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National Voting Members

Each Council has a say in the governance processes of Scouts Canada’s governance through three elected voting members. Council members elect the Council’s voting members annually. The election policy is explained hereAll Scouts Canada members aged 14 or older during the current Scouting year are eligible to serve as Voting Members and to vote for their Council’s Voting Members. The election uses the Scottish Single Transferrable Vote method which is explained here. The entire election procedure is here

The Voting Members represent Councils at the Scouts Canada Annual General Meeting. They vote on governance resolutions and elect the Board of Governors. They also represent their Councils at Special Meetings when required. Council Voting Members serve a one-year term. One of the three Voting Member positions is reserved for a youth member, but all three Voting Members from a Council may be youth members. By-law No. 2 says that a youth member is a member under the age of 27 years. 

A call for nominations is issued annually in April.