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Nova Scotia Council Elections

Candidate Statements

Amy Kehoe (Youth)

Scouting has been a fundamental part of my life for the last 14 years. During that time, I have been a Beaver, Cub, Scout, Venturer, Rover, Area Youth Commissioner, Council Youth Commissioner and Troop Scouter, as well as volunteering at Jamborees and camps. Over the years I have earned my Chief Scout Award, Queen’s Venturer Award, Medal of the Maple, and Medal for Good Service. I have also worked as the High Ropes Coordinator (Resource Counsellor) with Camp Opemikon, a Scout camp near Perth, Ontario. These experiences have given me a lot of familiarity with Scouting, from a youth’s perspective as well as a volunteer’s. I believe that this varied experience and ability to analyse issues from multiple different perspectives could be very beneficial in a voting member for Nova Scotia Council.

I have served on two different Council teams for a total of two years, and on an Area team for three years. My work with Council means that I am aware of many of the issues facing Nova Scotia Council and Scouts Canada as a whole. As a Scouter as well, I also understand the issues faced by our Scouters that are providing programming to our most fundamental members, our youth. Without our volunteers and our youth, there would be no Scouting. As a voting member, I would vote for what is best for our youth and Scouters, Nova Scotia Council, and Scouts Canada as a whole.

Outside of Scouting, I am a university student at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax taking Engineering. I have spent many weeks in Nova Scotia visiting my brother and appreciate its unique culture. Since moving East, I have learned so much about the amazing people of Nova Scotia. I grew up Scouting in my local group of 1st Drummond near Perth, Ontario. I have been involved in many different extracurriculars over my life, ranging from the dramatic arts to sports teams to Students’ Council, but nothing compares to Scouting for me. It is the activity I have chosen time and time again to put first as I believe that it has helped to shape me into who I am. I know that the opportunities provided in Scouts are like no other, and now volunteer to help provide those opportunities to others.

The youth led component of our programming is exceptionally important to me. I know that the chances I had to understand the process and have real life practice at organising events, for example, has made me more confident in my abilities. I believe that anyone should be able to have that experience. I will always speak out for the involvement of youth at all levels of Scouting. Our youth bring new ideas and direction to any meeting, and it is incredible what they can accomplish with support from Scouters who want to see them succeed. Speaking as one who experienced the program, the feeling of completing something that you didn’t think you could is exhilarating and character building. It shows youth that challenges are surmountable, and that also gives us an understanding and appreciation of those around us for all the hard work they do. I will vote according to this belief, that our youth can do incredible things, and so can our Scouters, when they are given the support they need. That support may not look the same for everyone, but all our groups deserve support.

I greatly appreciate everything that Scouting has done for me and the many others like me. I will work hard to represent the interests of all members of Scouting to ensure future youth will have an amazing experience.

Thank you for considering me for a Voting Member for Nova Scotia Council in 2020-2021.

Don Connors

Don Connors, has been an active member of Scouts Canada since 1982 and those 38 years with the same Group. Initially the Group Committee Chair, Don has held the positions of Quartermaster, Cabin Representative, Group Registrar, Troop Counsellor and Troop Scouter.

Still with 2nd Halifax, Don served on District Service Team as ADC Troop, Honours & Awards, and Apple Day Coordinator. His leadership has been valued on special large-scale projects too, an example being “Camp Metro Centre”, a huge overnight event for 1700 youth from all sections where Don was Assistant Camp Chief.

Don has attended 6 National and 5 Provincial Jamborees, 4 CJ’s and 1 SJ as a unit Leader, and 2 CJ and 4 SJ’s as an Offer of Service.

Returning the focus back to 2nd Halifax, this is where Don attended Cubs as a youth, returning many years later as an adult to initiate the reactivation of one of Halifax’s oldest Charters which had been dormant for twenty years. Because of that dedication, he helped to make it possible for 2nd Halifax Scouts, who are primarily from the poor, inner city, to fund-raise their way to 4 National Jamborees and 1 Provincial Jamboree.

In 2007/08 Scouting year Don became Zone Commissioner of Halifax Central. Over two Scouting years Don oversaw the revitalization of the Zone Executive including recruiting a Secretary and a new Treasurer. A somewhat interactive website was developed, with Scouters’ Club meeting on a regular basis. With a positive attitude Don has been instrumental in encouraging the Groups to better participation in the Popcorn Campaign, Scoutrees and Apple Day. The financial state of the Zone returned to a stable level with a social/fundraising event.

As Zone Commissioner Don sat on the Area Management Team (AMT) where he was not afraid to challenge the status quo - promoting grass roots democracy - when he understood it as best for the Scouting Movement.

In October 2009 Don gave serious consideration to applying for the newly posted position of Halifax Area Commissioner. With the strong encouragement of several respected Scouters, he did so, and was installed at the Area AGM. He went right to work meeting with, learning from, and sharing his vision with key people on the AMT. He recruited a Team which had grown to 28 people, as well as 12 youth job-shadowing the Deputy Area Commissioners in various capacities. The Area Team had taken on significant challenges all with the National Action Plan in mind.

Provincially, Don has Trainer I status, and has participated in many training events, primarily Troop WBI’s and Outdoor Skills within the Region/Area. For 14 years he was a Project Coordinator at Operation Alert. Don has been an elected voting representative for Nova Scotia Council to the Scouts Canada Annual General Meeting. In June of 2009 he was asked to represent NS Council on the National Program Network at meetings held at Blue Springs in Ontario.

Don is an active member of the Canadian Badgers’ Club, but more importantly, he shares his enthusiasm for badge trading with the Youth—at jamborees, and at Provincial and Regional camps.

Recognizing outstanding service in Scouters is one of Don’s other loves. Each of the 14 years he has enjoyed compiling information and writing-up over 350 long service and outstanding service Honours and Awards applications under the old system on behalf of very deserving members of Scouts Canada.

Scouts Canada has recognized Don’s contribution with the Medal of Merit, the Bar to the Medal of Merit, Commemorative Centennial Medal and the Silver Acorn.

Democracy has been an important challenge for Scouts Canada. With Don’s involvement in Scout eh! He has helped steer Scouts Canada towards voting for positions rather than the appointment of people to National and local councils. For this reason he is particularly pleased to be a candidate in this public appointments process.

Doug Reid

Raised in Gander, Newfoundland, Doug registered as a Cub Scout with First St. Martin’s Scout Group in 1971. He continued up through the Scouting Sections, earning his Chief Scout’s Award and becoming a volunteer in 1981. Along with helping at the Group level, Doug served in various District roles, including acting as a Trainer, Assistant District Commissioner and three years as District Commissioner. After 26 years with First St. Martin’s, 1997 brought a move to the Halifax area. Since 2004, he has been a member of the First Riverlake Scout Group in Fall River, Nova Scotia, where he has volunteered with Pack, Troop and Company, and currently serves as Troop Scouter.

Doug joined the National Leadership Team in 2010 as the Deputy National Commissioner for Program Services, after serving as Deputy Council Commissioner, Program with the Nova Scotia Council. He served as DNC until May 2014. He started on the journey of Program Review in 2011, and chaired this major initiative with the launch of the Canadian Path in 2015-2016.

From May 2014 until August 2015 he served as National Commissioner.

Doug is also the Contingent Lead for KISC2021, an organized Scouts Canada trip to the Kandersteg International Scout Centre planned for summer 2021.

Doug has been a member of Scouts Canada Board of Governors Nominating Committee for the past three years.

In October 2018 Doug was appointed to the Scouts Canada Foundation Board and was elected Chair. In this new role, Doug leads a team that manages assets under management – earnings are distributed via an annual scholarship program that are awarded to Scouts Canada youth members entering post-secondary education.

Doug’s Scouting honours include: The Chief Scout’s Award; Certificate of Commendation; The Medal of Merit; the Long Service Medal, the Silver Acorn; and the Silver Wolf. He was awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012 for his long and committed service to Scouting.

His interest to become a voting member of Scouts Canada stems from a desire to be a voice for all members of Nova Scotia Council, while utilizing his knowledge, understanding, and experience of the organization.

George Mawko

May I count on your support to represent Council members’ interests on the National stage?

The Scouts Canada election of Council Voting representatives for the 2020-2021 term is now on. The Voting Members represent Councils at the Scouts Canada Annual General Meeting and vote on a series of governance resolutions, including the election of the Board of Governors. They also represent their Councils at Special Meetings, if one is called during their term.

In my 24 years of Scouting in Nova Scotia Council I have been blessed to meet and work with many Youths and passionate Scouters from across our province and beyond (including Scouter Santa). Very early on my Scouting journey I came to realize that it is great Scouters who make our Program what it is.

Over the years I have had the good fortune to Scout in Colony, Pack and Troop;  to support and serve our membership in Area (Dartmouth DAC Colony, DAC Training & Area Commissioner); in Council (Nova Scotia DCC Training & DCC Volunteer Development); nationally (National Training Advisor & National STEM Team Lead); at World Scout Jamborees (International Service Team at WSJ 2007, WSJ 2011, & WSJ 2019).

As your representative I would call on my background in Scouting and a desire to help our Program improve. Scouting is very important to me, always has been. I want to see as many Youth, as I can, experience and believe in their ability to bring change in their community and make a difference.

Herb Ripley

I am seeking your support in the upcoming election for Voting Members for Nova Scotia Council. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to those who do not know me. I am a long time Scouter who has accumulated 25 years service as a leader with an additional 10 years enrolled as a youth.

During my 25 years as a Scouter I have held a number of positions, these include Beaver leader, Cub leader and Troop Scouter. I have been an assistant Area Commissioner, served as Treasurer for our Council and also held the role of Council Commissioner. I have also served as Deputy Council Commissioner responsible for camp properties and have held the position of President of the Nova Scotia Property Society. I have attended several provincial and national jamborees. At the 2007 Canadian Jamboree I was the project leader for the Zipwire project. In 2009 I held the overall responsibility for Scotia Jamb '09, a resounding success story.

During my tenure as Council Commissioner I and my team increased our Council registration levels for three consecutive years. During that same period we were fiscally prudent and were able to accumulate surpluses of slightly over $500, that was invested and still supports Scouting activities in our Council. Funds that were used to undertake capital projects at our camps. I also established the Council scholarship program to support our youth moving on to higher education. I and my team spearheaded the decision to build a new Council office building and oversaw its construction.......a new and modern building that continues to serve our scouting community very well.

I have had the privilege of visiting many of the different areas in our Council and have met many Scouters that I am proud to call my friend. I have a deep understanding of our Council and the issues that face it.

I hope that I may have your support in the upcoming election for Voting Members for N.S. Council. I will ensure that I am available at all times to hear your input into key Council issues and use that input in deciding how I will represent you in any voting situation.

Justin Chenier (Youth)

I am submitting my name to represent the Nova Scotia Council as a Youth Voting Member at the 2020 National Annual General Meeting.

I was born and raised in Kentville, Nova Scotia, and am currently attending Saint Mary’s University to obtain a bachelor of commerce degree.

The 2020-2021 year will be my fifteenth year in scouting. I began as a second year Beaver and have been involved ever since. Over the years, I have earned all 6 stars in cubs, the Chief Scout Award, the Queen's Venturer Award and was awarded the Medal of the Maple for Distinguished Youth Service, Medal for Good Service, Bar to the Medal for Good Service and most recently the Medal of Merit. I am currently a Group Support Scouter in Halifax, Chair of the Atlantic Jamboree Planning Team, as well as a member of the Scouts Canada Leadership Team. In the past I have also held roles as a Group Youth Commissioner, Area Youth Commissioner, Deputy Council Youth Commissioner - Youth Network, Council Youth Commissioner and, Youth Voting Member.

Since my appointment as a Group Support Scouter I have enjoyed working closely with the groups I support as we work to make them each stronger and healthier groups. Together we look at everything from Volunteer Support to Program Quality and how we can improve upon the group overall. Of all the positions I’ve held in Scouting this has by far been one of the most rewarding ones as I directly see the impact on the groups I support.

Being a member of the Council Support Team I am very familiar and in touch with what's currently happening in the movement here in Nova Scotia. There are many components essential for Scouts Canada's success. While the organization goes through many program changes it is important to have someone who is so connected to what’s going on in the Council. As a Youth Voting Member, I would make it a priority to research and make a truly educated decision from many viewpoints and get out and talk to youth and scouters, so I am able to make the best decision possible when it comes time to vote.

Mark Pound

I am very active in my community.  I am currently a Safety Officer with the Kentville Volunteer Fire Department.  I am a firefighter team leader with Muscular Dystrophy.  I am a member of the Disaster Response Team with the Canadian Red Cross, Kentville Centre.  I'm the Duty Officer for St. John Ambulance, Waterville #497.  I'm also a Member at Large for the Nova Scotia Firefighter School (NSFS) Board of Directors, and I enjoy chairing the Canadian Volunteer Fire Services Association (CVFSA) Lifetime Achievement Award committee.