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Claim the Flame Challenge
Congratulations to 1st Airdrie

Congratulations to the 1st Airdrie Scout Group for winning the Claim the Flame challenge! Participating in all four of the weekly challenges, the Group captured pictures and shared their stories each week to showcase the fun ways in which youth approached each challenge, and what they learned. They built an Olympic-themed relay race that included shelter building and snow shoeing (among other stations); crafted sit-upons with recycled materials to enjoy after a hike; assembled emergency winter first aid kits; and ate bannock over the campfire while learning about its pre-colonial use in the communities of Indigenous peoples.

1st Airdrie brought a whole lot of adventure to Claim the Flame, from Beavers to Cubs and Scouts!

Week 1: Let The Games Begin
Week 2: Go for Gold
Week 3: Polar Picnic
Week 4: Skillz N' Chillz
Weekly Options — Two Tracks

The Challenge is designed on two tracks; one for Beavers and Cubs and the other for Scouts, Venturers and Rovers.

Beaver and Cub Track

This track is designed with the younger sections in mind and to provide them with an introduction to the winter OAS requirements. There are two fun options each week that Beavers/Cubs can pick from. Completion of the four-week challenge (one option per week) will have Beavers and Cubs well on their way to earning Level 1 Winter OAS, and potentially a number of competencies from Level 2.

Activity Finder

Many of the activities and challenges link to the Activity Finder and all have a direct connection to the Winter Outdoor Adventure Skills requirements.

Scouts, Venturers and Rovers Track

This track is designed with the older sections in mind and also has two options each week.

Option 1

For groups looking to get outside and build their winter OAS skills, this option generally provides a weekly activity that youth can do or organize each week. The activity option is a bit more advanced and should provide senior sections with a new and challenging winter skill. Youth will be able to achieve many of the requirements within Levels 1–3 in their Winter OAS Skills, with the exception of overnight camping (which is not part of the challenge).

Option 2

The tasks in Option 2 are cumulative, more advanced and build on winter outdoor skills along with other OAS Skills like Scoutcraft and Camping. A Klondike Derby is a favourite winter Scouting activity and is generally a large scale event that often requires a lot of planning and organization. This Option allows youth to prepare for a larger event that may already be in the planning stages in their community or to create their own mini-Derby in week 4 for the Challenge. Selecting Option 2 each week will earn many of the Scouts, Venturers and Rovers Winter Skills within Levels 2–3–4.

Scouter's Guide

Plan ahead, prepare your Section’s supply list in advance and have a blast! Everything you need to plan a great weekly adventure is here, along with details about prizing and crests!

Guide de l'animateur

Planifiez vos activités, préparez le tout et amusez-vous! Vous trouverez toute l'information nécessaire dans ce guide guide pour planifier une grande aventure à chaque semaine, et bien plus!

Weekly Challenge Prizes!

What's a Challenge without Prizes? This Challenge has two weekly winners — one random and one based on activities shared online using the #ClaimTheFlame. The Challenge Team will be watching social media and looking for sections that are having fun and being creative each week to showcase as the final four for voting for the Weekly Scoutdoor Champ, then voting will begin.

Weekly Random Winner — One Section will be randomly selected from the submissions that week to win a weekly prize!

Weekly Scoutdoor Champ — Scouts and Scouters will use the link on the Leaderboard to vote for which one of the four Sections will win the weekly prize and be that week’s “Scoutdoor Champ”! Voting is only open for two days (Mondays and Tuesdays each week) and the winner will be announced on Wednesdays. Make sure to post your group's activities online.

We've also got a limited number of reverse crests that are not available on Scout Shop and will be randomly awarded to groups who demonstrate extra innovation and resourcefulness during the challenge! So make sure to use #ClaimTheFlame!

Check out some of the great Scout Shop swag Sections can win!

Virtual Opening Ceremony

Did you miss the Virtual Opening Ceremony?

Check out the recording from our YouTube channel →