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Greater Toronto Council Elections

Candidate Statements

Ashfaque Nalim

I am Scouter Ashfaque Nalim from the 163rd IIT (Islamic Institute of Toronto) Scouts Group.

I joined Scouts Canada in 2007 when my first child was old enough to join Scouting. I served as 163rd IIT's Group Commissioner from 2008 to 2013 and 2018 to date. I served as the Area Commissioner for the Agincourt area in GTC from 2014 to 2016.

I am also a parent of 2 Venturer Scouts and a white Tail Beaver Scout. I represented Scouts Canada at the 24th World Scout Jamboree as a patrol unit leader.

I am interested in applying for the role of council voting member for 2020-2021 to elect the most suitable candidates to the Board of Governors who will have the authority of shaping a better Scouts Canada for all our youth members, Scouters and my own white Tail Beaver Scout.

Carla Rudberg

As a scouter for colony and troop of 18th Willowdale since 2012, I’ve seen a lot of changes and want to be one of the voices on behalf our council. I have experience in policies and procedures because of my position on the Board of Directors as the Director of Communications and Internal for the Student Association of George Brown College. When elected I’ll voice concerns that matter to Greater Toronto Council and assist in making Scouts Canada a more collaborating and safe space for all. 

Jake Forsyth

I would like to accept the nomination to stand as Member at large voting member for the Greater Toronto Council. This would give me an opportunity to continue to support Scouting and its advancements to provide valuable programs for youth. 

I have been in scouting for the last 21 years as a youth member and scouter at the section level and multiple roles on council including Area Youth Commissioner, Deputy Council Youth Commissioner and Deputy Council Commissioner for various portfolios. I have also been involved in 2 Canadian Jamborees and AdVenture14 in Newfoundland. as well as the planning of the World Rover Moot when it was hosted in Canada in the summer of 2013.  

Most recently in my role as the Greater Toronto Council Commissioner I have led the way for the council in the transition to Group Support scouters.  

Throughout these positions and activities, I have built relationships with scouters across the council and feel that these relationships would benefit me in supporting what the members of our council would like to see when it comes down to voting at the Annual General meeting.  

Kaelem Moniz (Youth)

I can’t remember my first Scouting-related adventure. I’ve been in Scouts long enough that it has simply become enveloped in my childhood. While I can’t remember my first, since then I have enjoyed many others that have made me a better Scout and citizen. Whether it has been volunteering at a soup kitchen, reforesting the Humber or organizing the Council Youth Recognition Ceremony, I know that Scouting is greatly beneficial for youth. It is through my appreciation of this fact that I currently serve as the Greater Toronto Council Youth Commissioner (CYC), as well as a Youth Spokesperson for Scouts Canada. I volunteer in order to benefit the Scouting experience for youth across the GTA. I am running for the position of Council Voting Representative because I know that I can best represent our Council at the National level and ultimately better Scouting for both youth and Scouters.

I am prepared to represent our Council through my experience working with the Council. One of the great benefits of my current role as CYC is that I am able to work closely with groups and Scouting youth in order to determine how to better their experience. Very recently, this manifested itself in working with the Council Service Team for the transition to Virtual Scouting. I was able to reach out to many of our groups in order to ascertain areas where support was needed and how we might be able to provide this support. Through this outreach, I was able to gain a better understanding of many of our groups as well as how Scouting can best move forward with the new program. Should I be elected Council Voting Representative, I would be able to take these understandings to the national level and advocate for policy and procedure that would best help our groups at the grassroots level. I am also prepared to best represent our Council through my past experience as a Scout, with my own group, the 153rd Old Mill. I have enjoyed many Scouting experiences that have allowed me to better comprehend how Scouting can enrich the lives of our youth. For example, I know that the many Scout properties that we enjoy, such as Toronto’s own Woodland Trails and Haliburton Scout Reserve, are essential to the Scouting experience. My understanding of these properties and my appreciation for them as assets to Scouting as a whole would assist in understanding the issues that impact them. As well, it is through my past experience and knowledge that I am able to better understand current Scouting policy, allowing me to be better informed as a Council representative. I have attended two AGMs and one National ServiceTeam meeting, all of which featured several workshops on Scouting policy and procedure. Both have given me the background knowledge necessary to represent our council comprehensively. In fact, at last year’s AGM, I was honoured to vote on behalf of our council on policy and procedure, a position that I held with great pride. It is through my past experience that I am best prepared to represent our Council

Finally, my experience working with and for youth in the Council has better prepared me to vote on behalf of the GTA. One of my responsibilities as CYC is to help organize the annual Youth Recognition Ceremony. This task has always been a pleasure for me, as it has allowed me to celebrate the many community services of our Scouting youth. In my mind, the ceremony is a testament to the value of Scouting in our communities. Consequently, my understanding of youth-led initiatives would enable me to be a successful voting member. I am very prepared and qualified to vote on behalf of our council because of my experience working with and for youth at the Council level.

Overall, it has been a great honour for me to serve as your Council Youth Commissioner, as well as to represent Scouts Canada as a Youth Spokesperson. As a voting member, I would represent our council effectively, informing my votes with my background knowledge of Scouting and the many needs of our Council. I would commit to becoming more involved in my outreach to groups and using my past experiences to best represent our Scouting Youth. I would be honoured to serve as one of your three Council Voting Representatives, and I know that given my past experience, background knowledge and passion for Scouting, that I would be an effective representative at the national level.

Rubene De Sousa

My name is Rubene De Sousa, Group Commissioner of the 42nd Toronto. I am currently in the running for the position of Greater Toronto Council (GTC) Voting Representatives (CVR). The CVRs plus Board of Governors, Honorary and special voting members make up the 84 people who vote on behalf of all members of Scouts Canada.

I want to tell you a bit about myself. I have been a Scouter in GTC for over 32 years and a member of Scouts Canada since my Scout youth days in 1982. I have represented GTC proudly in the past as an Area Commissioner for Skyline Area and my past role as National Social Media Advisor on the National Service Team. And I continue to make you proud by representing GTC in my current Council role as Deputy Council Commissioner –Marketing and Communications, and my role on the National Communications Functional Team. Not to mention on the Canadian and World stages as a member of previous and current Canadian and World Jamboree Contingent marketing teams.

It would be my privilege to give you all a vote at the National level by being your next Council Voting Representative at the upcoming National AGM. I am always here to serve you all in Toronto.

Spencer Julien (Youth)

Friends in Scouting, It has been a pleasure to represent Greater Toronto Council as a Voting Member since 2015 and would be an honour to continue to do so for the coming Scouting year.

I am extremely passionate about the goals of our organization and see the great value our programs bring to youth across the country. I experienced this value first hand and it has galvanized the passion which I bring to supporting our organization. When I look back at what has formed my relationship with the world and how I understand my role within it, Scouting comes to the forefront as the most influential part of my personal growth. When I first became acquainted with the Scouting movement, it offered me a place to show my strengths, understand my weaknesses, and grow from that holistic experience of learning. I learned how to apply myself, solve problems, and help others through the core principles of what Scouting has offered to millions of youth around the world. Scouting’s beauty is in its simplicity, an informal place where young people learn about the world and about themselves, while doing things they have never done before — this unique place that Scouting occupies within our world has defined it for over a century as the best place for young people to grow. The value of Scouting for me is that I was lucky enough to be one of those young people allowed to grow, and that I have been able to support the growth of others after reaping the benefits which Scouts Canada has to offer.

Within our Council, I have served as the Council Youth Commissioner for Greater Toronto Council (2017-2018), Area Youth Commissioner for Old Mill Area (2013-2016), Deputy Council Youth Commissioner (2014-2016), Group Commissioner for the 65th Toronto (2017). At the national level, I served as a member of the Canadian Path Team (2015-2017), a Youth Spokesperson (2015-2018), and most recently as the Project Lead — Youth Leadership Training (2017-2018). I have also had the honour of serving on the Board of Governors’ Nominating Committee (2015-16, 2017-18, and 2018-19) acting on behalf of Scouters across the country to bring leadership to our Board and National Key 3 which has continued our ongoing modernization. Over the past year, I have had the pleasure of supporting four groups in the west end as a Group Support Scouter. I would be honoured to have your support this year for another term as a Voting Member for Greater Toronto Council.