have been a volunteer with Scouts Canada since 2013 in Alberta and British Columbia. I have held many Scouting roles in sections and presently I am the Area Commissioner in the North Okanagan Area which presently holds a 9% increase in youth membership and a 23% increase in volunteer membership. I would like to think that some of this increase is due to my stewardship of the group commissioners. I work well with the Geographic Area Commissioner Susan MacGregor, Taylor Clark the Area Youth Commissioner and equally as well with the staff CRM Timothy Pugh and together we service the Area.

Best Regards,

Scouter Len Mannen

Ron Planden

Fellow Scouters, my name is Ron Planden and I am seeking your support as a voting member for Cascadia Council.

I have been an active member of Scouts Canada since 1991 starting as a Beaver Scouter when my son joined. I have served in all sections, the Area level and am currently a member of the Cascadia Council team. The Scouting journey for my family and for me has been very rewarding. Both my children attained their Chief Scout’s Award. Their involvement in the Scouting program has shaped who they are and the career choices that they have made. I am thankful to all the Scouters who helped along that journey and the journey that I continue to take.

I feel that it is important to support our Scouters and volunteers in the jobs that they do providing the best program possible to our youth. Our organization has seem much change since I started and will see much more in the years to come. To be able to support the change and the challenges of Scouting in the future I am standing to be elected as one of the voting members for Cascadia Council.

Our mission is simple: “To help develop well rounded youth, better prepared for success in the world.” As one of the representatives for Cascadia I will be able support Scouters to achieve this mission.

Yours in Scouting

Ron Planden

Susan MacGregor

I was born the youngest of four children to an RCAF Officer and a Registered Nurse. As a result of my father’s career, we travelled a fair bit as my father as transferred from Air Force base to Air Force base, as it is a normal way of life in the Canadian Armed Forces. I grew up living in many areas of Canada, including Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, Yukon Territory, British Columbia, returning to Nova Scotia when my father retired from the RCAF.

Upon graduation from high school in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, I pursued post secondary education at Dalhousie University, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts majoring in French and studies in education. Further to that, I studied Travel and Tourism at a private college Halifax.

I started my career in Travel and Tourism in Toronto, where I met my husband, married and had our son. We relocated to Kelowna in 1994 and we have not looked back. The move allowed the opportunity for me to stay at home and raise our son.

When Ryan reached the age of five years, we were very excited to enroll him in Beavers with his best friend. I encouraged my husband to register with him to share some time with Ryan. As it turned out, all three of us registered that year in the Beaver program. We met many of our best friends through the Group we were with, and we all very close to this day!

In the time since first hearing the Beaver motto of Sharing, Sharing, Sharing, I have accepted and embraced each of the challenges offered in the many roles that I have been asked to fulfill; Contact Beaver leader, Group Vice-Chair, Group Chair. Service Scouter, Group Administrator, DAC – Group Services, DAC – Volunteer Development, Area Registrar, Area Commissioner (twice), and currently DCC – Southern Interior Geographic.

Along the way I have grown both personally as well as in my skill set. From successfully attaining Wood Badge 1 and 2, to receiving accreditation for Basic Trainer, Intermediate Trainer and Advanced Trainer, learning the art of team development, as well as strategic planning and budgeting. Together, these opportunities have resulted in my self-confidence growing to the point where I am now capable of presenting sessions to groups in excess of 100 with ease.

Over the years, I have had the pleasure being a session trainer, section trainer, registrar, administrator and course lead for many Wood Badge 1 and Wood Badge 2 courses, mainly working with either the Beaver section, Group Committee members or Group Commissioners. I also thoroughly enjoyed training Group Committees and Service Scouters using the syllabi from both of the For Those Who Help Others courses, Basic and Advanced, as well as training Basic Trainer and Intermediate Trainers in order that they could train, coach and mentor others.

In my current role of DCC, I do my best to support each of the groups in the 5 areas I work with, either in-person, on the telephone, via email or text or by Area-wide and Geographic conference calls. In the current year, throughout the Southern Interior, I have coordinated 3 full weekend scouter development events as well as a weekend Scouters’ Conference, and a weekend Council Leadership Team retreat.

Over the years, my outdoor skills have developed tremendously, from doing a day-hike with youth, through multi- day moving trips, which included taking approximately 35 Cubs on various 5 day cycling trips along portions of the Kettle Valley Railroad Recreational Trail. In fact, on one such trip we invited our white-tail Beavers to join us!

As time went on, through the continued training and mentorship of other scouters, I was invited to join the local Area’s outdoor skills development team. Over the next few years, we led Scouters on 3 day moving camps, including one lightweight summertime backpacking, and another done via snowshoe. I have also had the privilege of participating in a beautiful 5 day long, adult training canoe trip of the Arrow Lakes.

Thanks to Scouts Canada, I have countless fabulous experiences and have grown exponentially since first volunteering to help as an Assistant Beaver Leader. I now look forward to representing Cascadia Council, as in 2009, as one of your three voting members at the upcoming Annual General Meeting this November.

Thank-you for taking the time to read this and for considering me to represent you.

Susan MacGregor

Phallon Stoutenburg

Hello fellow members of Cascadia Council, my name is Phallon Stoutenburg, I reside in Fort St. John, BC; I am a Troop Scouter of the 1st Fort St. John Scout Group. I have been a volunteer for Scouts Canada since September 2014 and was involved as a youth participant from Beavers to Scouts. My group folded after I attended my first Jamboree in Pincher Creek (Scout Brotherhood Jamboree, Alberta Saskatchewan Centennial 2005). My motivation for volunteering is to offer youth in Scouting the opportunities I didn’t have the opportunity to try.

While I have been a Cub Scouter, Area and Area Youth Commissioner, being a Troop Scouter is where I find the most joy. I earned my Woodbadge II in Troop in early 2016 and still find myself learning with each adventure I take on with the youth. This year I am taking 6 Scouts to Pacific Jamboree in July, a true privilege to be able to offer youth life changing experiences. Once these Scouts move towards Venturers, I plan on moving into the advisor role to continue encouraging them into leadership roles that will better prepare them for success in the world.

I would like to stand to be elected as a voting member for Cascadia Council as Scouting has played a big role in my life. I remember what the “old” program was like and have fully adopted the Canadian Path in my local Scouting group. Working with the program I see the improvements and how each element of the new program meshes together to help create good leadership within Scouting.

Scouts Canada is a good organization but sadly a declining one, I know I have good perspective on who can make active change that will better our beloved organization and those that decide ruling factors when they haven’t actively worked in a section in recent years. I look forward to your support to have me as a voting representative for Cascadia Council.

Yours in Scouting,

Phallon Stoutenburg