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Adult Leadership Opportunities

Scouting needs dedicated volunteers to help provide fun and exciting adventures to our youth. You can get involved as a leader working with your child and other children in the community, or as an administrative support volunteer working behind the scenes. We provide all the training and resources you need to help provide the adventure of a lifetime.

There are many different volunteer roles for all interests and abilities:

  • Section Scouters and their assistants work directly with young people to plan and provide weekly programs.
  • Group Committee Scouters help with the administration of a Scouting group, including registration, fundraising, and providing service and support to section leaders.
  • Many parents get involved as casual helpers, assisting at occasional meetings or camps, or taking on a specific short-term task.
Looking to become a Scouter & work with your group?

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Current Leadership/Volunteer Opportunities

Check out below some of the current Leadership/Volunteer Opportunities available in the Tri-Shores Council. If you have a unique skillset you do not see a role for below but would like to offer it, please reach out to us directly to discuss your skills and match you with the right opportunity to help young people in your community.

  • Group Support Scouters
  • Group Support Scouters

    We are looking for Volunteers to join our Tri-Shores Council team as Group Support Scouters. We are looking for engaged, supportive and energetic Scouters who would like to be on our Council team. A Group Support Scouter (GSS) is an individual who can mentor, support and coach our Group Commissioners to success with their goals that will impact Group Health and ultimately growth.

    What does being a GSS looks like?

    Each Group Commissioner has or will be attending GC training in Ottawa where they will come back motivated, re-energized and with some strong goals and plans and ideas to implement in their group. They are going to need your help to accomplish their goals! This could be helping them look for an appropriate sponsor, ensuring all sections are on the Canadian Path, supporting volunteer recruitment and performance management in order to build capacity to open a new Section. Perhaps it is looking for a new space to open a new section or helping make strategic 3 month, 6 month, 1 year and 3 year growth goals with the Group. The GSS will be that Group’s main contact for support. The goal is to ensure each group has the level of support they need when they need it.

    Each GSS will meet with their Group or Groups (1-2) bi-weekly and preform periodic Group Health Checks with their Groups and report into the Council Key 3 with updates to Group goals and progress on an ongoing basis. Each GSS will report on Group growth plans and goals.

    Who can be a GSS?

    This role is open to any individual- adult or youth (14 plus.) Please share with parents, fellow Scouters and Youth. Although this email is being sent out broadly, if you know someone who would be interested, please let them (and us) know about this opportunity! A GSS is goal orientated, motivated, supportive and aligned with Scouts Canada’s 5 priorities. A GSS is strategic with some project management knowledge and has a growth mindset. Relationship building skills are a must.

    Every GSS will be trained in Ottawa (requirement of the role) and receive the support of the GSS Team and Council Key 3. The Group Support Centre also holds numerous resources and tools to help support group Health as well as an online support centre with awesome search function! Whether you want to become a GSS team member or not, use those two links for amazing resources and tools to help your Sections and Groups.

    Why Should I become a GSS?

    You care about the future of Scouting in Tri-Shores. You have resources and time and talents to share with your fellow Groups and Scouters. You want to help the Tri-Shores Council team make and impact in our Communities and realize the vision of Scouts Canada.

    Ready to apply?

    Please reach out to Rachel Smith, your current SRM or GSS with any questions! There is also the opportunity to be mentored by a current GSS or to shadow a current GSS while you see if the role is the right fit for your needs and goals and to help support you through the beginning stages of the role.

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