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Welcome Mike Edwards and Leslie Nanibush, GCs

October 25, 2023

Mike Edwards was 8 years old when his Mom let him join the 30th Kitchener Cub Pack. Thankfully she never told him to stop.  In the fifty years since, Mike has been a Keo (he's too old to have been a Beaver), Akela, Scout Master, and Advisor to the Waterloo MedVents and MedRovers.  He was also a pot-licker (a.k.a. Service Scout with Everton Cub Camp).  Mike is thrilled to step into the role of Group Commissioner for the 10th Waterloo Scouting Group.

Leslie Nanbush (She/Her) is a Beaver Colony Contact Scouter.  With over a year of scouting, she's brought enthusiasm and a love of adventure to the team.  By day, Leslie works in Infrastructure Asset Management for a local municipality.  By night, she is Mom to fellow Beaver, Anna; Wife to Shawn; and fur-mom to Sadie (dog), Oreo and Asher (cats).

We would also like to extent a thank you to 9th Waterloo outgoing GC Sean Goggin for his service.