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Scouter Excellence and Employee Impact

A New Approach to Scouter Development

We achieve our Mission by empowering communities to provide young people with quality Scouting programs facilitated by volunteers. Ensuring that our volunteers are equipped with the knowledge and skills to be successful is critical. A new approach, called the Scouter Development model, aligns volunteer development with the Scout Method and The Four Elements of The Canadian Path.

A key component of this new learning model is the Scouter Development Map, a competency framework that describes skills associated with each Scouting role. The Wood Badge I and Wood Badge II programs are represented as subsets of skills on the Map and represent learning milestones for Scouters. This past year, 3,470 Scouters completed Wood Badge I for The Canadian Path, and 197 Scouters acquired Wood Badge II.

The Scouter Development Map helps Scouters set developmental goals with the help of a Support Scouter. Additionally, the Scouter Development Map can be used by Commissioners to help identify and develop candidates for succession planning.

Fully adopting the Scouter Development model will enhance our ability to deliver our Mission, getting more capable and confident Scouters supporting youth in communities while maintaining our focus on safety and program quality.

Optimized Registration Process

Our new registration process was streamlined to adopt an intuitive three-step registration that takes only ten minutes for new members to join Scouts Canada, with returning members enjoying an even smoother registration by simply confirming existing details recorded on MyScouts.

Additionally, submitting a request for our No One Left Behind (NOLB) membership subsidy is now part of the registration process. With an optimized registration process for parents and Groups, it is now easier than ever for youth to join and experience the benefits of Scouting.

Engaging Scouters with a New Learning Platform — The David Huestis Learning Centre


Scouts Canada is very excited to have partnered with D2L (Desire2Learn) to implement a new Brightspace Learning Management System (LMS). This personalized, mobile-friendly and intuitive platform for online learning will enhance Scouts Canada’s training of volunteers and staff, tracking competency development using the Scouter Development model.

D2L is the software leader that makes learning experiences better. The cloud-based platform is easy to use, flexible and smart. With Brightspace, Scouts Canada can personalize the experience for every learner to deliver real results.

With an improved volunteer development platform, Scouts Canada will be able to recruit and retain qualified volunteers by providing them with the skills and knowledge they need to be confident and capable in their roles.

Creating an engaging learning experience will reduce the time-to-proficiency for key Scouting roles and will result in increased program quality.

Enhanced Policies, Standards and Procedures

In order to make Scouts Canada’s Polices, Standards and Procedures more accessible, we reached out to Scouters across Canada to improve our rules and guidance. Over 1,700 Scouters participated in online surveys and conference calls, and 250 individuals provided feedback during a Scouts Canada wide transparent consultation on new and upcoming Standards. Thanks to our community’s involvement, this feedback has been reflected in the updated Polices, Standards and Procedures. Discover the improvements that have made our system more robust, more usable and appropriate for Scouters.

Together, we are making safe adventures possible for more Scouting youth in Canada.

View Our Policies, Standards and Procedures

Scouter Essentials Made Easy with The Woggle

The 2018-2019 Scouting Year saw our vision of an exciting, fun and relevant resource for Scouters come to life in The Woggle, a new quarterly newsletter featuring Scouter essentials made easy. With each issue, The Woggle highlights best practices, seasonal camping hacks, voices from our volunteers and much more.

Winter 2018

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Spring 2019

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Summer 2019

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Fall 2019

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Celebrating Scouter Commitment Across Canada

scouter Recognition

Each year, our Scouters collectively donate over two million hours of their time to ensuring that youth across Canada have access to great, safe Scouting experiences. This year, Scouts Canada was honoured to recognize many Scouters and youth for their contribution to well-rounded youth development.

Commendations = 55,977

Outstanding Service Medals = 8

Gallantry and Fortitude = 29

Meritorious Conduct = 34

Jack Cornwell Decoration = 3

50+ Years = 6

Long Service Medal = 169

Medal of the Maple = 94

Top Section Awards = 1,241

Making an impact as a Scouts Canada Employee

Across Canada each day, our Scouts Canada team of employees makes a positive difference in the lives of today’s young leaders. We know that engagement of our staff is important, which is why we are striving to achieve a healthy work-life balance, offering more professional development opportunities and enhancing our employee benefits. We have also realigned staff portfolios, resulting in industry-leading staff engagement. Our dedicated team has demonstrated excellent support for our members by delivering 3,375 No One Left Behind subsidies, fielding 22,205 registration support inquiries for parents and 31,891 No One Left Behind queries, issuing 832 contracts/agreements/certificates of insurance and hundreds of charitable receipts, processing expenses and supporting major Scouting events like the World Scout Jamboree.


Board of Governors

The strategic direction of Scouts Canada is charted by the organization’s Board of Governors (BoG), which is made up entirely of volunteers except for the Executive Commissioner and CEO. Thank you to our 2018–2019 Board of Governors for its contributions to Scouting in Canada.

Richard Thomas

Chair of the Board

Kerri Onken

Vice-Chair, Finance

Adam Benson

Vice-Chair, Strategic

Steve Kent

Past Chief Commissioner & Chair of the Nominating Committee

Tim Welch

National Commissioner

Annabelle Loder

National Youth Commissioner

Andrew Price

Executive Commissioner & CEO

Jean-Francois Champagne

Robert Craddock

Grant Loyer

Andrew Obee

Kathleen Provost

Brigitta Schuler

Fazilah Shariff

Carlie Tiller

Audrey Wubbenhorst