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Fraser Valley Council Elections

Candidate Statements

Andrew Dallas

My name is Andrew Dallas and I have been a member of Scouts Canada since 2001. Throughout my time as a member I have served as Scouter and contact Scouter in all of the 5 sections as well as Group Committee and Group Commissioner.

Over and above these roles I have been part of our Area service team for company and crew, FVC honours and awards (Nicomekl Area), FVC trainer, 21st BP Guild (currently Guild Master), resource person with Girl Guides of Canada – Fraser Skies Area, and cook for the BC Moots. I have attended 2 CJ’s, 3 PJ’s, 1 WJ, 7 BC Moots and worked on WJ19 resource team.

Providing service to others and being a strong voice for youth has always been and continues to be a high priority in my roles. I am honoured to be involved with the older youth, who I feel are some of the best educated and who can envision the current state and future of Scouts Canada. I see them being the best part of the future of this organization and feel we must listen to them and involve them at every step.

Over the last year I have become better versed as to what happens with BCY Properties. This has allowed me to be a better advisor and gives the opportunity for discussions with the older sections as to why certain decisions are and need to be made with Scout properties. BCY Properties are a hard working team (behind the scenes and often not given the credit due) in which needs the voice and support of the older youth to continue its important work.

Whether I am selected to return as a voting member for FVC or not, I will continue to ask the “hard questions” and bring up the tough topics when attending meetings, in person or in virtual meetings. I will continue to push for answers and especially where youth involvement and youth voices need to be heard and supported.

Jim Bryce

My name is Jim Bryce and I have been a member of Scouts Canada since I joined as a Cub many years-ago. In the coming years I was an activity leader, Scouter in Training, and Pack Scouter. I became more involved in the local Scouting scene when I became part of the Pack service team which led to the role of District Commissioner. When that role was completed I once again became part of the Pack service team. It was then that I decided to explore the idea of a summer camp program for Cub-aged youth.  I had noticed while servicing local Cub packs that most groups shut down when school closed for the summer. The summer was a perfect time for outdoor activities and learning new skills and I figured we should use this opportunity to have fun in the sun.

The following summer a one-week camp was held at Camp McLean. The camp was a fabulous success and became part of our yearly summer program. During this time I was asked to become the Assistant Regional Commissioner for Pack. One of my first tasks after talking to many Pack Scouters was to look at an event for the Cub section. After much discussion with Pack Scouters the Cuboree was born. This was to be a day event with activities for this age group. We had over 2,000 Cub Scouts plus Scouters attend our first Cuboree. This event is still going on currently.

The following year I looked into expanding the summer camp program to all groups in the Council. A committee of interested Scouters was formed and the summer program started with one week the following summer. The popularity of the summer program was high and for the next 3 years the camps went from one to four weeks of camping at Camp McLean.  Finally in the mid 90’s a fifth week was added to meet the needs of our membership. Today we still offer 5 - 1 week camps at Camp McLean.

When the role of Assistant Regional Commissioner was finished I was asked to become part of the Provincial Service Team as Assistant Provincial Commissioner for the Pack Section working with the Pack Assistant Regional Commissioners in the province. After 2 years I was asked by my local district if I would consider returning as their District Commissioner as there was a need. After mulling it over I decided to assist the local district and help rebuild the team. I worked in this role for 3 years.

I was involved in training over many years and was impressed with the dedication of our scouters and trainers. I worked specifically with Woodbadge 1 and 2 for Pack Scouters. Later I assisted with other training including service team.

During this time our Council Commissioner asked me to join the team as Deputy Council Commissioner Program.  After my stint on the Council Team I was asked to take on the role of Council Commissioner which I held for 4 years.  I continued to work with the next Commissioner as Deputy Council Commissioner Short Term Programs which included Summer Camp, Schools and Scouting Program & an After School Program.

Scouting has always been a big part of my life since I joined.  I have enjoyed everything that came along and all the awesome people I have met over the decades. There is a place for everyone from the jock, the artist, fisherman, or whatever your passion is. If you like the outdoors you will love all the programs.  There are amazing opportunities for youth and adults to learn new skills and have a lot of fun doing them.  The youth of all ages are awesome and are ready to soak up everything that is available to them through our activities. I have been very impressed with the teenagers that I have worked with over the years. They all have so much to offer and yes there are those who are exceptional and do more amazing things on their own.  Most youth still need our help and guidance (mentoring) when needed and that is always the biggest issue when to help and advice and when not too.

I feel I have lots of experience and I know we are trying hard to get younger people involved, which is great, but let’s not forget we who have experience can still be involved to give a well-rounded perspective.

Lydia Waldock (Youth)

I am Lydia Waldock, a youth in the Fraser Valley Council.  I am with 1st Cloverdale and 24th Fraser Valley MedVents groups, and serve as a Group Support Scouter for Langley Meadows.  I would like to be a Voting Representative in order to continue to ensure a good program for the youth and that BCY Properties are taken care of for Scouting youth. Scouting has been a passion of mine for a very long time as I have grown up with it and I would like to help the community that raised me so that Scouting can continue to help other kids.

Thank you for listening!

Marshall Whittaker (Youth)

I am Marshall Whittaker, Fraser Valley's Council Youth Commissioner. I am a 20 year old youth member in Scouting as well, I am in a Scouting group, as well as a specialized group called 24th MedVents. In my free time, I am currently becoming a heavy machinery mechanic going through the apprenticeship program. I love doing activities hands-on and always being active. For the voting role, I want to be there for the youth and to represent and put forward a youth perspective.

Robert McNichol

Scouting is a way of life. It runs in my blood and fuels my passions.

How many of us find ourselves longing for the simplicity of the outdoors and camping when the age of technology bogs us down? We know this other way of life thanks to Scouting.

I’ve been a member of Scouts Canada for over 35 years, both as a youth member in every section, and now as a Scouter. As I look back over the years I remember the challenge increased as I progressed, spurring me on in both Scouting and life.

Now as a father of 3, my oldest in Troop and my younger 2 starting in Colony soon, I want to see change to make delivery of the program better. Over the past year I have worked for you as Council Commissioner for Fraser Valley. I have worked as part of an amazing team to make this organization better for all 5 youth sections and Scouters. I have listened to feedback. I have embraced positive change, and I have opposed the ideas that did not serve the youth and Scouters well. It has been my pleasure and privilege to advocate for all members of Fraser Valley at the National table. I would like to continue that work as your Voting Representative for this Council.

If elected I will work to ensure the interests of the Youth and Scouters of Fraser Valley are heard.

Samantha Seney (Youth)

Hello! My name is Samantha Seney and I am running as a youth voting representative this year for the Fraser Valley Council. I have been a member of scouts Canada since 2012, currently I am a Rover in Langley and a crew scouter in downtown Vancouver. I find that I am quite fortunate to have the opportunity to view the organization from a handful of different perspectives: working at the group level as a participant, scouter, and group committee, and also working with council as a youth spokesperson, trainer, and planning events for youth across the province. 

A lot of my work within Scouting focuses on service and support: supporting the youth and supporting other scouters. I work hard to ensure that everyone has everything they need to either take part in or deliver the program and I am always trying my best to make sure that everyone is having good time. Also, Youth having their voices heard is and being consulted about big picture decisions is important to me. I strive to make sure that all the youth, participants or volunteers are set up for success in what they do. I believe that Scouting offers so many amazing opportunities for learning and experiences that you cannot find anywhere else.

I hope that you vote for me as this years youth voting representative for the Fraser Valley and that given the opportunity I will make a difference.

Viki Fanous

Prior to starting my Scouting journey, I worked as a youth counsellor and with a Consortium for Human Rights Advocacy Training to develop education programs regarding youth rights and obligations. While I enjoyed what I was doing, I wanted something that would enable me to have a more proactive impact, help children develop and build resiliency, and empower them to be the best that they can be.  I found this opportunity and so much more with Scouting. 

In my 20 years with Scouting, I have seen youth and adults, myself included, grow as a result of Scouting.  Through leadership opportunities, outdoor adventures, new experiences and challenges, team work, collaboration, and the development of deep and lasting friendships, Scouting builds confidence, skills, compassion, perseverance, integrity, a global sense of duty, acceptance and inclusivity; and inspires individuals to be the best that they can be. I am proud and grateful to be part of such an amazing community that is dedicated and committed to empowering youth and each other to develop skills and discover new passions; and that aspires to build stronger leaders. Seeing youth shine as they discover new capabilities, build confidence, open up and build relationships and connect with people they otherwise might not, and being able to play a role in helping to provide opportunities and experiences they otherwise may not have is what drives me to continue Scouting. 

I value the skills, relationships and opportunities that my children and I have had in Scouting, and believe that together we can make an immeasurable difference in the lives of youth and the community. With my dedication to open and transparent communication, collaboration, inclusion, creative and innovative solutions, focus on the bigger picture, and engagement of all members; combined with my passion and enthusiasm for empowering people, helping individuals develop their passions, and engaging individuals in their own development, I continue to strive to strengthen Scouting and help build engaged teams so that together, we can create a better world!

Zachary Connor (Youth)

I have been an active member of Scouting since the womb. I’ve gotten the pleasure to meet Scouts from all over the world and many walks of life, from Indonesia, Guatemala, Mexico, Ecuador, and the United States. I am committed to the principles of Scouting and apply them in all aspects of my life. I will do my best to represent my cohorts at meetings. I was president for two terms in Venturers and I’ve been president in Rovers for two. I achieved my Queens Venturer Award and am currently working on my Rover Scout Award to reduce styrofoam use in the restaurant industry internationally. I have been a Venturer advisor for two Scouting years. I love lead campfires, not just for my own group, but for the Scouters Guild and I support youth in leading campfires as well. I fill in wherever I am needed for camps and I’m committed to advising youth in reaching far and achieving grand goals. I’m currently in college and set to graduate with an AAS transfer degree and honors from Whatcom Community College. I’ve also made the Dean's list. In college I took a business law class and I expect that to serve me well in understanding the legalese of official documents. I have participated in many section Scouting meetings, which I expect to help me understand the structure of higher-level Scout meetings. On occasion, I go with my grandfather to his board meetings, where I have engaged in the meeting and given advice from my experience. At Camp Mclean Cub camp as a Venturer I empowered myself and my peers to deep clean the kitchen, for the week I was there our kitchen was spotless. I would love to have the opportunity to represent my Council at National meetings.