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Rove Around the World with Scouts.

The world is waiting, are you ready to rove around the world with Scouts Canada?

Rockin' Out

Challenge 7 | NOVEMBER 15–21

Sustainable Development Goal:
#3 Good Health and Well-Being

Partner: Kids Help Phone

Country: Philippines

Meeting Length: 20 min–1 hour

Gadget: Buff

Challenge 7

Your compass has transported you to the Philippines. Locals Scouts know all the good hiking trails like Mount Pulag, which is the Philippines third highest peak. Oh no! Looks like our Jeep has broken down—you’ll have to make your way by foot and it a long journey, but the views from this dormant volcano are worth it!

The trail is long and at times there can be rough terrain. Get in to shape and train mentally and physically before embarking on your journey—building an obstacle course to get active or flex your mental muscles to become adventure-ready! No matter how you choose to train, you’ll need this GADGET (Buff).

Try out Goal #3: Good Health and Well-Being by exploring new forms of exercise, learning about the importance of good nutrition, or trying out activities related to mental health or mindfulness. As Canadians, let’s adopt healthier behaviours and make sure that everyone has the ability to live a long and satisfying life. 

Kids Help Phone Webinar—Nov 17, 2021 20:00 Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Kids Help Phone is Canada's only 24/7 e-mental health service offering free, confidential support in English and French to young people. As the country's virtual care expert, we give millions of youth a safe, trusted space to talk over phone or through text or in self-directed supports in any moment of crisis or need.

Young people can connect with a professional Counsellor by calling 1-800-668-6868 or with a trained volunteer by texting TALK to 686868.

The presentation will cover the services Kids Help Phone offers.


Already completed the challenge and ready to share?


This activity offers youth a choice—will they flex their physical muscles, mental muscles or both? Choose a physical health activity from the list below or a mental health activity. For an added challenge, choose one from each category!

Supplies Needed:

Per small team:

  • Supplies needed will vary based on the activity and how it is done. After your Section chooses an activity, check out its page in the Activity Finder for a detailed supply list.
  • (Optional) A buff—This can keep you warm or cool you down!

Safety Tips

Use the Plan-Do-Review process as a tool to identify and manage risks associated with various activities. Risks that are identified can be prevented. Use the right equipment for different activities.

View our safety tips for helpful resources to conduct safe activities.

Virtual Meetings

You can still get active from the comfort of your own home. Find a yoga, Zumba or dance routine online and try to follow it as a Section. You might feel silly at first, but it’s a great way to get moving at home—not to mention having fun together!

If that’s not your speed, you can share a guided meditation with your Section and go through the process of meditation as a team, repurpose or reuse instead!


Resources to take the activity further or enhance it for Scouts, Venturers and Rovers: 


  • Did you try an activity that you have never done before?
  • Why is it important to get mentally fit as well as physically fit?
  • What activities can you build into your fitness routine that develop your mental and physical health?
  • How might your life be different if you lived in the Philippines?
  • How would you prepare for a long hike to the summit of Mt. Pulag?

Other Activities

Other activities to try:

  • Try a new activity to get moving, like rock climbing, spelunking, riding a bike or going for a hike.
Explorers Needed

The world is waiting. Let’s all become explorers this fall as we embark on new adventures together. Check out all the great activities and sessions we’ve got planned.


Each Monday, the Leaderboard will be updated with Region rankings, Top 3 Councils per Region, Pictures of the Week for each Region and Top Trekker (Section) voting options.

Challenge Incentives

How rankings, weekly prizes and the grand prize winner are determined.

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