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Fraser Valley Council Elections

Candidate Statements

Andrew Dallas

My name is Andrew Dallas and I have been a member of Scouts Canada since 2001. During this time I have served as Scouter and contact Scouter in all 5 sections as well as group committee and group commissioner.

My other roles during this time include Area service team for company and crew, FVC representative for Nicomekl Area-Honours and Awards, 21st BP Guild – Guild Master, FVC trainer, and resource person with Girl Guides of Canada - Fraser Skies Area. I have attended 2 CJ's, 2 PJ's, 1 WJ, 6 BC moots and this summer PJ19.  Currently, I am the FVC membership contact to WJ19.

Servicing and advocating for youth has always been the priority in my roles and will continue to be in the future. I feel the older youth are some of the best educated minds, the best visionaries of the current state of Scouts Canada's future and voice of reason - this is why I invest time to our youth and movement.

Recently I helped answer the call for advisors to attain their WB2 Company and Crew using a format style of holding training when best suits the participant schedule. We held training one Monday evening per month and had each participant lead a session of the training. This accomplished; the request for training, the timing of training based on their own schedule, peer training, hands on training using planning and presentation by the participants, and exchange of ideas and sense of understanding we all are tasked with the same challenges. The result accomplished; 21 advisors within 2 areas of FVC successfully received and earned their WB2 beads and accreditation, and our older youth have advisors with the best understanding of how to encourage the youth through the Canadian Path.

Whether I am selected to become a voting member for FVC or not, I will continue to ask the "hard questions" when attending meetings and push for answers especially where youth involvement and youth voices need to be heard

Andrew Dallas

Darren McCrabb

My name is Darren McCrabb and I am honored to submit my name for consideration as a voting member at the upcoming AGM of Scouts Canada.

I have been involved in Scouting for a little over 10 years. I started in Scouts with my son as a Colony Scouter with the 1st Ranch Park Scouting Group located in Coquitlam, BC. Over the next few years I progressed through the various sections as a Pack, Troop and Venturer Advisor. I have also held the position of Group Treasurer, Commissioner and I am currently the quartermaster for 1st Ranch Park.

I also have the honor of being part of the Fraser Valley Council team as Coho Area Commissioner, helping to supports Scouting within the cities of Coquitlam, New Westminster, Port Moody and Port Coquitlam. This has been an exciting learning opportunity for me as I have been able to network with Scouters in many Areas, including my own. It has provided me with an opportunity to see how diverse our Scouters are and the amazing lengths they will go to in order to provide engaging and rewarding programs for the youth. This opportunity has also helped me grow and develop as a Scouter. As I continue along my path of development within Scouting I would appreciate the opportunity to use the knowledge I have gained through shared experiences to assist Scouts Canada in developing and shaping our future together.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my nomination.

Darren McCrabb

Robert McNicol

Robert McNIcol is the current Fraser Valley Council Commissioner. He began his term in November of 2018 and hit the ground running, attending the National AGM within days of his appointment and making it out to the Scouters Club of all 6 Areas over the next few months to ensure open communication.

In his Scouting experience he has been through all the stages of the program as a youth and transitioned to Scouter in his Venture years while still maintaining his own program growth within the sections. He has been a Scouter in multiple sections and stepped into the role of Group Commissioner in a former Group as well. He has a unique perspective from the various areas of service. Now he is also a Scouter in his oldest son’s Group.

Robert’s love of Scouting started in Beavers and continued to grow as he moved through and experienced a program that spoke to him deeply. He knows personally the impact that a strong program and Scouters can have in the life of a youth. His passion is to see today’s youth experience a thriving program that provides them all the opportunities that Scouting opened for him. The culmination for Robert so far is 36 years across 2 nations and a continued love of Scouting.

Robert is strong, truthful, thoughtful, open and fair. In voting for him to represent you as a voting member at the National AGM, you will be voting for someone who will take the time to ensure that he is representing his Council well. You can rest assured that your groups’ thoughts, challenges, and successes will be heard and taken into consideration. Throughout his time, he has seen programs thrive and struggle and seeks to learn from the past in both regards.

In summary, Robert has old school Scouting values combined with openness to new program directions to help meet today’s youth and to facilitate their leadship and goals towards a brighter Scouting future.

Please vote for Robert McNicol to represent you at the National AGM.

Caitlyn Piton

My name is Caitlyn Piton and I am a Child and Youth Care worker and live in Abbotsford, BC. I have my Bachelor's Degree in Child and Youth Care from the University of the Fraser Valley and plan to pursue a career in Child Protection. I currently work in an Elementary School in Chilliwack, BC and I feel that my love for Scouting has led me to the career path I am on. Scouting has given me so many unique opportunities and I feel it is important to give back to the organization that has given me so much.

In Scouting I have been the Three Rivers Area Commissioner, the Fraser Valley Council Youth Commissioner and most recently the National Youth Commissioner and an Officer on the Board of Governors. With my term finishing in November 2018 I have taken the opportunity to get involved locally again and I am currently a Beaver Scouter with 1st West Heights; and I love it! I have been an advocate for youth leadership in the Council and at the National level for almost 10 years and a champion for diversity and inclusion which I feel is so prevalent in our Council. I am running as a Council Voting Member because I have a passion for creating an attractive Scouting program with a focus on membership growth and I know that we can do that and still maintain council autonomy. I do not believe in growing Scouting to have more numbers on a page, or to pat our backs, but instead because I believe every young person should be able to have the same experiences that I have had. Scouting has truly shaped who I am and I would not be where I am today without it. Our Council has a pivitol role to play in ensuring that Scouting is just as vibrant in the next 10 years as it has been for the last 100+. I also believe that we have an opportunity to leverage our assets to provide quality programming to so many young people in the Fraser Valley. My experience as the National Youth Commissioner has led me to develop relationships across the country that I believe will benefit the Council and help me advocate for Scouting in the Fraser Valley. I plan to use these relationships to ensure that our local voice is respected and be a champion for Scouting in the community. My experience recently at the National level helps me to know the current work that is occurring and how we can leverage this in our council.

My passion for Scouting has never wavered and I know that if elected as a Council Voting Member I will continue to ensure that Scouters have the tools and resources they need to better engage youth of all skills, and advocate for a sustainable program. I have a proven track record of holding those that I work with, and those above me accountable for their decisions and the things that they say they will do.  I hope that you will consider me to be a Council Voting Member so that I can continue to serve Scouters and Youth in the Fraser Valley.

Caitlyn Piton

Marshall Whittaker

Scouting has always been a big part of my life, ever since I first joined, at 5 years old. Growing up through the program, I have gained plenty of skills from Scouting - outdoor skills, team building, leadership, community service and First Response/First Aid experience to name a few. As I have grown through the experience of scouting, it has inspired me to help others. Once I was old enough to become a youth Scouter, I began scouting within the 1st Cloverdale Scouts Group as a youth Scouter and Group Youth Commissioner. After a couple of years, I had grown very fond of helping the group grow and being  part of the team helping the group run, and after becoming comfortable with the role, I was offered a position as an AYC for the Nicomekl area.  I accepted the role because I wanted the experience to help my Group grow further into the area, so that more people could experience Scouting.

After a year as the AYC I was offered the Acting Council Youth Commissioner role for Fraser Valley. In due part, the reason why I accept these roles overall, and enjoy being a  voice for youth is I feel that all youth should have the ability to grow through Scouting, to be a part of a bigger family. I also want to help youth realize that while they can get out and experience camping, they can impact the world.

Ultimately, I feel that my experience through Scouting, is a major contributor to who I am as a person, and I value it as a great part in helping make well rounded people who can achieve anything. I myself, am currently a mechanic at a machinery shop in Langley.  The position requires a lot of out of the box thinking; good communication skills; and the ability to find solutions, using creativity and tools and materials available on hand.  These are all skills I learned through Scouting. This I feel is an example of why Scouting is an aid to helping young people grow. Experiences in scouting will always stick with you as you progress through life and are relevant and applicable in almost any life situation – whether it be personal or professional. 

Marshall Whittaker