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Are you looking for a sense of fulfillment? Do you wish to see youth grow from strength to strength following the Scouts’ Canadian Path? Help build the citizens of tomorrow while learning leadership, outdoor and administrative skills. See the many volunteer opportunities available with the New Brunswick Council’s groups.

Looking to become a Scouter & work with your group?

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Current Volunteer Opportunities

  • Parent Volunteer Opportunities
  • Parent Helper

    Did you know that you don't need to be a Scouter to volunteer with Scouts? We need Parent Helpers regularly to support local Groups in various ways.

    Scouting is a family activity. Parents sharing the experiences their child has through Scouting brings families closer together. If you are a parent of a child in Scouts there are a variety of ways to share in these experiences without becoming a Scouter.

    Each Group can use help in small (or big) ways and in many cases it's for simple tasks that are suited for those with occasional, limited time. Each bit of help means that your child's Scouter has more time to focus on prep time, the Group activity, or other responsibilities.

    Check out some Parent Helper opportunities below then connect with your child’s Scouter to see what needs you could fill!


    Connect with your child's Scouter for these and similar jobs where your help would be invaluable!


    Help AreaHow You Can HelpWho to Contact
    Area Camp HelpersThese roles are specific to the camps being held and will vary. Large camps create lasting memories for the youth and Scouters but they also require a lot of support. Consider helping the Scouters planning the activities by: helping with camp prep (for the activities); helping the day of camp; or helping with the clean up. Volunteers are always welcome!Your child's Scouter
    Camp HelperDo you love being at camp? Why not help out at your child's next camp? Scouters handle everything from camp set up, to meal prep, daily activities, clean up and more. Consider helping with meal prep, activities or camp maintenance to help the camps run even smoother for the youth and the Scouters!Your child's Scouter
    CommunicationAre you organized and easily reachable? You might be the perfect person to be the parent phone tree/call list/text list lead when the Section is away from their primary meeting site. It would be your job to notify the other parents if there is a delay or an emergency.Your child's Scouter
    CookingDo you love cooking? Why not share that love with the youth! This can be done at regular meetings or at camp.Your child's Scouter
    Environment and LoreDo you know a lot about nature and the tales that go along with it? Share your love and passion for the outdoors and stories with the youth at campfires, either at a meeting or at a camp.Your child's Scouter
    Fundraising AssistantNot all adventures are free. Help send your child and all of the youth in the group on awesome adventures by helping to organize fundraisers. Fundraising takes the help of a lot of people to make it work - and every little bit counts!Your child's Scouter
    Organization and PlanningCamps and outings take lots of planning to be successful. Help the Section by assisting with some of these tasks; this can include grocery shopping with the youth, helping to organize the gear, drying the gear after camp, or managing the lost and found items. Many hands make light work!Your child's Scouter
    Resource PersonDo you prefer helping from behind the scenes? Scouters need a lot of supplies to make meetings and camps work. Why not share your skills by helping to prepare some of those materials from home? If you have some extra time, why not offer to pick up some supplies? Every little bit helps!Your child's Scouter
    Singing/Music/Art/DramaCreative Expression is one of our key Program Areas and is an essential part of Scouting. Share your passion with the youth by leading them in songs or skits at a campfire or meeting. Is playing an instrument or drawing more your style? Why not share that with the youth? Scouting is all about developing well rounded youth and the fine arts play into that!Your child's Scouter
    STEMIt defines the world. Science-Technology-Engineering-Math. If your passion is STEM, consider helping the Scouters with some STEM activities. Just as Science is a widely varied discipline, so are the types of activities youth can do. Help youth learn about computers by taking apart old ones and reassembling them; learn about trajectory by playing life sized Angry Birds in the gym with box forts; help them build quinzees in the snow and explain why they are stable shelters; the options are endless!Your child's Scouter
    WoodworkingWho doesn't love the smell of sawdust or the calming motion of sanding a newly created work of art? Are you handy with tools and would like to share those skills with the younger generation? If this sounds like you, consider signing up to help with Kub Cars, bat/bee houses or with many of the other woodworking style activities that our groups do.Your child's Scouter
  • Local Group Volunteer Opportunities
  • Section Scouter

    Would you like to make a difference in the growth and development of youth in your local community? Are you energetic, organized… a natural leader who can work at the top level to support and lead hundreds of volunteers? Do you enjoy being part of a dynamic team?

    If you are interested, you are invited to join your local group and submit your application for the volunteer position of Section Scouter


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  • Council Support Opportunities
  • Council Recognition Administrator

    Attention all Scouters!

    Scouts Canada - New Brunswick Council is looking for applications for the next Recognition Administrator!

    As a volunteer, the Recognition Administrator is the principal point of contact for the Council with respect to Scout Canada’s Honours and Awards. Recognition Admins maintain recognition records and work to ensure appropriate recognition (all levels) is provided for each Council.

    Responsible to:

    • National Recognition Network Chair and National Recognition Network Youth Chair

    Works closely with:

    • Council Key 3
    • Additional Recognition team members depending on the size of the council and its needs
    • Group Commissioners
    • National Recognition Network members and team leads


    • Maintains the recognition records in an Excel or similar spreadsheet
    • Approves and reviews commendations to identify and process National awards, as appropriate
    • Acts as a voting member of the National Recognition Network
    • Manages council level awards where applicable
    • May develop a network of RA’s necessary to achieve council specific goals
    • Educates members about what recognition is available
    • Formal SC recognition program
    • Informal recognition methods
    • Awards from other organizations such as the government-run recognition programs
    • Co-ordinate formal recognition in a timely manner with commissioners
    • Authorizing, processing and distributing OSA
    • Coordinating Gallantry/Fortitude/Meritorious awards

    Required Skills:

    • Enthusiasm for all forms of recognition
    • Must be proficient in Excel, Word and Office 365
    • Effective communicator
    • Printing as needed
    • Team Player

    For those interested in applying for this role, please send your Scouting resume to info.nbcouncil@scouts.ca

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