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Cascadia Council Elections

Candidate Statements

Aurora Peden (Youth)

I’m writing to express my interest in the one of the positions of Youth Voting Member for Cascadia.

I am a 20-year-old youth from a small city in Northern BC, Terrace. I was born and raised, living out my 20 years of life thus far. I graduated in 2018 with my Double Dogwood diploma, a diploma in English and a diploma in French. I nanny a 2-year-old full time and work part time at Pita Pit. I greatly enjoy traveling and experiencing cultures from around the world and interacting with such a wide variety of people.

I am a third generation Scout, descending from my parents who met as Rovers. I have been a registered youth member of Scouts Canada for 15 consecutive years. During my time in Scouting, I have received my Wood Badge 1 and 2 for Beaver Scouts, my Chief Scout Award, Queen’s Venturer Award and the Medal of Maple. I have attended the 2013 Canadian Jamboree in Sylvan Lake, Alberta as a participant, the 2015 World Jamboree in Kirarahama, Yamaguchi, Japan as a participant, the 2017 Canadian Jamboree in Halifax, Nova Scotia as an Offer of Service, the 2019 World Jamboree in West Virgina, USA as an International Service Team member and I am the current Council Youth Commissioner for Cascadia Council.

Scouting has afforded me the opportunity to meet people locally, provincially, nationally and internationally, forging many lifelong friendships.  It has taught me that Scouting is not only an organization, but a means to create some of the most meaningful relationships in one's life. My experience as a Council Youth Commissioner has taught me a great deal in the art of problem solving, business planning, team developing as well as a fostering of self-growth.

Being a member of the Council team has been one of the most personally challenging but rewarding experiences. As Council Youth Commissioner, I have learned the needs of the Council, how the National Service Team works to better the organization and have a more comprehensive understanding of how our BC Yukon properties society functions. What I have learned will help me use critical thinking and educated decisions when it comes to the votes I make.

It would be an honour to represent Cascadia as a youth at the Annual General Meeting this coming year. Thank you for your time and consideration to represent our Council.

Caitlyn Piton (Youth)

My name is Caitlyn Piton and I am the Council Commissioner for Cascadia Council. It is my hope to serve as a voting member for Cascadia Council for the 2020-2021 Scouting year. I believe that my experience at all levels of Scouting will allow me to ensure that the interests of Cascadia Council are represented both nationally across Scouts Canada, and on the BC Properties Society. I have been registered as a volunteer with Scouting for 12 years at a section, area, council, national and Board of Governors level.

I always find it challenging to write letters like these where I speak to my Scouting milestones, but a very wise Scouter and mentor once told me that we need to talk more about the opportunities that Scouting provides young people. Through my Scouting journey I have had the opportunity to volunteer in many sections directly with young people, serve as the Area Commissioner at only 18 years old, and then jump into the role of Council Youth Commissioner for Fraser Valley Council. These opportunities helped me to be successful as the National Youth Commissioner and as an officer on the Board of Governors from 2015-2018.

What I’ve learned throughout my time in Scouting is that it isn’t the roles or the title that’s important, but it’s the experiences and the people you meet along the way. As the Cascadia Council Commissioner, one of my favourite parts has been to meet section Scouters and Group Commissioners all over the council. I know that all of you, that deliver program to our youth week after week, are the true heroes of this organization. My goal as the Cascadia Council Commissioner is to serve our groups and ensure that the right information, the right tools and the right resources are in the hands of the people who can give our youth the same incredible experiences I have had. Scouting offers young people something different than any other organization and I’m proud that I can call Scouting my family.

Professionally I work for the Province of British Columbia as a Child Protection Social Worker in the rural community of Clearwater, BC. I have worked in schools and recreation settings also supporting children and youth with development disabilities and those who need extra support to succeed. I am never one to shy away from a challenge and I know that even when things look tough, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and an opportunity to help and serve someone else. I manage conflict on a daily basis and am able to handle delicate situations but also to ensure that the voice of young people is heard.

As the Cascadia Council Commissioner I am very aware of the needs of the council from a financial, resource, property and volunteer perspective. I have the benefit of having a thorough understanding of the workings of the Board of Governors and have been involved in decisions of the BCY Properties Society for many years. I know how valuable camps are to groups across our Council and the memories that our youth make every weekend and summer at these locations. I believe that this experience will ensure that I can make thoughtful decisions and advocate for the needs of Scouters and youth across our council. I have a great relationship with other Councils across the country, the National Leadership Team and National Staff which will allow me to ensure that the needs of Cascadia are met. My professional experience gives me a unique perspective and the ability to connect with likeminded community organizations to serve even our smallest rural groups.

Robert Hallsor (Youth)

I am a Venturer in Victoria with 5th Tsartlip.  I have been in scouting since Beavers and believe very strongly in the traditions of Scouting.  Although I have done lots of badge work and achieved the top section awards in Cubs and Scouts, the thing that has brought me back to Scouts every year are the adventures and experiences.  Although I am a competitive athlete and love sports, I have far stronger memories of each of my wilderness camps than I have of any particular sports event.  Even the thrill of a championship game can’t compare to the feeling of watching an amazing sunset from a remote beach, accessible only by canoe. 

I was especially fortunate to attend the World Jamboree last year and meet many amazing Scouts from around the world.  At the end of the Jamboree, a Brazilian Troop who I played soccer with a lot gave me their soccer ball and autographed it in memory of our friendship.  It is one of my most treasured memories.  I have kept in touch with them, and with other Scouts I met from England to Georgia.  Through my involvement with the Jamboree, I also had the opportunity to meet many other Scouts from across Cascadia Council, as well as across Canada.  I think this experience will help me be a better voting representative for the youth of Cascadia council.

In my years in Scouting I have had the opportunity to camp at seven different camps in all three Councils in the BC/Yukon region.  The rich legacy of properties we have use of is particularly valuable to me, and I would be interested in using my vote to ensure that we maintain a strong portfolio of properties on which we can have the adventures that make scouting so special. 

I have gotten much from Scouting, and I would like to step up to a higher level of service and give back by taking on this leadership role.

Ron Planden

Fellow Scouters, my name is Ron Planden and I am seeking your support as a voting member for Cascadia Council. 

I have been an active member of Scouts Canada since 1991 starting as a Beaver Scouter and followed my children through the program.  I have served in all sections, the Area level, I am a member of the Cascadia Council team and currently the Chair of the Camp Barnard Management Committee.  The Scouting journey for my family and for me has been very rewarding.  Both my children attained their Chief Scout’s Award.  Their involvement in the Scouting program has shaped who they are and the career choices that they have made.  I am thankful to all the Scouters who helped along that journey and the journey that I continue to take.

I feel that it is important to support our Scouters and volunteers in the jobs that they do to provide fun, safe adventures to our youth.  Our organization has seem much change since I started and will see much more in the years to come.  Covid-19 has made us re-think how we can present program and support to all our members.  This is one challenge that Scouts Canada has faced this year and as we move to a new normal more will come along the way.  To be able to help Scouts, Scouters and volunteers face those challenges I am standing to be elected as one of the voting members for Cascadia Council.

Our mission is simple: “To help develop well rounded youth, better prepared for success in the world.”  As one of the representatives for Cascadia I will be able support our youth, Scouters and other volunteers to achieve this mission.

Sean Munro

Hello Fellow Scouters I am seeking your nomination to be a voting Member at Large Representative for Cascadia Council at the upcoming Annual General Meeting being virtually held Saturday, November 15, 2020.

A little bit about my scouting history to date. I am a LIFER to Scouts Canada, starting in 1975 as a Beaver Scout and following all the way through up to Rovers, while having the fortunes of many favourite childhood memories involving scouting due to dedicated leadership. I’ve been giving back to the program my leadership experiences to youth and co-Scouters since obtaining my Wood Badge in 1985 (S.I.T.) and additional training in the Cubs, Scouts, Venturers & Rover sections.

I spent my early Scouter years within Montreal, Quebec (1985-95) and the rest in Whitehorse, Yukon (1995 - present). I was the Area Commissioner for Yukon Are for 9 years and had a great support team working with me throughout, which tripled our membership during this tenure. Recently, I have also been wearing other hats which see me primarily involved as the National Recognition Representative for Cascadia, Pacific Coast and Fraser Valley councils while also working with the Scouts, Venturers & Rovers level locally.

This past 18 months saw highs and lows with a PJ’19 experience with my middle daughter & Troop to the unfortunate passing of our last Area Commissioner / Rover Shawn Kitchen whom I had known since he was a Cub.

Through Scouting I have had the opportunity to travel and backpack throughout Canada and Worldwide attending as a participant, Scouter, Management Team or as an Offer of Service (OOS) at numerous PJ’s, CJ’s and WJ’s. The next big adventure will to be involved at some capacity with the next PJ in BC.

I have a very good understanding of the expectations of a Member at Large Voting Representative, having previous experience in 2010 & 2014. I thank you in advance for your consideration of representing Cascadia Council. Feel free to drop me an e-mail at if you have any questions which can be answered prior to voting.

Susan MacGregor

As the youngest of four children of an RCAF Officer and a Registered Nurse, I travelled across Canada and back as my father as transferred from Air Force base to Air Force base, as is a norm in the Canadian Armed Forces. I grew up in many areas of Canada, including Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, Yukon Territory, British Columbia, returning to Nova Scotia when my father retired.

Upon graduation from high school in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, I pursued post secondary education at Dalhousie University, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts majoring in French and studies in education. Further to that, I studied Travel and Tourism at a private college Halifax.

I started my career in Travel and Tourism in Toronto, where I met my husband, married and had our son. We relocated to Kelowna in 1994 we and have not looked back. The move allowed the opportunity for me to stay at home and raise our son.

When Ryan reached five years old, we were thrilled to enroll him in Beavers with his best friend. I encouraged my husband to register with him to share some time with Ryan. As it turned out, all three of us registered that year in the Beaver program. We met many of our best friends through the Group we were with, and we all very close to this day! 

In the time since first hearing the Beaver motto of Sharing, Sharing, Sharing, I have accepted and embraced each of the challenges offered in the many roles that I have been asked to fulfill; Contact Beaver leader, Group Vice-Chair, Group Chair. Service Scouter, Group Administrator, DAC – Group Services, DAC – Volunteer Development, Area Registrar, Area Commissioner (twice), DCC – Southern Interior Geographic and currently Group Support Scouter.

Along the way I have grown both personally as well as in my skill set. From successfully attaining Wood Badge 1 and 2, to receiving accreditation for Basic Trainer, Intermediate Trainer and Advanced Trainer, learning the art of team development, as well as strategic planning and budgeting. Together, these opportunities have resulted in my self-confidence growing to the point where I am now capable of presenting sessions to groups in excess of 100 with ease.

Over the years, I have had the pleasure being a session trainer, section trainer, registrar, administrator and course lead for many Wood Badge 1 and Wood Badge 2 courses, mainly working with either the Beaver section, Group Committee members or Group Commissioners. I also thoroughly enjoyed training Group Committees and Service Scouters using the syllabi from both of the For Those Who Help Others courses, Basic and Advanced, as well as training Basic Trainer and Intermediate Trainers in order that they could train, coach and mentor others.

In my current role of Group Support Scouter, I do my best to support each of the five groups I have the pleasure of working with, whether in-person, via telephone, or electronic means. 

Through Scouting, my outdoor skills have developed tremendously, from doing a day-hike with youth, through multi- day moving trips, which included taking approximately 35 Cubs on various 5 day cycling trips along portions of the Kettle Valley Railroad Recreational Trail. In fact, on one such trip we invited our white-tail Beavers to join us!

As time went on, through the continued training and mentorship of other scouters, I was invited to join the local Area’s outdoor skills development team. Over the next few years, we led Scouters on 3 day moving camps, including one lightweight summertime backpacking, and another done via snowshoe. I have also had the privilege of participating in a beautiful 5 day long, adult training canoe trip of the Arrow Lakes.

Thanks to Scouts Canada, I have countless fabulous experiences and have grown exponentially since first volunteering to help as an Assistant Beaver Leader.  I now look forward to representing Cascadia Council, as in the current year and in 2009, as one of your three voting members at the upcoming Annual General Meeting this November.

Thank-you for taking the time to read this and for considering me to represent you.