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Camping and Outdoor Adventures Standards


Camping and Outdoor Adventures Standards are essential to ensure that every adventure is fun and safe. These are the minimum standards for camping and outdoor activities.

Camping” consists of staying overnight for one or more nights in a tent, cabin, or other form of shelter.

Outdoor adventures” are described in The Canadian Path Adventure Skills and include such activities as hiking, paddling, climbing, sailing, pioneering, orienteering, snowshoeing, and snorkelling.

Category 1 Activities” include regular weekly meetings whether they are held indoors or outdoors at the regular meeting place, tours, visits and fundraisers.

Category 2 Activities” include any outdoor activity away from the regular meeting facilities, or, of an extended nature, up to and including short-term camping, two nights or less.

Category 3 Activities” include long-term overnight activities of three nights or longer, or activities of shorter duration, but requiring advanced levels of skills and competencies.

Our Standards

  1. The Group Commissioner approves all camping and outdoor adventures.
  2. The Group Commissioner ensures:
    1. All Scouters, parents/guardians, and other adult resource people are screened according to Scouts Canada procedure.
    2. All contracts and agreements are signed according to Scouts Canada procedure.
    3. All waivers, hold harmless, and indemnification agreements are dealt with according to the Third Party Waivers, Hold Harmless and Indemnification Agreement Procedure.
    4. A completed hazard assessment, risk management plan and emergency response plan have been submitted.
    5. Parent/guardian consent forms are signed for Category 3 activities.
    6. All participants have the necessary skills, certifications and permits required for the activity.
    7. Parents have updated emergency and medical information in Myscouts.
    8. A plan is in place for Youth-Scouter ratio to be met at all times.
    9. Scout and Venturer Scout adventures without Scouters are approved.
    10. Equipment is inspected, appropriate, and maintained for safe use.
    11. The Transportation Standards are met.
    12. A review has been conducted of the adventure site and appropriate risk management has been completed.
  3. Approved Camping and Outdoor Adventures Applications, and required attachments, shall be submitted[1] before the adventure takes place.

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Effective Date 

March 2, 2019


May 22, 2019


[1] Camping and Outdoor Activity Application.

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