A Vibrant Scouting Community

One Mission-impacting Scouts Canada Team

Scouts Canada’s vibrant community extends across the country. Youth from all provinces benefit from the great adventure of Scouting. The Key 3 management model helps Scouts Canada to maintain and expand the reach of our program. That is, youth, volunteers and staff provide leadership at every level of Scouts Canada, from Sections to the National Council, ensuring an inclusive approach to growing the Scout Movement in Canada. By incorporating all involved, we can build an engaged team committed to our Mission.

Supporting Scouter Excellence

Scouts Canada recognizes the vital role Scouters play in guiding youth as they pursue their own personal paths through the program. Our volunteers form a partnership with youth, motivating them to discover their independence and capability through an engaged Scouting experience.

Through training and support, Scouts Canada provides volunteers with the tools, resources and skills they need for an enjoyable, rewarding and fun Scouting experience. Over the past Scouting Year, Scouts Canada increased support to Group Commissioners by developing online Wood Badge I training specific to their role. Scouter training was also streamlined to provide the information needed for great, safe Scouting adventures while also providing good value for time.

Dedicated Scouters making an impact across Canada

scouter Recognition

It is due to the hard work of our Scouters that we see our Vision of Canadian youth making a meaningful contribution to creating a better world come to fruition. Every year Scouters across the nation go above and beyond to ensure youth have great, safe adventures, while also developing into confident, capable individuals.

Youth have experienced countless Scouting firsts because of Scouters' commitment and passion for the program. Thanks to our Scouters, youth across Canada have the opportunity to grow, to challenge themselves and to experience incredible adventures that they will only find at Scouts.

Each year, our Scouters collectively donate over two million hours of their time to ensuring that youth across Canada have access to great, safe Scouting experiences. This year, Scouts Canada was honoured to recognize many Scouters and youth for their contribution to well-rounded youth development.

Commendations = 51,957

Outstanding Service Medals = 5,392

Gallantry and Fortitude = 31

Meritorious Conduct = 21

Jack Cornwell Decoration = 24

50+ Years = 22

Long Service Medal = 449

Medal of the Maple = 86

Top Section = 1,221

Scouter Profiles

Group: 1st Niverville
Section: Scouts
Number of years as a Scouter: 1 year

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Group: 8th Orleans Scouts
Section: Scouts
Number of years as a Scouter: 20 years

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Group: 27th Oshawa Scouts
Section: Cub Scouts
Number of years as a Scouter: 8 years

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Making an impact as a Scouts Canada Employee

Scouts Canada’s employees play a critical role in achieving our Mission to help youth develop into well-rounded individuals, better prepared for success in the world. Working at Scouts Canada provides an opportunity to make a real impact on the lives of young Canadians.

Through the Online Support Centre — the Scouting community’s go-to resource for support from Group operations to No One Left Behind program subsidies — 57,424 requests were answered by our helpful Help Centre staff throughout the 2017–2018 Scouting Year.

Scouts Canada is a national organization with offices and Scout Shops in cities across the country, and many staffed properties in between. Our 239 employees make an impact in their careers, making a difference in the lives of Scouting youth no matter their role.


I love the proud feeling I get knowing that I am part of an organization that is making a difference in the lives of our youth — helping them grow into remarkable, amazing, adventurous human beings.

Alicja Gulajski, Employee

Unified Operations

Scouts Canada has a consistent approach for its business operations that integrates Councils across the country. We’re continuing to build on this unified approach to strengthen services delivered to our members. 2017–2018 saw the creation of a national accounting system, enabling Councils across the country to share resources and provide a standard level of service to every region. This has improved the overall efficiency of Scouts Canada’s financial management process. MyScouts was also updated to ensure alignment with Scouts Canada’s Volunteer Screening Policy and The Canadian Path.

Board of Governors

The strategic direction of Scouts Canada is charted by the organization’s Board of Governors (BoG), which is made up entirely of volunteers except for the Executive Commissioner and CEO. Thank you to our 2017–2018 Board of Governors for its contributions to Scouting in Canada.

Richard Thomas

Chair of the Board

Abigail Ma

Vice-Chair, Finance

Adam Benson

Vice-Chair, Strategic

Steve Kent

Past Chief Commissioner & Chair of the Nominating Committee

John Estrella

National Commissioner

Caitlyn Piton

National Youth Commissioner & Chair of the National Youth Network

Andrew Price

Executive Commissioner & CEO

Mark Josselyn

Honorary Legal Counsel

Katie Beers

David Connelly

Robert Craddock

Jean-Francois Champagne

Andrew Obee

Brigitta Schuler

Brenda Sweeney

Norm Williams