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Scout Island

Scout Island is a wilderness camp.  There are wild tent sites in may places around the island but nothing is formally sited and prepared other than the main campfire ring.  Be careful to avoid setting tents up under overhanging dead falls and widowmakers.  There are two well aged johnny-on-the spots.  Please carryout your garbage as there is no clean-up and maintenance conducted.  There is no supplied fire wood so come self-sufficient to use stoves or bring your own campfire fuel.  The camp can accommodate up to 30 campers across the island.  The trail can be rugged so prepare your gear for difficult terrain until you reach the bridge.  Be selective in cutting any trees to help maintain the wilderness experience.

  • Program Offerings
  • It is a wilderness camp where the users design the program.  The camp is situated in a large wilderness area which may be suitable for extended hikes and even rough conditions swimming.  There is no prepared beach area.  The island is surrounded by a lake and a river.

  • Pricing & Forms
  • Pricing

    $25 per two night trip for up to 25 campers.

  • Contact
  •  Booking:

    The camp can only be booked by calling the Atlantic Service Center @ 902-423-9227  OR by emailing

    Cheques, cash, debit or credit card will be accepted for camp rentals. Please make payable to Scouts Canada - Nova Scotia Council.


    To reach Scout Island you will have to turnoff on Highway 103 to 1254 Pipeline Road.  Initially you will be on Hiking Trail Road (dirt road) which then merges onto the Pipeline Road at the fork (about 1 km in, keep right at the fork up over the small bridge and straight to the trailhead).  It is about 5.5 kms from the Highway 103 turnoff to the trailhead.  The trailhead is at the bottom of a steep hill and you will see a small turn out on the righthand side for parking– if you look back toward the hill you can see the trailhead at the bottom of the hill on the other side of the road.  The beginning at Hiking Trail Rd can be a bit bumpy as well as some other sections because of the road construction trucks.  The road is somewhat maintained because tree harvesting occurs in the area.  It is a ½ km hike from the trailhead to the bridge at Scout Island.  The trail can be very swampy at the bottom near the lake.  Be careful on the roads as there are ATVs and vehicles travelling the roads.

    Please be extra careful turning right immediately after the new overpass as traffic is moving quickly on the 103.