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Rove Around the World with Scouts.

The world is waiting, are you ready to rove around the world with Scouts Canada?

Rockin' Out

Challenge 8 | NOVEMBER 22–28

Sustainable Development Goal:
#9 Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

Country: South Korea

Meeting Length: 20 min–1 hour


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Challenge 8

Now that you’re mentally and physically ready for anything after last week’s adventure in the Philippines, hold on to your hat—the compass has transported you to South Korea!

South Korea is known for innovative businesses like Samsung or creating inventions like the first cancer-fighting nanobots. With technology advancing and cities growing in various parts of the world, we need to be creative in how we plan for the future, making sure that everyone can be a part of our society.

Have you ever done an activity related to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)? If so, you’ve already worked towards Goal #9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure. What better place to further sharpen your STEM skills than South Korea?

While they continue to plan the World Scout Jamboree 2023, your South Korean Scout friends have lent you their robot to show you around Seoul. Oh no, the robot’s hard drive fan is malfunctioning! It quickly overheats, sparking a small fire. Your Section must spring into action, using all of the GADGETS in your pack that you’ve collected so far, to extinguish the fire.

In this final week of our challenge, it’s time to put your creativity and innovation to the test as you build a Rube Goldberg machine. Get resourceful with your GADGETS and other items to build a chain reaction that can safely put out a small flame.

World Scout Jamboree 2023

The next World Scout Jamboree will run from August 1st to 12th, 2023 and will be held in SaeManGeum, Republic of Korea. More than 50,000 Scouting participants from over 170 countries will gather together for WSJ 2023.

Canada will be sending a Canadian Contingent comprised of youth and adults from both Scouts Canada and L’Association des Scouts du Canada (ASC).



Use at least six of the seven GADGETS that you have been collecting and incorporate them into your machine: Rope, Matches, Mug, Headlamp, Buff and Foil.

As a team, build a Rube Goldberg machine that can put out a small flame (like a candle) or turn off a light switch. Mark an imaginary “high voltage” area for each team. No members of the team can step into the high voltage danger zone. Give each team the same supplies—you can choose what to use in addition to your 6–7 GADGETS; some fun ideas to think about are spars/bamboo poles, string, elastics or marbles.

Without stepping into the high voltage zone, teams must safely extinguish the small flame (or turn off the light switch). There is no right or wrong way to do this, so let the creativity flow!

Supplies Needed:

Per small team:

  • For your contraption: long spars or poles (NOT tent poles), elastics, markings for the high voltage zone, newspaper and any other supplies you think might be fun.
  • For the Rube Goldberg machine: The GADGETS that have been collected so far on the journey (one of each item per team is enough; the Section must use at least six of the seven GADGETS). Use anything else that you think may be fun (balloons, elastic bands, blocks, dominoes, pencils, toy cars, etc.). 

Safety Tips

A reminder in preparation for this challenge (or any challenge) is to identify the potential safety concerns. Understand what kind of personal protective equipment (PPE) might be required and think about possible dangers that could happen so that you have the necessary equipment to minimize or eliminate those hazards.

When you have the safety rules in place, you can have even more fun knowing you and your friends are safe.

Virtual Meetings

If you’re at home this week, gather the supplies to build your own rollercoaster!

What will you do to keep the marble from falling off the track? If you’re not able to cut the cardboard yourself, you can make your rollercoaster out of LEGO or other building blocks and use paper to form the track.


Resources to take the activity further or enhance it for Scouts, Venturers and Rovers: 


Explore SDGs

Other activities to explore the SDGs (through the Scouts for Sustainability program)

SDG #9—Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure:


  • How could you build in automation so that your machine works better?
  • How do we use technology in everyday life?
  • How does changing technology make our life easier?
  • What inventions is South Korea famous for?

Other Activities

Other activities to try:

Explorers Needed

The world is waiting. Let’s all become explorers this fall as we embark on new adventures together. Check out all the great activities and sessions we’ve got planned.


Each Monday, the Leaderboard will be updated with Region rankings, Top 3 Councils per Region, Pictures of the Week for each Region and Top Trekker (Section) voting options.

Challenge Incentives

How rankings, weekly prizes and the grand prize winner are determined.

Korea Scout Association

In Korea, the first Scouting movement started in 1922 and there are currently 18 regional councils and three special councils (religious councils) operating about 3,000 units. There are about 100,000 Scouts and 30,000 leaders. It is the largest youth organization in Korea, and will be hosting the 2023 25th World Scout Jamboree. 

The Korea Scout Association operates various programs to contribute to Sustainable Development Goals and its members and leaders are putting them into practice. We are trying to change the things that we can easily access in our daily lives, such as volunteering and donation activities for those in need, nature conservation and environmental organization activities, energy conservation campaigns, women's social participation and equal opportunities, water resource protection, and understanding of multiculturalism.

These activities are included in the merit badge program of the Korea Scout Association so that the members can think, research and practice.

Examples of the merit badge include: resource protection badge, pollution measuring badge, environmental audit badge, social welfare badge, volunteer badge, fire badge, disability understanding badge, multicultural understanding badge, etc.