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Top Section Awards

The Top Section Award is an opportunity for youth to attain a meaningful accomplishment widely recognized and understood. To earn the Top Section Award, a Scout must complete a personal progression review, a set number of outdoor adventure skills badges, fulfill community service hours, and a capstone project. The capstone project provides a meaningful personal development for the youth and makes a positive difference in the local, national, or global community.

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  • 2019-20

    We understand that not all youth had the opportunity to earn their Top Section Award because of the COVID-19 interruption - but are in the position to complete in the Fall or Winter. Shining Waters Council will regularly update the 2019-20 list throughout Fall / Winter / as long as required.

    Note to Groups: Please use August 31, 2020 as the approval date in myScouts if the youth wishes to appear on the 2019-20 list retroactively.


    Aiden C., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Alexia O., 2nd Wasaga Beach

    Alistair L., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Allison Kate L., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Attila J., 1st Bradford

    Blake F., 1st Bradford

    Chase D., 1st Bradford

    Chloe L., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Emmet S., 4th Barrie

    Emmett H., 1st Bradford

    Ethan Y., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Jacquelyn K., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Kaiden T., 1st Bradford

    Leland S., 2nd Wasaga Beach

    Liam B., 1st Bradford

    Maegan C., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Matthew L., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Nash M., 1st Woodbridge

    Natalie K., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Nixon W., 14th Barrie

    Noah R., 2nd Wasaga Beach

    Shelby C., 6th Richmond Hill

    Travis W., 1st Bradford

    Wyatt W., 2nd Wasaga Beach

    Zoe C., 6th Richmond Hill

    Adam R., 1st Bradford

    Andrea L., 6th Richmond Hill

    Annie L., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Arnav A., 2nd Markham

    Ashley C., 5th Unionville

    Avery B., 2nd Markham

    Brandon C., 2nd Markham

    Brenna G., 2nd Markham

    Caelen L., 2nd Markham

    Callum S., 4th Barrie

    Darian C., 2nd Markham

    Drew S., 1st Bradford

    Emilie L., 6th Richmond Hill

    Erin C., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Gavin P., 2nd Wasaga Beach

    Griffin L., 4th Barrie

    Ion T., 6th Richmond Hill

    Isaac C., 6th Richmond Hill

    Jack H., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Kadence C., 5th Unionville

    Keith P., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Kyle C., 6th Richmond Hill

    Marcus M., 6th Richmond Hill

    Marcus P., 5th Unionville

    Mason B., 1st Barrie Foresters

    Matthew C., 2nd Markham

    Sean B., 1st Bradford

    Skyler C., 6th Richmond Hill

    Steven Y., 2nd Markham

    William D., 4th Orangeville

    Zimo W., 5th Unionville

    Aden L., 6th Richmond Hill

    Alex Y., 6th Richmond Hill

    Alexander M., 2nd Keswick

    Ariene C., 5th Unionville

    Bailey M., 2nd Keswick

    Benjamin K., 3rd Orangeville

    Calista C., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Carson W., 10th Richmond Hill

    Christabel T., 133rd Milliken

    Corey W., 1st Northridge

    Cyril H., 333rd Markham

    Darren C., 10th Richmond Hill

    Darren L., 3rd Unionville

    Eva W., 8th Markham

    Evelyn C., 6th Richmond Hill

    Gordon H., 5th Unionville

    Gwen Y., 6th Richmond Hill

    Jameson S., 1st Northridge

    Jasper N., 3rd Unionville

    Jocelyn M., 6th Richmond Hill

    Kaitlyn M., 8th Markham

    Kara M., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Karina S., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Lisa B., 10th Richmond Hill

    Matthew L., 3rd Unionville

    Nychole K., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Rachael Y., 38th Richmond Hill

    Rachel K., 4th Orangeville

    Terence W., 38th Richmond Hill

    Tianne K., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Tiffany C., 3rd Unionville

    Tiffany H., 8th Markham

    Uriel L., 3rd Unionville

    Cally L., 5th Unionville

    Caroline L., 5th Unionville

    Nathan A., 8th Markham

    Ryan M., 5th Unionville

    Samantha K., 6th Richmond Hill

    Timothy P., 8th Markham

  • 2018-19
  • Anderson A., 4th Orangeville

    Andy Z., 1st Unionville

    Andyhong S., 1st Unionville

    Ariella M., 1st Unionville

    Ashton M., 4th Orangeville

    Bear D., 1st Mapleview

    Brieanna C., 4th Orangeville

    Cadence S., 4th Orangeville

    Chloe L., 8th Markham

    Christy B., 8th Markham

    Daniel L., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Darren S., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Davina C., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Finch K., 14th Barrie

    Jack J., 1st Mapleview

    Jaden G., 1st Unionville

    Jarvis Z., 4th Orangeville

    Jasper C., 6th Richmond Hill

    Jayden B., 1st Mapleview

    Jesse L., 2nd Wasaga Beach

    Julian L., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Landon B., 1st Mapleview

    Lincoln H., 4th Orangeville

    Lukas A., 8th Barrie

    Mason G., 1st Mapleview

    Mason S., 1st Barrie Foresters

    Matteo P., 2nd Wasaga Beach

    Michael N., 1st Mapleview

    Nash M., 1st Woodbridge

    Olivia R., 4th Orangeville

    Owen L., 8th Barrie

    Phoenix D., 2nd Wasaga Beach

    Preston C., 1st Unionville

    Quinn K., 1st Mapleview

    Renee N., 6th Richmond Hill

    Rigel S., 1st Unionville

    Ruben F., 8th Barrie

    Ryan S., 8th Barrie

    Samuel B., 1st Unionville

    Serene K., 6th Richmond Hill

    Sonny J., 4th Orangeville

    Sum Yin C., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Tyson S., 1st Barrie Foresters

    Will C., 8th Barrie

    Yin Ka C., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Zachary G., 1st Mapleview

    Zander B., 4th Orangeville

    Alexander K., 5th Richmond Hill

    Alexander R., 8th Barrie

    Angel M., 7th Milliken Mills

    Annie W., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Ashley W., 7th Milliken Mills

    Bowen H., 3rd Unionville

    Brianna W., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Colin B., 8th Barrie

    Elim W., 3rd Unionville

    Emma V., 8th Barrie

    Ethan D., 8th Barrie

    Eva C., 7th Milliken Mills

    Gavin L., 8th Barrie

    Grace M., 8th Barrie

    Jacob C., 6th Richmond Hill

    Jacob P., 1st Barrie Foresters

    James K., 1st Orillia

    James W., 5th Richmond Hill

    Jonathan J., 3rd Unionville

    Jonathan S., 1st Orillia

    Justin N., 3rd Unionville

    Kaitlyn C., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Kathy H., 3rd Unionville

    Liam G., 8th Barrie

    Maciek G., 8th Barrie

    Marcus W., 3rd Unionville

    Mason H., 133rd Milliken

    Matthew F., 8th Barrie

    Matthew L., 8th Barrie

    Mavis P., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Megan C., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Morgan S., 3rd Unionville

    Nicholas T., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Nicole K., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Nolan C., 3rd Unionville

    Praveen C., 8th Richmond Hill

    Rachel M., 3rd Unionville

    Richard W., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Ryan M., 5th Richmond Hill

    Sherry H., 3rd Unionville

    Summer Sophie G., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Teddy C., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Vicky C., 7th Milliken Mills

    Vincent Z., 3rd Unionville

    William Ka., 1st Orillia

    William Kh., 1st Orillia

    Adam P., 4th Barrie

    Alexander B., 1st Stroud

    Alexis H., 1st Orillia

    Andrew A., 6th Richmond Hill

    Bowen Y., 133rd Milliken

    Braiden A., 1st Richmond Hill

    Caleb T., 2nd Markham

    Cooper T., 2nd Wasaga Beach

    Corrina L., 2nd Markham

    Damien S., 14th Barrie

    Daniel C., 5th Unionville

    Danielle I., 1st Orillia

    Edward C., 10th Richmond Hill

    Eileen F., 3rd Unionville

    Eliza D., 392nd Thornhill Muslim

    Eric H., 3rd Unionville

    Ethne A., 8th Markham

    Evan L., 10th Richmond Hill

    Grace F., 3rd Unionville

    Hannah S., 1st Orillia

    Hayden H., 10th Richmond Hill

    Isaac L., 3rd Unionville

    James A., 1st Alcona

    Jasmine Y., 2nd Markham

    Jeffrey C., 133rd Milliken

    Jennifer H., 8th Markham

    Joanna C., 133rd Milliken

    Justin C., 133rd Milliken

    Katie L., 3rd Unionville

    Kaylynn D., 4th Orangeville

    Kevin L., 6th Richmond Hill

    Larissa C., 3rd Unionville

    Lauren C., 1st Stroud

    Matthew K., 6th Richmond Hill

    Nathan M., 1st Stroud

    Niko V., 2nd Markham

    Noah H., 4th Orangeville

    Olivia V., 3rd Unionville

    Owen B., 2nd Markham

    Priscilla C., 6th Richmond Hill

    Rachel L., 3rd Unionville

    Rishikan T., 8th Richmond Hill

    Robert O., 2nd Unionville

    Samantha C., 8th Markham

    Samantha F., 6th Richmond Hill

    Samson C., 6th Richmond Hill

    Sarah A., 392nd Thornhill Muslim

    Tessa L., 1st Bradford

    Thomas Ca., 2nd Markham

    Thomas Cr., 2nd Markham

    Usan S., 2nd Markham

    Alicia M., 333rd Markham

    Arielle N., 333rd Markham

    Christopher C., 8th Richmond Hill

    Conor J., 1st York Regional Police

    Darrell L., 133rd Milliken

    Edward C., 5th Unionville

    Elaine Z., 6th Richmond Hill

    Elkan F., 22nd Markham

    Ethan L., 1st Newmarket MedVents

    Mathew L., 1st Markham MedVents

    Otto Y., 1st Markham MedVents

    Owen W., 8th Richmond Hill

    Pak San F., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Tiffany H., 133rd Milliken

    Veronica W., 333rd Markham

    Zachary S., 8th Richmond Hill

    Ashley G., 1st Bradford

    Brittany I., 4th Midland

    Makayla W., 1st Newmarket MedVents

  • 2017-18
  • Abbie M., 4th Orangeville

    Andrew S., 1st Richmond Hill

    Benjamin S., 2nd Wasaga Beach

    Bennet G., 1st Richmond Hill

    Bronson D., 1st Woodbridge

    Caleb K., 1st Richmond Hill

    Carlton H., 5th Unionville

    Charlotte L., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Chun Hei Y., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Daniel W., 5th Unionville

    Ellie M., 4th Orangeville

    Elliot B., 4th Orangeville

    Evan K., 1st Richmond Hill

    Everett M., 1st Woodbridge

    Gavin P., 2nd Wasaga Beach

    George G., 2nd Wasaga Beach

    Hailey J., 5th Unionville

    Hayden C., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Jack S., 1st Richmond Hill

    James L., 5th Unionville

    Jay T., 1st Richmond Hill

    Jayden C., 6th Richmond Hill

    Jessica W., 5th Unionville

    Johnny B., 1st Richmond Hill

    Justin H., 5th Unionville

    Kara B., 14th Barrie

    Kristy C., 6th Richmond Hill

    Kwan Yin C., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Levi S., 7th Thornhill

    Lucas P., 1st Orillia

    Lucas T., 2nd Wasaga Beach

    Mark H., 1st Richmond Hill

    Melissa T., 5th Unionville

    Millard A., 2nd Wasaga Beach

    Morgan T., 1st Creemore

    Natalie Z., 8th Markham

    Nathan B., 1st Richmond Hill

    Oliver B., 4th Orangeville

    Parco L., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Philip S., 4th Orangeville

    Ringo B., 8th Markham

    Ryan V., 4th Orangeville

    Seamus M., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Stephen F., 6th Richmond Hill

    Wade M., 4th Orangeville

    Weston C., 4th Orangeville

    William D., 4th Orangeville

    Avery R., 1st Richmond Hill

    Hannah Z., 8th Markham

    Horus Y., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Ian H., 1st Richmond Hill

    Isabella T., 2nd Wasaga Beach

    Jacob M., 4th Orangeville

    Jacob O., 4th Orangeville

    Jaden S., 14th Barrie

    Jayden Y., 22nd Markham

    Julian C., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Justin L., 6th Richmond Hill

    Kemery G., 2nd Wasaga Beach

    Lilianna P., 1st Orillia

    Nicholas S., 1st Richmond Hill

    Noah S., 1st Richmond Hill

    Owen S., 4th Orangeville

    Parker T., 2nd Wasaga Beach

    Rachael Z., 8th Markham

    Rachel K., 4th Orangeville

    Rocky C., 8th Markham

    Samantha Y., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Steven R., 4th Orangeville

    Thomas K., 1st Richmond Hill

    Tobin S., 1st Barrie Foresters

    William S., 1st Richmond Hill

    Alex N., 8th Richmond Hill

    Andy T., 3rd Unionville

    Arthur N., 3rd Unionville

    Cally L., 5th Unionville

    Caroline L., 5th Unionville

    Cindy S., 1st Simcoe County MedVents

    Cyanne A., 1st Bradford

    Dakota G., 1st Simcoe County MedVents

    Darrell L., 133rd Milliken

    Elizabeth S., 3rd Unionville

    Evan C., 5th Unionville

    Gabriel L., 3rd Unionville

    Jacky L., 6th Richmond Hill

    Jason L., 22nd Markham

    Joanne T., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Jonathan C., 3rd Unionville

    Joshua K., 10th Richmond Hill

    Justin Y., 22nd Markham

    Kaitlynn P., 4th Midland

    Keri B., 4th Midland

    Madison D., 4th Barrie

    Madison R., 1st Richmond Hill

    Maegan L., 6th Richmond Hill

    Nicholas C., 3rd Unionville

    Samantha K., 6th Richmond Hill

    Sebastien W., 10th Richmond Hill

    Shauna B., 4th Midland

    Theo Y., 3rd Unionville

    Tiffany H., 133rd Milliken

    Vanessa Z., 3rd Unionville

    Yee Yin K., 7th Milliken Mills

    Yuming H., 22nd Markham

    Zoe S., 7th Milliken Mills

    Alexander L., 5th Unionville

    Andrew C., 6th Richmond Hill

    Andrew S., 3rd Orangeville

    Clif Y., 5th Unionville

    Daniel C., 133rd Milliken

    Ethan L., 133rd Milliken

    Jacqueline L., 5th Unionville

    Jason G., 4th Barrie

    Jason Z., 133rd Milliken

    Jonathan J., 8th Richmond Hill

    Joseph Y., 133rd Milliken

    Kate L., 5th Unionville

    Kevin J., 6th Richmond Hill

    Mandy C., 5th Unionville

    Pamely W., 5th Unionville

    Raymond N., 133rd Milliken

    Rocco R., 6th Richmond Hill

    Samuel W., 5th Unionville

    Tiffany H., 6th Richmond Hill

    Amos M., 8th Markham

    Carol A., 6th Richmond Hill

    Chun Yin L., 8th Markham

  • 2016-17
  • Adam R., 1st Bradford

    Ali Z., 1st Bradford

    Arav G., 1st Woodbridge

    Ashley C., 5th Unionville

    Brandon C., 2nd Markham

    Callum S., 4th Barrie

    Chelsea L., 5th Unionville

    Chloe C., 6th Richmond Hill

    Daniel S., 4th Orangeville

    Darian C., 2nd Markham

    Drew S., Newmarket Scouting Group

    Emilie L., 6th Richmond Hill

    Griffin L., 4th Barrie

    Jackson M., 1st Orillia

    Jake W., 4th Orangeville

    Kaiden T., 1st Orillia

    Luc S., 1st Orillia

    Matthew C., 2nd Markham

    Nathan H., 6th Richmond Hill

    Nikkolus C., 4th Orangeville

    Skyler C., 6th Richmond Hill

    Sophie S., 1st Orillia

    Steven Y., 2nd Markham

    Vanessa R., 4th Orangeville

    Addison W., 6th Richmond Hill

    Chloe T., 6th Richmond Hill

    Evelyn C., 6th Richmond Hill

    Kaylynn D., 4th Orangeville

    Matthew D., 4th Barrie

    William H., 2nd Wasaga Beach

    Aeron H., 1st Unionville

    Aidan G., 3rd Orangeville

    Aki K., 1st Bradford

    Alex W., 8th Markham

    Anna I., 1st Orillia

    Ashley C., 3rd Unionville

    Ashton V., 14th Barrie

    Christopher C., 8th Richmond Hill

    Cynthia F., 10th Richmond Hill

    David C., 4th Midland

    Devon S., 1st Mount Albert

    Ernestine H., 10th Richmond Hill

    Ethan R., 1st Richmond Hill

    Ethan S., 1st Orillia

    Evan B., 1st Simcoe Phoenix

    Evan S., 8th Richmond Hill

    Gavin M., 2nd Keswick

    Gordon S., 3rd Unionville

    Jacky C., 10th Richmond Hill

    Joshua M., 10th Richmond Hill

    Lana B., 10th Richmond Hill

    Malcolm L., 1st Tottenham

    Marco W., 8th Markham

    Michael Z., 7th Milliken Mills

    Nixon C., 333rd Markham

    Owen W., 8th Richmond Hill

    Pak San F., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Raven S., 7th Milliken Mills

    Ryan T., 1st Hong Kong Canadian

    Serena W., 8th Markham

    Tiffany C., 3rd Unionville

    Tina C., 3rd Unionville

    Victor B., 1st Thornhill

    Yue Wei Z., 10th Richmond Hill

    Zachary S., 8th Richmond Hill

    Brian Y., 333rd Markham

    Davis T., 8th Richmond Hill

    Jason L., 8th Richmond Hill

    Jonathan W., 8th Richmond Hill

    Maitland K., 8th Richmond Hill

    Maxwell W., 8th Richmond Hill

    Sandy A., 1st York Regional Police

    Sasha L., 1st Markham MedVents

    Sebastian W., 333rd Markham


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