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Northern Ontario Council Elections

Candidate Statements

Chloe Ayers

I, Chloe Ayers, put my name forward as voting representative for the Northern Ontario Council. I have received the support of my fellow Scouters in Dryden, Ontario for this position. I am an active and engaged Group Commissioner and Colony Scouter.

Our region of Northern Ontario is unique and it is important that we have representatives who understand life in the north as it is often quite a different experience than our Southern and urban counterparts. I also have the unique perspective of living in a rural area. Scouting in a rural area has very unique challenges and benefits and I would like to contribute to scouting in my area as a voting representative to ensure a strong scouting program and culture in the north.

I am a university graduate and registered nurse. I am competent, professional and able to think critically and objectively. As a union member I have attended a nursing AGM as part of a team of voting delegates and therefore understand the basic procedure of these meetings.

I look forward to making a positive contribution to Scouts Canada as a voting representative.

Crystal Burkholder

I have worked with the 1st Cochrane Scout Group for a number of years. I joined the scouting movement in 1998 when Scouts Canada become co-ed, making the switch from our sister organization the Girl Guides.  As a Venturer and Rover; I was the youth representative for Black River District, I attended the World Jamboree in Chile and the Canadian Jamboree in Prince Edward Island, as well as helped with the Beaver section. I took time away from scouting to pursue college education and then returned to my home town of Cochrane.  Since my return to scouting I have been a Scouter in all the sections either as contact scouter or a helper. I have taken on group committee roles such as registrar, treasurer, property, and group commissioner.  I also help out sections co-ordinate fundraising efforts and plan logistics so our youth can experience great adventures by going to Canadian Jamborees, Pacific Jamborees, and a train excursion to Moosonee/Moose Factory and attend many other scouting events in our area. 

I fully believe in the scouting ways and programming and can see the benefits, skills and confidence the youth gain by participating in scouting activities. It was a challenge switching to the Canadian Path program but I see the benefits to the youth having it youth-led; it often blows my mind to hear the adventures the Beaver Scouts want to do and it’s great to be able to help the older sections plan their adventures to fruition. I think we need to continue to encourage the scouting youth that if they dream it they can achieve it with some hard work and dedication, no matter the scale of their adventures.

Through scouting I have established a network of friends and contacts across Northern Ontario and the country. I have endorsements from Scouters not only from my scouting group but also other scouting groups in the Northern Ontario Council to become a voting representative. I would like youth to be able to enjoy the many adventures scouting has to offer for many more years to come.

Derek Lawday

Derek Lawday has been involved in Scouting for over 21 years.  He started in Scouting as a Cub Scout in Wales in the 1960’s.  He was both a Venturer and Colony Junior Leader with the 1st Belleville group out of St Thomas’ Anglican Church in the Belleville area when Beavers first started in the late 1970’s.

He rejoined the movement with his youngest son 10 years ago. Since then he has been a Colony, Pack, Troop and Company Scouter and most recently is the Group Support Scouter for the North Bay and surrounding groups. He has been part of many area planning teams for events such as Cuborees, Rendezvous, Motor Madness and various fundraising activities. He has also been called upon to lead food safety training sessions with the Scouting youth in North Bay.

Derek attended CCJ’16 with his West Ferris Pack.  He then volunteered at CJ’17 and was part of the Food Service Team, responsible for safe food handling. He was also a Patrol Scouter with the Canadian Contingent at WSJ’19.

Derek has always had an interest in training, he holds beads in both Pack & Troop.  He has Wilderness First Aid Training, has attended Winter Camping training and had led a Scout Craft training here in the North.

At the request of the White Pine Council Training Team, Derek developed, designed and delivered a curriculum for a QuarterMaster Course which is delivered in conjunction with Wine Pine Council WB2 training.  This course enables participants to obtain a Basic Food & Safety Handlers certificate, something that Derek is eligible and qualified to lead.

In his non-Scouting life Derek is a graduate of George Brown College and has over 25 years’ experience in industry kitchens preparing meals for anywhere from 5 to 7000 guests.  For the past 15 years he has been sharing his knowledge with aspiring cooks as a Chef Professor in the Culinary Arts program at Canadore College in North Bay.  

He became re-involved in Scouting when is youngest son turned five and there were no Beaver Scouters to take over the section.  He and his wife decided to take on the challenge with their son and have never looked back.

A dedicated Scouter Derek believes that Scouting movement gives the youth of today the opportunity to learn much needed ‘life’ skills, such as leadership, collaboration, and resilience.

Kari Aube

I am Scouter Kari. I've been a Scouter for 6 years now. I am currently a Group Commissioner in Sault Ste. Marie. I also volunteer with Colony, Pack, Troop, and Crew. I regularly enjoy helping sort and distribute Scout Popcorn for Northern Ontario Council, along with helping out with Apply Day and Scoutrees. I've had the pleasure of helping out with Canadian Path Training for my fellow Scouters, as well as planning training camps and other opportunities to help everyone understand and more easily adapt to the program changes. I help plan and run the Virtual Scouting program for Algoma Country, which I am pleased to say is coming along great! Any opportunities for Scouter enrichment I come across, I excitedly sign up for and participate in. I love Scouting, and being a Scouter for my own enjoyment and growth, but I also have 2 wonderful reasons to be so passionate about this great organization. My 11 year old, who is about to start his first year of Scouts, and my 8 year old, who is enjoying Cubs. It is a great feeling to be able to pass along useful life skills not only to my own children, but to all the youth I get to work with. If there was only one thing I could give Scouts Canada credit to for enriching my life, it would have to be all of the connections and support I receive. I've made so many friends, near and across the country, who have helped me to grow as a person in so many ways. My self confidence has never been higher, or my feelings of self worth. I feel I bring as much to the table as I receive. I hope my dedication and passion for the Scout movement is an inspiration and motivator for others. I am applying to be a General Voting Representative for Northern Ontario Council in hopes of helping to have our northern voices heard from the stand point of Group Administration, Section Scouter, and as a Parent of Scouting youth. Thank you for taking time to consider me for this position.

Luke Klages (Youth)

As a long-time member of Scouts Canada, I believe I am well-positioned to be an effective voting representative. I have been a member since 2005, first as a Cub Scout, and progressed through the program to become Venturer Scout. I have recently returned to the program as a Troop Scouter, and I feel I have a unique perspective as a long-time member and new Scouter. Recently, I have helped facilitate the development of scouting online with the 12th  Port Arthur Troop, as regular in person meetings are not currently possible. The success of these meetings has been encouraging, and almost all youth have continued attending regularly. Being a part of this transition, and helping to engage and retain youth in a period of rapid change, has been invigorating.  Although I look forward to the resumption of in-person meetings and activities, I would like to see scouting continue to grow and change to attract more youth members, and I feel there is no time like the present.

Furthermore, as a 6-year resident of Northern Ontario, I am well aware of the challenges facing groups in Northern Ontario, and I want to support solutions that will help groups in this area thrive, despite issues like low population densities and groups that are separated by vast distances. I feel I am a good candidate for this position, because of my experience in Scouting, and I hope to become a Voting representative for Scouts Canada, so that I may facilitate the betterment of the program.

Marissa Pladzyk (Youth)

I am looking to represent our council at the Scout AGM in November. I have been with the Scouting Program for 7 years. I am currently the troop leader for the South Porcupine Kiwanis Scouts. As the troop leader I have assisted Nathan Lloyd in presenting to our sponsor, the Kiwanis Club. I have also participated in multiple camps including a first aid training camp and a Startrek. I am also in the process of completing my Chief Scout Award. In 2017 I participated in the Canadian Jamboree in Nova Scotia, and I have been to multiple Rendezvous and Cuborees. I have really enjoyed my time in the program and will continue to move forward to Ventures. I have made many, many friends who are very dear to me. I have great respect for my leaders who invest their time in the program and who have inspired me to take up Forestry for my future profession. I have had many amazing experiences with the Scouting Program. I would be honoured to represent our council at the Scout AGM in November.

Morgan Green (Youth)

As a member of Scouts Canada, I believe Scouting is crucial for raising well-rounded, charismatic citizens of the future. I am passionate about Scouting and I have been part of Scouts Canada for 8 years. I can proudly say that being in Scouting for this time has made me a better person and the decision to join was one I will never regret. Throughout my time I have been able to learn and grow from the experiences I have had the honour of being a part of. Thanks to Scouting I have been able to plan and execute many adventures with my fellow scouts beside me. I have learned to listen to the feelings and ideas of those around me and come to decisions that everyone can enjoy. I now carefully think through each decision before I make it, diving in with confidence and keeping true to my beliefs.

 I have been lucky to have had the opportunity to engage in some of the leadership positions that Scouts Canada has to offer. In 2014, my last year as a Cub Scout, I had the privilege to be the Sixer of my group. This was the kick-off point of my leadership experience. In my Scouting years I was voted in twice as Patrol Leader and once as Troop Leader, in 2019. I have done countless hours volunteering with the Cub Scout group in my area and have completed the Scouting Fundamentals and Respect in Sport, which have put me closer to becoming a Cub Scout Leader. I am currently in Venturers and I am both the Co-President and Secretary. These positions have given me the experience to better represent my group and the knowledge and the position to share my ideas with others.  I truly believe that these leadership positions have made me a better candidate to be a voting representative. 

Due to my past experiences and opportunities I believe I am an excellent candidate for this position. I now have the experience to help and teach those who are younger than I am. Scouts is about building friendships, passing on knowledge and changing the lives of today's youth. I want to be a part of that. I want to teach and encourage younger Scouting members to strive for their goals and achieve their potential. With this position I am closer to doing just that. Having this position would help me to help those around me. I will be a valuable representative if chosen. I still have lots to learn but I am grateful for this opportunity and excited to learn all that I can to become a better Scouting member and overall person.