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Council Commissioner's Outdoor Challenge Award

The goal of this Award is to encourage participation in Scouting activities promoting a quality program that is youth-led, incorporates the Plan-Do-Review aspects, touches all the SPICES and covers all six Program Areas during the course of the Scouting Year to help contribute to the personal growth of our participants.

Activities can take place inside or outside the regular meeting hall but should be planned by the youth and cover adventures in all four seasons. The types of activities Sections can participate in are only limited by their imagination and could include wide games, camps, Scoutrees, star gazing, trail clean-up, jamborees, pioneering, snowshoeing, backpacking, community service work, bicycle rodeos, etc.

Logbooks should be designed, created and maintained by the youth and have less Scouter involvement as youth progress to the older Sections. The logbook should include a page(s) that summarize the adventures leading to the award and include:

  • type of activity
  • total number of hours
  • list of participants
  • comments from the youth
  • drawings
  • photos comments

As well, there should be a minimum of one page dedicated to each event/activity that counted towards the required hours that includes reflections on the SPICES that evolved throughout the activity/adventure as well as which of the Six Program Areas were covered. For general weekly meetings, this can be condensed to about ten “pages” highlighting major themes/events.

This completed logbook is to be filed with Council (hard copy or electronic) as part of the application for the Council Commissioners Canadian Path Award.

An event counts only for the duration of the event not by the number of participants at the event. For example, a 4-hour event is 4 hours regardless of the number of participants. For general weekly meetings, this can be condensed to about ten “pages” highlighting major themes/events.

Each member of the Section fulfilling the Award requirements will receive a Crest for his or her jacket or campfire blanket.

All entries for the Council Commissioners Canadian Path Award must be submitted no later
than September 30th of the year immediately following the qualifying period of September 1st
to August 31st. For example, activities/events from the qualifying period of September 1, 2019
to August 31, 2020, should be submitted by September 30, 2020.

All entries should be submitted using this form.

The total accumulated hours required for each level of the award are as follows:





Beavers 60 hours 80 hours 100 hours
Cubs 175 hours 200 hours 250 hours
Scouts 300 hours 400 hours 500 hours
Venturers 400 hours 500 hours 600 hours

Apply for the Award


  • Social
  • Physical
  • Intellectual
  • Character
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual


  • Evironment & Outdoors
  • Leadership
  • Active & Healthy Living
  • Citizenship
  • Creative Expression
  • Beliefs & Values