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White Pine Council Elections

Candidate Statements

Brian Wick

I believe the role of voting member would be well served by a Scouter with a wide variety of Scouting experiences. Someone who has demonstrated leadership skills, in building effective teams and motivating the team to develop strategic direction to engage more youth to get out and explore the world. Having been actively involved in Scouts Canada at various levels I demonstrate a strong knowledge of its principles, objectives, programs and the Canadian Path.

I have been a member of scouting since I first joined as a Cub Scout in 1970. Leadership roles have included Section Scouter for Cubs, Venturers and Rovers, District President, Area Commissioner, various training teams, webmaster for Whitby and White Pine, and dozens of international Scouting trips.

Through my volunteer roles with Scouts Canada and other service organizations I have demonstrated leadership experience.  I have served in a variety of capacities from ground level hands on program delivery to volunteer management and as a director on many boards.  Through these opportunities I have had experience of developing teams from volunteer memberships, developing strategic direction and measurables, setting plans in action, liaising with support staff and reporting to boards and membership.

I am intrigued with the opportunity to hold town hall meetings to poll our adult and youth leaders on how to make Scouting a better experience as we adapt the program to suit today’s society and needs.

I am up for the challenge and would love the opportunity to work with Scouts Canada’s White Pine Team to represent you at the National level as a voting member.

David Archer

James DAVID Archer, I started my journey in Scouting as a troop leader in 1984. Since that time I have served as an assistant troop scouter, troop Scouter, rover Advisor. I have also held the position of District President, Whitby District and following that was the assistant district commissioner for troop. I have attended CJ in 1989, 1993, 2007 and 2017 twice as patrol leader and twice as offer of service. In 2019 I was an IST for the World Jamboree in the USA. My current position is Group commissioner for 1st Whitby and I am working to hold a CJ in the Toronto area in 2021 or 2022.

Thank you for considering me as the White Pine voting representative of Scouts Canada.

Evelyn Robertson (Youth)

Growing up in Scouting, I have always been exposed to great experiences to develop friendships, personal skills, and outdoor leadership. I have been a member of Scouting for 19 years, six of which I have been in some type of volunteer capacity along with my roles as a Beaver, Cub, Scout, Venturer and Rover. From being White Pine Council’s Youth Commissioner (2016-2019) to leading weekly Cub Scout meetings with 15th Peterborough, my goal has always been to make sure youth in the program have exceptional experiences and opportunities to build their own leadership, teamwork, and outdoor skills.

Especially with current situations in our world, I believe that ensuring the organisation’s relevance is important and necessary. This means looking to the changes that can be made while maintaining classic traditions of Scouting to move forward and be successful in the future.

Being the past Council Youth Commissioner for White Pine has given me experience representing the voice of the youth in our council at past Council Leadership Team Meetings and Annual General Meetings. Additionally, my role as both a Rover and a young Scouter provides me with the knowledge and experiences of both the youth and front-line Scouters in our Council which would allow me to represent the best interests of both groups when voting. If chosen as a voting delegate for White Pine, I will vote with the best interest of not only White Pine Council youth and volunteers at the forefront, but also Scouts Canada, as we aim to continually evolve the organisation for a changing world.

Jeff Sauve

I would like to start by formally introducing myself.  My name is Jeff Sauve, and currently in the role of your Council Commissioner for White Pine Council, Eastern Region, scouts Canada.  Over my last 31 years as a fellow volunteer, I have had the privilege of being appointed to diverse roles within Scouting as well as leading my own Cub, Troop, and Venture sections.

I gladly accepted the nomination to stand as your voting representative to the Scouts Canada National Annual general Meetings to be held this November.  I am also delighted to see the elections process set forth has generated so much interest from our membership that we must vote on the delegates who will represent White Pine.  Should the membership wish, I will be sure to bring my past experience and knowledge of the Council needs to the forefront of these meetings. 

It is refreshing to see that through my leadership, the White Pine Team has had such an impact within our community with our transparent approach to communications as to necessitate an election within the Council.  Democracy is alive and well, and I send out my most sincere admiration to the other candidates in taking a step forward.  Our efforts over the last few years have made a positive difference in our community, seeing more of our fellow Scouters wishing to take on a voting seat is win in my books.    

On a more personal note, over these thirty plus years, I have always enjoyed engaging youth and Scouters alike to grow within the program and learn from one’s mistakes.  My greatest pride as your Commissioner is the knowledge that we are all winners having as many representative’s step forward ensuring an internal election.  I ask that you vote knowing that we will support your voices and be ever vigilant to your needs.   

Michael Nebesny (Youth)

Having been a youth member, volunteer, and camp staff member, and having been continuously involved in scouting for the past fourteen years, I would be honoured to represent you as a Council Voting Representative.

Scouting is about supporting others, taking on leadership, and creating meaningful change. In choosing me to represent White Pine Council at the Annual General Meeting, you would be allowing me to advocate for you and your groups on a national level, ensure your fundraising dollars and membership dues are put to good use, and support initiatives allowing our council to be strengthened and be aided in its growth and operation.

For the better part of my life, I have been active as a scouting youth. Furthermore, I have spent hundreds of hours volunteering in our community. In addition, I have worked at the Haliburton Scout Reserve for the last three full summers leading and facilitating youth programming. I continue to live each day with the Scout Law, Promise, and Motto in mind. In light of all this, I am confident in my ability to represent you well. I am eager and willing, a proven leader, and will advocate for you to the best of my ability.

Thomas Schitka

I am Thomas Schitka and I am seeking the role of Council Voting Representative in White Pine Council for 2020-21.

For the last six years I have been a Scouter with 13th Whitby Group where I have been Akela, a Troop Scouter, up until recently Group Commissioner and currently, a Venturer Advisor. I have been part of the White Pine Council Whitby Area’s Pack Service Team for the last four years, active as a HAM radio operator, (VE3PDK) and Scouter at the 2018 and 2019 JOTAs as well as volunteering at other Council camps and activities. I am proud to have two youth in the program, both who earned their CSA and one who has earned his QVA.

After completing Woodbadge II in 2012, I joined the Whitby Contingent where I have been an active Gilwellian since earning my beads.

Over the last thirty years as an IT Professional, (Developer, Manager, Project Manager), I have gained considerable experience in reviewing and critiquing annual corporate reports, financial statements, budgets, resumes and presenting their contents to my peers.

I look forward to bringing my Scouting and professional experience to the CVR role and working for you as one of our 2020-21 WPC Council Voting Representatives. As one of your CVRs I will to continue to be engaged in local events and activities, ensuring opportunities to discuss and to understand the concerns and needs of White Pine Council Scouters.