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Northern Lights Council Elections

Candidate Statements

Ann Huang (Youth)

My name is Ann Huang, I am 16 years old, and I have been a member of Scouts Canada for the last 7 years. During that time, I have been a youth participant with both the 59th Greenfield Scout Group and the Northern lights Medical Ventures, and I have also been the Area Youth Commissioner for Aspen Plains. Currently I am a Group Support Scouter supporting 186th Knottwood Scout Group. I would be a good Scouter to represent you at the AGM because I am very involved in the scouting community, therefore you will be well represented and it is always a joy getting to meet different people from the Scouting community.

Emma Matthews (Youth)

My name is Emma Matthews and I have been participating in Scouts Canada for 13 years. This organization has supported both me and an astounding number of youth for years. I would like to do my part and contribute by becoming a youth representative in council. Thank you for the consideration.

Eric Atkinson

My name is Eric Atkinson and I am a synergistic, innovative and experienced Scouter of over 10 years, who has proudly been the Section Scouter of the Northern Lights Medical Venturers for the past 6 years. I am driven to continually engage and empower our youth by leveraging the collaborative experience and expertise of our Scouter Team, Council Scouters and our community partners to deliver a unique and challenging program. I strongly believe in and see the value in the program goals and structure, with the implementation of the Canadian Path. Utilizing these frameworks, we have seen our youth develop into critical thinkers, extending their personal progression, and encouraging active participation in an inclusive team dynamic. I also believe that all Scouting members should feel that they are a part of critical decisions that affect the programming and policies that the organization upholds, and that is why I am putting my name forward to participate in this process.

Richard Willimus

Good day! I am Richard Willimus and I am seeking the voting role for the Northern Lights Council. I have been involved in Scouting for many years in various roles from front line with Cubs, Scouts and Vents to council roles and working with various teams within Scouts Canada. I truly believe that Scouts brings an element to youth that very few organizations do and I am passionate about ensuring the success and future of the organization.

I believe that I can represent the youth and adults or the Northern Lights council by communicating with the membership and clearly represent the views of the membership. I will listen to all viewpoints on topics affecting the Scouting program and policies that impact the membership for youth and adults.

In order to make this successful, I believe that the voices of the membership need to be heard at a national level and in a public forum. I am asking for the support of all youth and Scouters in the Northern Lights council to speak up and be heard, ensure that your success in youth program are spread, NLC has many great youth and Scouters out there that make a difference every day, let’s share the ideas and values on a national level.

Scouts Canada and society as a whole is changing, together we can be part of the positive change that impacts the youth and the Scouts program, please join and support me as we work together for a better Scouts Canada!

Sherri Brady

Sherri Brady has been a member in good standing with Scouts Canada since 2012.  Hers is a scouting family, with a husband who grew up in the program and has been a scouter for over 10 years and two youth in the program, one in Scouts and one who is about to move up to Venturers.  Her roles during her scouting career have included Beaver Contact Scouter, Cub Contact Scouter, Scout Advisor, Venturer Advisor, Group Commissioner, Area Commissioner, and Group Support Scouter.  She has been lucky enough to travel to attend the Pacific Jamboree in 2019 as well as the Group Commissioner and Group Support Scouter training in Ottawa.   Currently she works with both the Scout and Venturer sections while also balancing her roles as Group Commissioner of the 9th Fort McMurray Scouts and Group Support Scouter for the Northern Lights Council. Under her leadership, the 9th Fort McMurray has seen some of the greatest growth and retention in the council, if not in the country.  

Sherri is a true advocate of youth led in Scouting and support of the Canadian Path and the opportunities it presents both program participants and volunteers.  She is calm, insightful, and rational while caring deeply for the future of Scouting and the leaders of tomorrow that our program is helping empower.  She is a true advocate of Scouting and a cheerleader for the benefits it gives to all those who are involved.  

Tryton Harper (Youth)

My name is Tryton Harper, and here is why I feel as though I am a good suit to represent you and our council at the national AGM. 

Within NLC, I have volunteered at many different levels and always taken with me those experiences moving forward. My recent appointment of Council Youth Commissioner in NLC has given me insight into how many changes and aspects of scouting have affected groups and sections across our Council. I carry with me these learnings and will continue to carry them with to the AGM. 

I also thrive to be as informed as possible when making decisions and casting my votes. If you elect me to represent you at the AGM, I will put my energy into making well informed decisions that I believe will best benefit our Council and Scouts Canada as a whole. 

Thank you for your consideration, have a splendid day.