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Claim the Flame Challenge
Week 2
Go For Cold!
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Welcome Back!

Welcome back to Week Two of the Claim the Flame Challenge. It was an exciting last week, but it looks like there’s even more fun in store for this week’s Challenge. As you know weather is always a factor, so it may come into play this week as the Beavers and Cubs look to either Make or Build something. And don’t count out the older sections, they’re always eager to ramp up the skill-factor so we could see some awesome obstacles courses or some great winter gear! 


Beavers and Cubs
PictographOption 1: Make

Make something to help you on your quest to winter glory (or at least something you can use on your next winter adventure). Try your hand at making a piece of winter gear like a neck warmer or sit upon, or make a piece of gear that will keep you safe, like a winter survival kit or fire starters.

PictographOption 2: Build

Build something out of snow—become the Michelangelo of winter as you create beautiful snow sculptures, explore Sweden and make a Swedish snölykta (snow lantern), turn recycling into art and make tin can lanterns, or build yourself a cool new hangout as you build a snow fort, winter shelter or quinzhee.

Scouts, Venturers and Rovers
PictographOption 1: Make the Best of Winter

Lead a winter campfire for your Group or Section and bring the Scouting spirit to life on a cold winter night. Or get ready for your next adventure and build a winter survival kit, practice winter first aid, or make an item of winter gear!

PictographOption 2: Mini-Kondike Derby

After building your sled last week, you need to make sure that all your gear is safely and securely attached to your sled. What equipment do you need to make sure that can be done properly.

Practice moving your sled around. Practice your commands so that when moving fast everyone knows what to do. Set up a small obstacle course and practice moving your sled through these obstacles. Once you get the hang of the basics, try harder obstacles so that your team is prepared for the derby in week 4.


Be careful when using equipment or materials that you may not be familiar with. It is easy to burn your hand or cut your finger. Campfire safety isn’t just for the summer!

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