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Youth Impact

Scouting youth from across the country continued to bring our Vision to life throughout the 2018–19 year, demonstrating meaningful contributions through admirable projects and service activities that contribute to bettering our world. From 7,167 community-building projects to support those in need, to 1,889 environmental service projects, Scouting youth engaged in countless acts of exemplary citizenship, ambition and leadership.

Scout Conducts First Aid on Injured Victims Until Paramedics Arrive

On her way to school, Dakota, a Scout from Cascadia Council, came across two pedestrians who had been hit by a vehicle. Dakota quickly assessed the scene for any danger, then leapt into action as trained, running past other onlookers who were watching in shock. Dakota provided first aid to one of the casualties until paramedics arrived and relieved her of her duties.

Dakota was presented with a Meritorious Conduct Certificate for her exemplary reaction.

Cub Scout Saves Fellow Student From Choking Incident

While eating lunch at school, Sam noticed another student had begun to choke on a carrot. Providing quick back blows to dislodge the food, Sam successfully saved his fellow student. The youth was able to return to class in the afternoon. When Sam was asked where he learned to do this, he was proud to say he learned it at Cub Scouts.

Sam, now a Scout in Chinook Council, was presented with a Meritorious Conduct Certificate for his exemplary reaction.

Scout Doubles Goal For Sleeping Bag Campaign

During a winter camp with his Troop, Riley, a Scout from Voyageur Council, was inspired to lead a sleeping bag collection drive to help warm those in need during the cold Canadian winter months.

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Scout Collects 5,000lbs of Donations for Local Food Drive

Reilly, a Scout in White Pine Council, collected and donated over 2,000 kilograms of food to the St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank in Bowmanville, ON.

“I heard the food banks were low, so I thought I would help them get food,” said Reilly, who organized nine food drives to support the community.

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Scouting Adventures Foster Skills for Life

Scouting is one of the few places where young people gain leadership skills by organizing their peers on meaningful adventures. Scouts Canada’s program encourages youth to set their own goals, create detailed plans to achieve these goals, and collectively reflect on their experiences and personal development. Through Scouting, youth develop well-rounded skills that help them prepare for future success in the world.

Youth Testimonials

It Starts with Scouts

Astronauts, surgeons, politicians, teachers, Academy Award-winners and more: bright futures start with Scouting. Discover how Scouting helped these alumni develop into accomplished individuals who continue to make meaningful contributions to the world around them.

Derek Bradley

Meet Derek Bradley

Academy Award Winner

"Some of the things that I learned at a young age from Scouting are respect for other people, working together in teams to solve problems and planning—the kind of skills that help you in other areas of life."

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Meet Glen Cornhill

Space Scientist & Physicist

"Learning about space as a Wolf Cub in Montreal, Canada, really started my love of Space Science and Physics. I remember visiting a planetarium with the Scouts and learning about the constellations."

Meet Jessica Page

Orthopedic Surgeon

"I am here working in Haiti as an orthopedic surgeon. [I would] never have this career or be bold [enough] for this adventure without the lessons and skills [I gained] from Scouts Canada."

Meet MP, Frank Baylis

Member of Parliament, 2015–2019

"As a member of the Scouting movement, I can attest to the positive impact Scouting has had on my life. It has made me an environmentalist; it has taught me to set goals and to achieve them. To this day, one of my proudest achievements is my Chief Scout’s Award."