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Helpful tips from the Helpdesk

November 29, 2022

When submitting a ticket the Help Centre (Reminder : ) ensure the subject describes the request this helps the team with triaging, especially with PRCs. 

Example “PRC for Scouter ABC” or “Transfer Youth”.


Role Status: Volunteers - “Pending” Volunteer roles take up to an hour from when the last requirement has been met to become “Active”.


Group Commissioners needing “GCap” should contact their Group’s assigned Group Support Scouter, Scouting Relationship Manager, Camp Committee Chairs, or their Property Support Manager. To obtain their role approval


Role Status: Participants (excluding Rover Scouts) – “Pending” Participant roles are the result of incomplete registration; they do not count against Section capacity nor “hold a spot” for the new Membership year. Parents are notified after four hours and again after seven days if the registration has not been completed. After 30-days, “Pending” roles are cleaned-up automatically.


Welcoming 2023 registered youth early – If you have youth who have been registered only for 2023 who you can take early, please provide a complete list to including who the youth are and to what Section they should be added for 2022.


2023 Participant Transfers – Transfers for next year are not yet possible as a self-serve option via the “Transfer Participants” tab. If you have youth needing their 2023 role changed (move from Pack to Troop or to Colony, for example), please send lists to including who the youth are and to what Section the 2023 role should be moved.


Waitlists – When a Section reaches its set “Max Participants” capacity for 2023, Waitlists will begin to generate. If space becomes available in the Section, the youth waiting the longest will be offered the space first. It is not possible to prioritize youth lower on the list nor to change the order.


Scouters Registering their own Youth – The exception to Waitlist is for “Active” Scouters in the Sections they support; they can register their own youth in those Sections regardless of capacity. Example: An “Active” Pack Scouter can register own youth to the Pack even if other parents (including “Pending” Pack Scouters and “Active” Colony/Troop/etc Scouters) see only the option to “Waitlist My Child…” “Active” Group Committee Members are viewed as supporting all Sections so can register their youth to any in the Group where they are “Active”.


Renewing your Respect in Sport


If a volunteer has renewed their Respect in Sport training but the new certification date isn’t showing up in their MyScouts profile, please have them log in again and access the David Huestis Learning Centre to refresh their training record.