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Youth-led Programming

Scouting is one of the few places where young people gain leadership skills by leading their peers on meaningful adventures. Scouts Canada’s program encourages youth to set their own goals, create organized plans to achieve these goals, and collectively reflect on their experiences and personal development. Youth leadership is one of the many ways that the Scouts Canada program helps youth develop into critical thinkers and team players, better prepared for success in the world.

Program Satisfaction

Parents reported a 0% Satisfaction Rate with Scouts Canada’s Program.


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*Source: Parent Satisfaction Survey

Outdoor Adventure

Nature is a Scout’s playground. A place to discover new things and embark on great adventures. A place where Scouting youth discover the best in themselves.

From Beavers Scouts to Rover Scouts, 2017–2018 was a great year that saw youth challenge themselves in the outdoors.

Beaver Scouts


Beaver Scouts…

… discovered the world through adventures like camping, hiking, playing games, having campfires, and forging new friendships.


Cub Scouts…

… discovered new things by living the Section motto of “Do Your Best”, all while enjoying outdoor activities like hikes, weekend camps and canoeing.

Cub Scouts



… gained valuable leadership skills and self-confidence by embarking on outdoor adventures like mountain biking, rock climbing and a lot of camping.


Venturer Scouts…

… led exciting, real-life, hands-on adventures. Along the way they learned to nurture an active and healthy lifestyle, acquiring knowledge and skills for career development.

Venturer Scouts
Rover Scouts


Rover Scouts…

… embarked on a journey that allowed them to set their own personal goals and work to accomplish them in life, academics and professional spheres.

Tell us about your greatest Scouting adventure

Great, Safe Scouting Adventures

nights away


Nights Away


KM's Hiked

(255 times around the world)




Winter Adventures

Countless memories made & friendships forged.

*Approximations based on membership numbers & program guidelines.

Active Citizenship

Scouting youth from across the country contributed to bringing our Vision to life throughout the 2017–2018 year.

Youth took on active roles as environmental stewards, encouraging the Canadian public to embrace the protection of nature by carrying out over 2,550 environmental service projects like shoreline clean-ups and tree planting.

Due to the remarkable accomplishments of our youth, Scouts Canada was nominated for a category in the 2017 Nature Inspiration Awards.

As active members of their local communities, Scouting youth rolled up their sleeves and took part in 2,550 community service projects — such as food and clothing drives — totalling 426,000 service hours.

Scouts’ strong sense of civic responsibility positively impacted over 2,000 Canadian communities over the past year.

*Approximations based on membership numbers & program guidelines.

Nature Inspiration Award Nomination

Due to the remarkable accomplishments of our youth, Scouts Canada was nominated for a category in the 2017 Nature Inspiration Awards.

Organized by the Canadian Museum of Nature, the Nature Inspiration Awards recognize individuals and organizations that, through their work or specific projects, encourage Canadians to take an interest in natural history, create links with nature and contribute to its preservation.

International Impact

Scouting is a global movement. As a member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement, Scouts Canada youth are provided with a wide array of opportunities to travel abroad. They develop an understanding of the world and its many cultures.

2017–2018 saw over 2,300 Scouts Canada youth travel to 14 countries.

International Impact Map

Youth even travelled abroad to give back to other countries — like youth from the Tri-Shores and Central Escarpment Councils, who ventured to Uganda to build a clean water source for the village of Kaazi.

Ugandan-Canadian Scouts Unite a Village through a Clean Water Initiative

Ugandan-Canadian Scouts Unite a Village through a Clean Water Initiative

“Recognizing the different lifestyles we live in Canada was a huge awakening for our youth. It reminded them of how lucky we are and how much we take for granted,” said Canadian Scouter, Myles Vanni. “If we’re thirsty, we turn on the tap and take a glass of water. Many people around the world have to hike and fill a jug to carry back home—and then after all that, the water is dirty.”

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