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PCC Translink Badge Contest

February 22, 2022

As you may or may not be aware, the Pacific Coast Council has partnered with Translink for a super exciting city wide scavenger hunt in June. In preparation for this event, we put a callout to all of our council artists to work on designing a badge. Wow, were we impressed! 

We recieved a total of eight submissions, all of which were absolutley fantastic!

Our next step is to pick the top two badges to move on to the final round. These badges will be sent to translink for the final decision!

Our top two were Eli from the 10th Richmond Sea Scouts as well as Zachary Chung from 4th South West Burnaby. 

Congratulations to the two of you! Your two badges have made it to the final round!

We'll keep you updated on the final design in the coming weeks!

Our Winning Designs

Congratulations to Eli from the 10th Richmond Sea Scouts for your wonderful design!

Congratulations to Zachary from the 4th South West Burnaby Scouts for your fantastic design!

The Incredible Badges We Received