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Voyageur Council Weekly Update -- July 2, 2021

July 02, 2021

Ontario and Quebec Groups in modified Stage 4

Hello Scouters,

Now that every Group in our Council is able to operate under modified Stage 4 Scouting, we hope that you're planning a summer full of adventures! With the recent announcements by the Ontario and Quebec governments, all Groups in Voyageur Council are now in modified Stage 4 Scouting.

As of June 30, our Ontario Groups moved into a Modified Stage 4. The modifications in effect include a hard cap at 25 members outdoors and a hard limit of 5 members indoors as required by Ontario legislation. Camping overnight is permitted for all Sections, using tents or outdoor shelters. Scouts Canada requires camping to be conducted in cohorts (see the Stage 4 Standard for specific details). Canoeing is also permitted once again for Pack, Troop, Company, and Crew Sections. In line with our principles and acceptable risk tolerance, some other Stage 4 requirements are stricter than new provincial requirements, such as maintaining social distancing at all times. These additional restrictions remain in effect. Remember, in all cases, the most restrictive requirement applies.

As of June 28, our Quebec Groups also moved into a Modified Stage 4. The modifications in effect include a hard cap at 50 members outdoors and 25 members indoors. Camping and canoeing are also allowed in accordance with Scouts Canada's Stage 4 guidelines.

Info below: Fall 2021 - Explorers Needed Announcement, CVR Elections, Reconciliation Conversation Circle, 2021-2022 Fundraising Calendar, Camp Survey, Camp Opemikon Summer Family Camping, Youth Leadership Training Opportunities, Call for Event Support Scouters, Behaviour Management Resources, 2022 Early Registration, Duke of Ed, Council website, Zero Waste, and more!

Have you checked out the News and Events section on You can find great updates there along with new ideas, new resources, and much more! Click here to check it out!

COVID Stage Information

All PHUs in Voyageur Council have moved to Modified Stage 4 Scouting. Please see additional information below about the Scouting Stage of your public health unit. We will do our best to provide continued updates that detail the Scouting Stages of all of our regions as additional news is released.

PHU Stages

Please also note that any local limitations enacted by your Public Health Unit, including orders limited to specific towns, must be followed at all times.
  • For Groups under all Ontario Public Health Units, all Ontario regions may operate Modified Stage 4 Scouting as of June 30, 2021.
    • Hard cap at 25 members outdoors and a hard limit of 5 members indoors as required by Ontario legislation. Camping overnight is permitted for all Sections. Canoeing is permitted. Scouts Canada requires camping to be conducted in cohorts (see the Stage 4 Standard for specific details). In line with our principles and acceptable risk tolerance, some other Stage 4 requirements are stricter than new provincial requirements, such as maintaining social distancing at all times. These additional restrictions remain in effect. Remember, in all cases, the most restrictive requirement applies.
  • All Voyageur Council Groups in the Outaouais/Gatineau region (QC) may operate under Modified Stage 4 Scouting as of June 28, 2021.
    • Hard cap at 50 members outdoors and 25 members indoors. Camping allowed in accordance with Scouts Canada's Stage 4 guidelines.
For more information about current provincial restrictions from the government, you can access the Ontario COVID-19 website or the Quebec COVID-19 website. Scouting Modified Stage 4 details can be found at the end of this email or at
As a reminder to all Scouters, for your own safety and the safety of our youth and communities, you must follow public health guidelines at all times. Remember, when in doubt, follow the most restrictive guideline. The governments of Ontario and Quebec both recommend against travelling between provinces or between zones/regions at this time except for essential reasons.

Groups under the following Public Health Units can operate under Modified Stage 4 Scouting as of June 30, 2021:
  • Ottawa Public Health (map of Ottawa Public Health boundaries)
  • Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit
  • Eastern Ontario Health Unit
  • Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & Addington Health Unit
  • Renfrew County and District Health Unit
Groups in Voyageur Council within the province of Quebec can operate under Modified Stage 4 Scouting as of June 28, 2021. This includes all Groups under:
  • Quebec-Outaouais Health

Around the World in 60 Days

Fall 2021 Program Advanced Announcement

Explorers Needed!

Coming Soon, October 2021: A new challenge and an even bigger adventure. Covering five continents and eight countries… are you ready for an expedition unlike any other?

Check out the video above for a teaser of what's to come, and also click on the button below to see a preliminary schedule of what we have planned!

There will be lots more to come in the weeks ahead, but we wanted to give everyone as much notice as possible to make this fall program a huge success

Click Here to Download the Preliminary Explorer's Needed Schedule

Council Voting Representative Elections Have Begun

Voting Open from June 8 to July 5

To fill Voyageur Council's three Voting Representative seats, we are conducting a balloted vote. There are 7 candidates available for election, the most of any Council in the country!

Voting opened on Tuesday, June 8 and closes on Monday, July 5, 2021. All active volunteers, participants born on or before December 31, 2007 and employees in these Councils will receive an email from OpaVote, the third party organization we contact to run our elections.

All eligible voters in the Council should have received an email from OpaVote with instructions on how to vote and a link to the candidate statements for Voyageur Council. Information is also availabe through the Scouts Canada webpage.

Can I vote?
All “active” participants, volunteers and employees born on or before December 31, 2007. Councils are determined by the location of their “primary” role in MyScouts.

How does the voting work?
We use what is known as the Scottish Single Transferrable Vote where electors rank their choices on the ballot. It is considered a more democratic approach than the “first past the post” method. Using drag and drop, identify first choice, second choice, third choice and so on instead of marking an “X”.

Candidates are listed on the ballot in alphabetical order by first name.

Do I vote separately for Youth and Member at Large?
No, it is one ballot. When the results are received the youth member with the largest number of votes is awarded the Youth Voting Representative, the two member at large positions are then awarded to nominees with the largest number of votes once the elected youth voting representative is removed. Central Escarpment, Nova Scotia and White Pine Council Youth voting representatives have been acclaimed or appointed so no youth names appear on the ballot.

When will the results be known and published?
Results will be sent to candidates and subsequently published on July 8, 2021

Why didn’t I get an email from OpaVote?
There are several reasons you might not have received a vote:

  • Check you junk mail—OpaVote sometimes ends up there
  • Check your MyScouts-are you “active” and born on or before December 31, 2007.
  • Check your email address in MyScouts. Is the address still current? Does anyone else share this email address? This often happens when parents register a Beaver, they use a family email and it doesn’t get changed even when young person has their own email address.
  • Contact the if you believe you should have been sent a ballot.

Questions? Please contact Patricia Quackenbush at or the Deputy Elections Officer at

Reconciliation Conversation Circle

Scouts Canada is working to provide an updated schedule for our conversation circle on our organization's commitment to Reconciliation. While we have far to go on our journey, it is important to amplify the avenues and opportunities to learn along the way. We encourage you to take a look at the following opportunity for non-Indigenous members to understand what it means to co-exist on this land".

2021-2022 Fundraising Calendar

Scouts Canada Fundraising team is happy to announce the national fundraising dates for 2021-22 Scouting Year. Not only do we have two time-bound campaigns, for the first year ever we will be launching an ongoing campaign for Scout Coffee! As you look to budget for your AWESOME adventures, please build in the below fundraisers as an opportunity to support your Group’s financial health:

  • Scout Coffee: Year-Round Campaign – End of Summer 2021 (Release date to be announced soon!)
  • Scout Popcorn: October 1st – November 31st, 2021
  • Scout Seeds: February 1st – March 31st, 2022

In early September we will be running two fundraising townhalls to share with you all the details and information. If you have any questions in the interim, please email:

Scouting Family Camping Pilot Survey

Scouts Canada is running a pilot this summer to get the Scouting youth and their families out camping at our beautiful camp properties where the youth can practice and improve their outdoor skills. The Scouting Family Camping pilot program allows families with members registered with Scouts Canada and its Volunteers/Scouters to make use of participating Scouts Canada Camp Properties. We would appreciate your help to determine the possible demand for the pilot in the region of Voyageur Council. Voyageur Council covers eastern Ontario and the Outaouais in Quebec. Within Voyageur Council there are two camps taking part in the pilot program. Each camp property offers a unique experience. Below you will find a link to the camps involved in this survey.

This survey consists of twelve ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ simple and short questions that will only take a few minutes of your time to complete.


Apple Hill Scout Reserve Website:

Scout Camp Otter Lake QC Website:

If you have any questions regarding either of the Camps, contact information is available on the websites.

Please note that a copy of this survey will be sent to all Rovers in Council and parents of youth within the next week to gather their feedback as well.

Camp Opemikon Family Adventure Camp 2021

New Booking Options at Opemikon!

Opemikon is now offering 3-night and 2-night cabin packages! For select cabins and weeks, guests may book a Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night package OR a Friday and Saturday night package.

Those booking a Cub Field tent-site will now have access to a cub cabin as part of their booking! For more details, click here.

For questions, please contact the Family Adventure Camp Team:

Click here to Access the Camp Ope 2021 FAQ

Click Here to Access the Camp 2021 Guide

Youth Leadership Training Opportunities

For Cubs

There are some upcoming youth leadership training opportunities for Cubs, Scouts, and Venturers (oepn to all Groups in Ontario and Voyageur Council)! These programs will be offered virtually and will take place between July and October of 2021.

For more information about the training available to each Section, click on the appropriate button below. Each flyer shows the registration open date for the course, as well as the fee per youth.

Right now, registration is open for the Cub Youth Leadership Training course for 2nd and 3rd year Cubs! If your youth would like to register, please visit and register before July 9th, 2021.

Any questions from the individual groups can be sent to Rita-Marie Bechard at

We are also looking for volunteers to help run the events, so any Venturers or Rovers that you know that would be interested in helping can send Rita an email and she will connect with them about volunteering.

Click Here to Download the Cub YLT Flyer

Click Here to Download the Scout YLT Flyer

Click Here to Download the Venturer YLT Flyer

Call for Event Support Scouters

Want to help support incredible events?

We are looking for enthusiastic Scouters to join our Event Support Network. As an Event Support Scouter, you will work on a regional basis with event planning teams to help support the development of both local and large events.

The Events Support Scouter role provides subject matter guidance and experience to help Event Management Teams deliver fun, safe and high-quality events that meet or exceed the expectations of the Event Standard. Event Support Scouters may be assigned support roles for large, 'higher-risk' events like CJ, AJ or PJ (large jamborees) or more local 'lower-risk' events within a Council. By supporting event organizing teams as they progress through the event management process, they function as the liaison between Event Management Team and the Approval Team to ensure events meet the minimum threshold outlined in the Scouts Canada Events Standards.

If you're interested, check out the Event Support Scouter position description attached below and submit the embedded form.

Really really love Events? Scouts Canada is also looking for our next National Events Commissioner! Check out the position description below and apply today.

Click Here to Download the Event Support Scouter Description

Click Here to Download the National Events Commissioner Description

Behaviour Management Resources

Are your sections struggling with challenging behaviours? Are you finding it hard to work with your younger sections? These are the resources for you!

  • Webinar recorded on June 8th 2021, talking about what you will see in your section, what are the triggers, strategies to help and great resources:
  • We have also developed the Mental Health and Behaviour Management Support Resource. It gives you solid strategies to help when working with younger section, youth with Autism, ADHD and anxiety. It also comes with the Child Development Map that helps you determine if the activities that you are doing with your section are age and developmentally appropriate for your youth. Check it out at

Scouts Canada Announces the Dates for Early Registration for 2022

Just in time to leverage an exciting fall program!

It is with great anticipation that Scouts Canada announces that we will open early registration for the 2022 Scouting Year on September 1, 2021. This is not a new process, for years, Scouts Canada has provided early registration for current and new members in May. The only difference this year is that the dates have changed due to the shift in Registration Year from (September-August) to (January-December).

As in years past, current registered members will have a two-week window to secure their spot with their Group. After which, on September 15, 2021, registration will be open for new and lapsed members. Everyone can register for 2022 when it is convenient for them - all the way into January 2022 and beyond.

The cost of the program will remain the same $230 per child for the year, with $15 per registered youth going back to the Group to fund their adventures (Some Groups may charge extra fees to cover programming)

Exciting Fall Program
Scouts Canada anticipates that most of the country will be able to return to in-person Scouting this September. In addition to the traditional Scouting program that helps develop critical leadership skills, Scouts Canada will be launching an exciting national event in October that invites youth to learn more about sustainability through fun “challenge” type activities. Sections and Groups will be competing for prizes and bragging rights.

In addition to the national event, Scouts Canada is preparing a Scouter and Group Commissioner program to help support our amazing volunteers throughout the fall and into the winter. More info will be released in June and later this summer.

Scouting is Needed Now More Than Ever
Throughout the 2021 Scouting Year, we have been inspired by our volunteers, staff and our youth who have continued to participate in program despite many challenges. Seeing those happy and wonderous faces, learning new skills and mostly just having fun has been rewarding. No other activity offers a non-formal learning program like Scouts. Scouting is not an activity or a setting—it’s a discovery. Leading a variety of fun adventures with friends, Scouts discover what they are capable of and how it connects with the communities in which they live.

For more information, and to check out the 2022 Early Registration FAQ, click on the button below.

Click Here to Check out the 2022 Early Registration FAQ

Scouts Canada National Museum

Although the Scouts Canada National Museum (SCNM) is closed due to Covid, donations of Scouting artifacts are still welcome. They can either be mailed to the National Museum at 1345 Baseline Road, Ottawa, ON, K2C 0A7, or dropped off after making arrangements in advance with Eric Hansen, Facilities Manager. His phone number is 613-818-5375.

Duke of Edinburgh International Award

Calling all Youth 14+ and Scouters!

Calling all 14 + youth that want to step up their Venturing and Rover game! Now is the perfect time to sign up for the Duke of Edinburgh International Award. This is an internationally recognized Award. It can be done in parallel with your Top Section Awards.

You get the chance to build new skills, build in healthy habits when doing physical recreation, be of service to your community all while going on adventurous journeys. This award is open to any youth that are 14-25 years irrespective of you are a Scout, Venturer, Rover, or Scouter.

If you are interested in signing up as an Award Leader for your youth or a youth that want to work on the award. Let me know at

Call for Applications

National Communications Commissioner

Are you passionate about making a difference in the lives of youth? Do you have leadership experience in Marketing or Communications? Scouts Canada is seeking a strategic Communications Commissioner, Communications Functional Team to join as a Volunteer member of our Scouting Experience Team. Find out more:

First Aid

For Scouters in the province of Ontario, the WSIB (which governs first aid providers) has extended the certification of all individuals whose first aid expired or will expire during the pandemic to December 31, 2021.

This means that re-certification will not be necessary until this date, and Groups can continue to deliver in-person program on that basis. For more information about this COVID extension, please click here.

As restrictions continue to ease, the Council will look to coordinate first aid courses, and you can expect more information to be shared here at a later date. If you have any questions about first aid certifications or future courses, please reach out to me, Alex Gazaleh, Council First Aid Lead, at

Scout Shop

Ottawa Scout Shop hours of operation from June 28th to July 2: The shop will be closed for inventory. We will be reopening for the store closing sale starting June 3rd.

Please note that the Badge wall and Uniforms have been shipped to the new online store so please visit to get your program needs. All outdoor gear is being liquidated and will move fast. So please don't wait if needing anything for your outdoor needs.

Click here to shop now