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Local Volunteer Opportunities

September 05, 2023

Group Commissioner Positions Available:

    • Group Commissioner - 3rd Bowmanville
    • Colony Scouter - 7th Oshawa
    • Colony Scouter and Committee Members (all positions except for treasurer) - 36th Oshawa
    • Colony Scouter and Pack Scouter - 18th Oshawa
    • Onboarding Support Scouter - Virtual (see Welcome Wagon article below for more details)

      We are on the lookout for enthusiastic individuals who are excited to contribute their skills, time, and energy to our vibrant White Pine Scouting community. Whether you have a knack for outdoor adventures, enjoy teaching new skills, or have a creative flair for organizing exciting activities, we welcome your unique talents! Below are just a few of the roles we are looking to fill. Please contact for more information.

    • Are you in need of scouters for group leadership and/or committee roles? Send an email to to have the position posted in our newsletter.