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Rove Around the World with Scouts.

The world is waiting, are you ready to rove around the world with Scouts Canada?


Challenge 5 | NOVEMBER 1–7

Sustainable Development Goal:
#15 Life on Land

Partner: Earth Rangers

Country: Sri Lanka

Meeting Length: 20 min–1 hour

Gadget: Foil

Challenge 5

After a great time last week in Denmark, your compass has transported you to the other end of the planet—and a completely different environment! You find yourself in the rainforests of Sri Lanka. The weather is much warmer than you’re used to in Denmark—you’ll need to adapt quickly to this new climate!

The rainforest is home to a variety of fascinating species. You spot an Indian chameleon nearby, who is able to change colour and control their body temperature to shift shades and absorb heat. What can you learn from this chameleon’s fast ability to transform its appearance?

Earth is home to millions of species, including us. The planet provides food, water, shelter and clean air, so long as we work together to keep nature in balance. Animals have spent millions of years adapting to their environments.

This week, learn more about some of these different adaptations. How does the changing climate force wildlife to survive (by adapting or migrating), and how will your GADGET (Foil) help you to better understand nature’s art of camouflage and adaptation?

Your Section might already be taking action to support Goal #15: Life on Land by planting Scoutrees or ScoutSeeds, tracking invasive pests in your neighbourhood or building animal habitats like bee hotels or bat houses.

How will you embark on this week’s activity to put new skills into play? 

Get ready for an amazing show with our incredible animal ambassadors! Tune in on November 7th at 2:00 PM EST to meet two of our amazing Earth Rangers animal ambassadors and learn all about them! We hope you're as excited as we are.


Already completed the challenge and ready to share?


Play Survival (predator-prey) or Camouflage:

  • Play one round with everyone in their normal clothes.
  • Try using camouflage paint, or camouflage/dark coloured clothing for the next round.
  • Try one more time with bright coloured clothes and using reflective foil.
  • What differences did you notice between the rounds?


Per Section:

Depending on whether your Section chooses to play Survival or Camouflage, each activity page will have a list of supplies needed.

Supplies list:

  • Camouflage face paint
  • Bright hoodies/neon arm bands
  • Foil
  • Dark clothing

Safety Tips

  • Because you’ll be playing Survival or Camouflage in a wooded area with lots of hiding spots, ensure that no one gets lost. Set boundaries before the game starts and remind youth to “Hug a Tree” if they become disoriented or lose their way. Have a walkthrough of the area within the boundaries to point out any tripping hazards or poisonous plants and how best to avoid them.

Virtual Meetings

Check out some of the various ways in which animals adapt to their surroundings on Animal Planet. Can you recreate any of these techniques at home? Try drawing an animal camouflaging itself, make a paper airplane to learn about flight, or try to make yourself as big as possible.

Another way that animals have adapted is by building homes that suit their needs. In your house, try building your own animal home. You can build a bird’s nest out of twigs and string, a beaver lodge out of couch cushions or even draw a perfect habitat for where you would live!

Commit to Earth Rangers Snowflake Challenge to break a Guinness World Records title by sharing your messages of hope, concern and bright ideas for the future of our planet!


Resources to take the activity further or enhance it for Scouts, Venturers and Rovers:


  • What do animals in Sri Lanka need to adapt to the environment where they live?
  • How do animals in Canada adapt to the climate they live in?
  • What have we done, as humans, that helps us live in our environment?

Other Activities

Other activities to explore the SDGs (through the Scouts for Sustainability program) — SDG #15—Life on Land:

Explorers Needed

The world is waiting. Let’s all become explorers this fall as we embark on new adventures together. Check out all the great activities and sessions we’ve got planned.


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