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Tri-Shores Council Elections

Candidate Statements

Jane M Johnston

I started Scouting in North Bay in 1967 and continued when we moved back to London. I have been a Section Scouter, a Service Team member,  the National Guildmaster for the B-P Guild , a Camp Chair, a  Deputy Council  Commissioner (Recognition) , a Deputy National Commissioner (Volunteer Services) and today I am a Group Support Scouter (Tri-Shores) and part of the recruitment  team for 1st Dorchester.

I believe the “ordinary” members of Tri=Shores deserve to have a voice at the Scouts Canada table. 

I believe the “ordinary” members of Tri-Shores deserve to have fair and open representation in matters that determine the direction of our organization and subsequently our Council.

I believe I have the experience to represent Tri-Shores as a voting member.

I believe I have the passion to represent Tri-Shores as a voting member.

I believe in the Scouters of Tri-Shores.

I believe........

“Together we can do great things”― Mother Teresa

Kinyara King (Youth)

During my 14 years of being a participant in Scouting and the past year as a Colony Scouter I have held many different youth leadership roles. I have been in every position from a Seconder in my cub pack to the Rover Crew president even a Keo and Kim. Just this past year I have become a Group Support Scouter for the Tri-Shores Council, a Beaver Colony Scouter, I have started a youth committee at our local Scout Camp (Camp Cedarwin) and I have started an area wide Rover Crew and Venturer Company.

Throughout my years in scouting I have planned and executed many different camps, everything from an overnight camp with my colony to various YLT’s to helping out at area camps and events. I am currently planning a trip to the Australian Jamboree in 2022 for the area Rover Crew and the area Venturer Company.  I feel that these opportunities have thought me to be organized and how to work with others in order to get the task done.

During my years of Scouting I have been fortunate to receive my Six Star Award, Chief Scout Award and my Queen’s Venturer Award. I have also achieved a few other awards outside of scouting such as the Volunteer Appreciation award on behalf of the YMCA, the certificate of excellence for the construction SHSM, the best technical director award at the National Theater School regional’s competition, academy top 5 in grade school and honor role all 4 years of high school, to name a few. I was also the youth representative for the Windsor YMCA on the youth advisory council back in 2014.

I feel that I would be a valuable asset as a voting member as I have been a participant in every section and have a good understanding of the needs and desires of each section. As a voting member I would like to be a part of growing Scouts Canada. I see it as an organization that helps develop well rounded youth and gives everyone the opportunity to be themselves.

Kristin LaRose (Youth)

My name is Kristen Larose and I’m 15 years old. I’m a 4th year scout with the 63rd Windsor scout troop. I’ve been in scouting for a total of 7 years and I love it. I started my scouting journey as a brownie then moved up to girl guides. As I got older I switched over and joined cubs scouts for a year and then advanced to scouts. During my second year in scouts with the old program, I became an APL (Assistant patrol leader). In my third year of scouts with the Canadian path, I was the troop scout, and this year I’m a troop scout again as well as part of the troop leadership team. I would be a good CVR because I have experience with leadership and making decisions for others.


Throughout my scouting years, I’ve learned many things about survival and myself, attended many challenge camps and 3 big Jamborees: CCJ’16, CJ’17, and WSJ’19, and almost completed all the requirements for my chief scout award. At WSJ’19 I met scouts from all over the world and learned a little bit about different ways of scouting that we could incorporate into Scouts Canada. This way, I could try to help make Scouts Canada improve into a more divergent scouting association. 

I am a highly motivated and active scout through scouting and the community, I go to every camp that I can attend including IFC, and participate in the local scout trucks competition every year. I take as much pride in my work as I do with my uniform and I am not afraid to voice my own opinion or find solutions for any problems. As the scout promise states, I will always do my best, help other people at all times, and carry out the spirit of the scout law. 

Being a girl in scouts, I would be a great role model for younger girls in scouting and show them that girls belong in scouts and that anything is achievable. As a participant in the scouting program, I want to give it my all for Scouts Canada so that young scouts at all levels can have adventures and scouting memories as good as my own. I am very proud of all my accomplishments with scouting and I'll be thankful if you decide to give me this amazing opportunity.

Sandi Burns

Sandi has been an active Volunteer member of Scouting since 1983. Over that time she has held a variety of roles including; Pack Scouter, Group Commissioner (in several formats), member of District, Area, Council teams, trainer and mentor for new Volunteers. Her current positions are; Section Scouter 70th London Pack, member National Recognition Network, member Scout Brigade of Fort George, mentor WoodBadge 2 for the Canadian Path and Director Ontario Incorporated Body. Her most recent past positions include Council Commissioner – Tri-Shores Council and National Recognition Advisor Scouts Canada.

Sandi holds the Silver Wolf Award for her efforts to move recognition forward in Scouting.

She is passionate about Scouting and the opportunity for all youth to be part of the game, while learning life skills, as well as providing all Volunteers with a Thank you for their efforts in providing a program of Adventure.

If elected Sandi will represent the youth and Volunteers of Tri-Shores and Scouts Canada to her best ability.

Sophia Bechard (Youth)

Sophia joined Scouting in 2008 as a brown tail Beaver Scout and has been a member for 12 years. She has moved her way up through Beavers, Cubs, and Scouts, and is currently a third year Venturer at 63rd Windsor. Sophia has been a Cub Scouter for four years and finished her term as Windsor Essex Area Youth Commissioner last August. She received her Chief Scout Award in June of 2016 and is currently working on her Queen’s Venturer Award. Sophia has also been awarded the Medal for Good Service, the Bar to the Medal for Good Service, and the Medal of the Maple. 

In her Scouting career, Sophia has attended CJ’13, CJ’17 and the Ireland JamboRi 2018. She hopes to continue to travel and explore throughout the rest of her Scouting career.

Sophia is currently in Grade 11 at Holy Names Catholic High School and has been a member of her school's wrestling team along with her club team, L’Essor Lutte W.C. for 3 years. This year Sophia placed 3rd at WECSSAA (Windsor and Essex County Secondary Schools Athletic Association), 1st at SWOSSA (South Western Ontario Secondary Athletic Association) and 4th at OFSAA (Ontario Federation of Secondary Athletic Associations). 

Steven Blain

During my ten year involvement in Scouts Canada I have held many different Scouting positions. My current roles are Group Support Scouter in Tri-Shores Council.  Also I am currently the Camp Cedarwin Camp Committee Chair. After becoming an Area Commissioner for Windsor in 2017, I was asked to take the position of Commissioner for Essex as well. With this amalgamation, there were many challenges associated with joining both city and county groups. I believe this gives me a unique perspective to the needs of both Rural and Urban Scouting.

I feel that I would be a valuable asset as a voting member as I was involved in Scouting both as a youth in the program for several years as well as volunteering as a Scouter in Colony, Pack and Company.   Over the past many years, I have served on various area and camp positions.  With this diverse and extensive background, I have a very comprehensive understanding of the Scouting program.  I have also been an advocate for the Canadian Path Program and have helped many groups successfully integrate this program.

Throughout my years in Scouting I have co-ordinated and run more than 25 area camps such as Whitetail/ Howler and Arctic Adventure. I have also been involved in running a Schools & Scouting Camp the last 6 years. This program hosted up to 60 grade 6 students from local schools for a 3 day and 2 night, Scouting Experience.  I continue to be involved and run many area wide events and successful fundraisers.  Five years ago, I opened a new group with growing enrolment year over year.

In my years of Scouting I have been fortunate to receive many commendations and in August of 2018 I was honoured to receive my Silver Acorn. Outside of Scouting I am also involved in the parent councils at both Corpus Christi Middle School as well as F.J Brennan High School where my two boys attend. Once being successful on the parent councils I was asked and took the position of Events Coordinator for the Parent Involvement Committee with the Windsor Essex Catholic School Board. Another organization I am involved with is the Dads Matter Committee at Connections Early Years Centre. This opportunity has provided me with hands on experience working with physically and mentally challenged youth.  I am a strong supporter of diversity and inclusion mandated by Scouts Canada.

As a voting member, I want to be a part of growing Scouts Canada. I see it as an organization that has made amazing differences in the lives of youth and Scouters that I have known in the past and still have the pleasure of working with today. 

Tim Meloche

My name is Timothy Meloche.  I first became involved with Scouting four year ago when my son joined his Local Beaver Colony as a brown tail.  In my time with Scouts, I have served a variety of roles including parent helper, Colony Scouter, Colony Contact Scouter, Registrar, Group Committee Member and my current role as Pack Scouter and unofficial ScoutsTracker expert with the 2nd Kingsville Scouts.  In addition to wearing a number of hats, I have also had the opportunity to assist in planning and starting a new Scouting Group and develop Beaver programming for that group.  In my scouting experience, I have had the opportunity for involvement in many of the aspects of running, planning, building and maintaining a local Scouting Group as well as many of the aspects of running, planning, building and maintaining a local Scouting Group.  In my different roles I have also had experience dealing with various levels of the Scouting Hierarchy.

Outside of Scouting, I have a long history of community involvement and have served on boards of community organizations, non-profit organizations and charitable organizations.  I have also served on the policy board of a frontline healthcare organization in which my role was to assist in developing and overseeing the policies of an organization that served individuals across Essex County.  Professionally, I am a lawyer and I run a private law practice where I assist members of the community with their legal issues.  In my role as a lawyer, I have extensive experience in interpreting policies, contacts and legislation as well as experience assisting clients in developing and implementing policy for their organization as well as helping them wade through the bureaucracy and red tape of governing policy and legislation.

I believe that I am an appropriate candidate to be a Council Voting Representative.  My professional and volunteer experience has afforded me the opportunity to develop and understand policy and to appreciate the effect of that policy on an organization.  I have represented the interests of individuals and organizations before local government, government agencies, tribunals and courts.  My Scouting experience has been at the ground level and I appreciate and understand the current experience and challenges facing groups, Scouters and Scouts.  I believe in a grassroots approach to scouting and in policies that contribute to the growth, retention and protection of individual scouting groups.  I believe it is important the council have representatives whose interest is and has been at the group level and representatives that are working with and have current knowledge of the challenges of running a local scouting organization.