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CIBC Banking Offers

July 23, 2020

CIBC Banking Solutions

In order to further support Scouts Canada Groups and leverage assets to support our mission, after careful consideration and assessment of all proposals, Scouts Canada management has accepted the offer from CIBC for a very unique banking solution which will benefit to all Scouts Canada Groups, Councils and National Operations as a whole.


CIBC owns a specialized team of professionals focused exclusively on providing financial services to NPOs across Canada. CIBC is offering a comprehensive suite of banking services to meet Scouts Canada’s unique banking requirements, including:


·         Centralized online banking platform with most recent technology and security features

·         Waived account service fees and reduced transaction fees

·         Enhanced interest on deposit balances

·         Online access for signing authorities to approve and view transactions, e-statements

·         Local support from CIBC branches

·         A treasury diagnostic review by CIBC NPO team

·         An affinity program offer for all youth, volunteers and employees

·         Sponsorship and Partnership opportunities

·         Dedicated and experience client relationship team, 1049 braches, 3063 ATMs


For further details or questions, please feel free to contact the Help Centre.